New is Scary: The Miscellaneous Pack Series

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What happens when a pairing between two species is unaccepted? When they are forced to reject each other? Will they take matters into their own hands? Or stay miserable in their planned lives?

Fantasy / Romance
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Getting In

“This is so not a good idea Jace”. Lance said, parking the brand new red Ferrari at the entrance of the Golden Paw packs Pack House. He turned to look at his future leader, Jace, and saw the shit-eating grin that covered his face. Rolling his eyes, he opens his door, resigned to the crazy idea his friend had come up with.

“You know it’s fool proof. We smell like them, were dressed like them, and with as many packs they invited to find his precious daughters mate we will blend right in.” Jace arose out of the car with the confidence born and bred into him from his station.

“You know, we won’t have this kind of chance once we start our future roles instruction in a year. That’s why we were given a year to roam the world and do what we want.” Jasper, Lances twin and Jace’s second second hand main, told them. “We might as well take a few risks while we’re out and about. Who knows when we will be able to take these kinds of trips once Jace is crowned”.

Lance sighed, knowing he had been beaten. If his twin and his fearless, brainless leader had ganged up on him, he might as well be there to clean up the mess. “Just remember who was against this. I will he saying “I told you so” before this adventure is done with”.

Both guys grinned at each other, knowing they had won. “Now we just have to get in”. Jace said, leaning against his car as more pulled up. Eight black Lexus’ pulled into the lot in front of the Pack House. A total of thirty or so teenagers and twenty guards got out, all nicely dressed and looking eager. When their vehicles had begun to drive away, the trio jogged up behind the group.

Guards jumped at them, protecting their young charges. Laughing, Jace threw up his hands in surrender. “Sorry guys. We’re just now getting here. Alpha Richard invited our pack, but as a joke they left us at the pack house asleep” He had the decency to look down and blush, sounding both angry and exasperated. The guard in front looked at him for a moment longer, then busted out laughing.

“We left two young guys back at our house. If you young ones aren’t able to get yourselves up at a decent time when told, then you deserve to get left behind. Still,” he said grinning”, you made it here before it all started. I’m sure your pack won’t mind. Come on in with us.” Turning, the group went in to the pack houses’ huge double doors, where more security was checking invitations and creating a head count.

“You’ve got one addition here.” A guard said, looking at a list of RSVP’s.

The guard who had picked us up turned and said, “these three got left behind from another pack as a joke. Mind if you find them on that list?”

“Yeah yeah. What pack you from then?” He asked, turning to Jace. For a split second, no one said anything. “The Red River pack. They should have minus three on your list.” Lance jumped into the conversation.

The guard went to check the list, going back to the front of the list. “Yeah, well, they actually have minus 5, and they said those guys had gotten taken off the list for extra duties at their pack.”

“We managed to finish the work Alpha had given us. The Luna said it was ok to go.” Lance said, confidence in his words.

“Well, I’ve got you marked down here. Just make sure you find your Alpha and apologize for whatever it was you did to piss him off in the first place.” The guard said, turning from the group to the next one coming up the steps.

“Thanks for letting us come in with you,” Jace said, turning to the guard and sticking out his hand.

“It’s no big. I know Alphas can make some big decisions spur of the moment. He might even regret leaving you, if your able to find your mate here. Enjoy the party and stay out of trouble.”

Once they were out of earshot, Jasper turned to his brother and asked, “How the bloody hell did you know the Red River pack was minus people. And that the Luna was not in attendance here?!”

Lance grinned sheepishly and shrugged. “Luckily, I saw the front page of the RSVP list before he began checking those guys in. I saw the Alpha of that area’s Luna is pregnant, so I was sure he wouldn’t let her leave the safety of the pack house.”

“Well, that was brilliant. Your level of observation and your acting. We may be creating a new Juvenal delequent out of you yet Lance. Now, let’s enjoy ourselves and find some women to woo.”

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