The Fallen Kingdom

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18 year old Katrina, forced into an arranged marriage, she's thrown into the middle of a HUGE scandal to take over her fathers Kingdom. Kane, 19 year old Prince in hiding is pulled in the blonde haired, blue eyed girls life when he finds out she was being sent to marry the "Prince" who took over his Kingdom and forced him and his family into hiding. Katrina and Kane set off together to take back what rightfully belongs to them.

Fantasy / Romance
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Tonight I am afraid of the darkness. They’re trying to hurt me, and my father isn’t here to save me, no matter how much I pray that he will come to my rescue.

The darkness use to fill me with such peace and comfort. But tonight...

As I ran through the forest, trees blurred all around me. My heart pounded in my chest, vibrating through my body. My vision became blurred as dusk began to set in. Soon, running away from them will be hopeless in the night.

They seem to be enjoying the chase. The more I ran, the closer they sounded, their hollering and taunting getting louder. Blood stained my dress, and cuts covered my feet from sharps rocks and other things. Why did they have to wait until I was this far from home? If we had been closer, maybe this wouldn’t have happened....

But I couldn’t blame my father, I doubt my father would have any intention of allowing this to happen. But, my father forcing me into this arranged marriage caused pain, and heartache. If he had not, would still be at home, safe behind the Kingdoms walls, instead of running from “them”

“Come back Katrina! We just want to play with you, and have a little fun” One of them yelled.

Keeping my eyes straight ahead, not allowing their taunting to get to me. I run, until my foot snags something, pulling my body forward into the dirt.

As I was spitting out the dirt, they jumped on me, ripping at my dress, trying to spread open my legs. I try, I kick, fight, scream, and bite with all my strength, but they were too strong. My dress was in rags and covered in blood. Bit by bit I started getting sleepy, my eyes feeling heavy. “Stay awake Katrina, I want you awake for this. I want to savor your body, and the lovely screams of agony when I have my fun with you” The attacker whispers in my ear.

Little by little my mind started up again, and anger boiled within me. I hate this so-called Kane that sent these men to bring me to him, and not caring if they hurt me in the process. And I hate my attackers. Why are they doing this to me? They were suppose to protect me, not hurt me.

I struggle to fight and get away, but my attacker punches me, my mouth filling with a tangy flavor. I spit in his face, covering his face in velvet colored liquid.

The other attacker leans again a tree and laughs “You know better than that. You know what he’s capable of when he’s angry” His voice filled with a cocky attitude.

“Help me! Someone please help me!“I screamed before he stuffed my mouth with a cloth.

“No one can hear you, we’re to far away from your home, and even farther from any towns, so no one can save you.” The attacker whispers in my ear.

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