The Dark woods

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Long ago a war broke out across the united states of year 2090. clans of humans and supernatural fought against each other. The supernatural wanted revenge for their king being killed . The humans wanted to be able to own and conquered the world. Will the war rage on or finally come to an end.

Fantasy / Romance
Danielle King
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Chapter 1: the dark woods

Long ago a war broke out across the united states of year 2090. clans of humans and supernatural fought against each other. The supernatural wanted revenge for their king being killed . The humans wanted to be able to own and conquered the world. During this a fire claimed my parents and grandma the day that i was supposed to find out about my family secret. Today people celebrate the passing of their family's death. But I drank to ease the pain from my heart. As it consumes me slowly I drift in and out. I no longer care if I lived or died I welcomed death in open arm as I played on the line that separates us from the supernatural. Singing ashes, ashes we all fall. The next thing I knew I was laughing drunkenly as I tumbled down the hill to the other side. "Oops that wasn't pose to happen "I thought silently as I set there. Then I heard a loud howl into these dark wood. My mind said run as fast as you can. So, I did just that I ran as fast I could up the hill. I could feel someone running towards me." Stop where you're at" a voice echoed through the woods." "stop or you'll die you know the rules human once you across the line there's no returning back the werewolf king owns you now." this mystery person commanded. My heart kept picking up as the person was coming forward I was scared to move or turn around. "Alpha we have human, yes sir I have her here "you stay here he'll be here in a few seconds" the man who stood before me notified.

One second he was here then he was gone. Then there was this thundering howl that shook the ground. Then out of the woods came this small wolf black with green eyes. But I'm sure that's the drank talking. I smiled he looked so cute he was so small. So, I ran to the dog. "aww come here puppy come here pup "I smiled. I hugged the puppy and rubbed its back. I felt a tingle feeling go through my hands. The pup turned his head sideways as if he didn't understand. "Puppy I want to hold the cute puppy "I pouted the next thing I knew there was a man naked in front of me. He had athletic body, his jet-black hair hung in front his face, his green eyes had me lost in time. I pouted "where's my puppy I want my puppy. I started to cry I lost the cute puppy. He laughed the most heavenly laugh I've ever heard. "mate I am the puppy, what a pretty girl like you doing on this side." he asked while walking forward. "I was I was playing ashes "I stuttered. As he took a step forward I took a step back. His green eyes lightened to a light peridot. At the same time, I was scared then I wasn't at all. I stopped when I noticed a scare coming across his abs. I walked forward to feel it I just had to. When I got close I traced it with my hand.

I felt sad who could do this to a person. "Who done this to my puppy I'll kill some." "I will kill some." I asked. then everything went black as the darkness consumed me unto the night. It felt like I slept forever it was nice to finally feel at peace. Then I heard the shower running I jump up I don't have a shower. Then this man came out with water dripping from his glorious body. With a towel wrapped around his waist I peeked through the covers that I had up to my face. "Are you done staring at me sweetheart" he asked in a steep voice. I felt like a kid that got caught stealing candy. "where is my puppy I need to find him?" I asked calmly. He frowned then he smiled "you're looking at him mate I'll show you" he got on all fours all you could hear his bones cracking and moving as his claws grew. A huge black wolf appeared before me with green eyes. I wasn't scared I was happy I ran to him and hugged him. As I pet him I kiss him on the head "there goes my puppy but you're much bigger. "I complimented. Then he shifted and got dressed as if he was in rushed to do something. His eyed darkened I started to get scared so I moved back to the bed. "Stay here and don't leave "he harshly ordered then he left. What can I possibly do within this room. I shouldn't have snapped at her.

I didn't even ask her what her name. Somehow my mate is the funniest girl I've ever met. But I see sadness in her eyes. I really didn't want a mate but she seems to be my weakness. I’m the coldest hearted sometimes I feel no love I feel anger and hurt. I called ben my beta to see what is the problem. Beta what is the damn problem here I smell at least 50 people at the line. Alpha they're here to get a girl name Ayla back. Guessing the one that crossed yesterday sir, what should I tell them." damn that girl is starting trouble and she hasn't even been here long" Jackson thought. He walks in to find the angry mob calm and scared. They should be frightened coming to my land. Their leader looks tired, worn down but strong. He steps forward with a respectful bow. "hello alpha Rowland we don't mean to intrude we just notice this morning that one of our fellow girls was missing, and was wondering if she may have wondered over here? "Billy questioned." you fellow crowds know the rules if you cross on this cursed land you must stay. "he spoke loudly. Their looking for me why none of them cared about me but the mayor. He looks so handsome while he gives his speech. His green eyes show dominants and command as he tells them to leave quietly.

The mayor whispers something which causes his eyes to change from Angier to sad. He shakes his head with agreement and says something back. Then he sniffs the air then turns to the door which I was hiding. His face is so sexy, shit I'm in trouble. I run all the way back to my room or at least I tried. But on the way back I see a library so I sneak in and lock the door. It was so huge I could stay in here for days. Since I'm in here I might as well do my research on these creatures. Who knew they was born with mates that is destined to be with them. So many mysteries which is yet to be found out in this history book. But once I got to one part it was torn out but it said steel family. What happened to this family. Why was they taken from the book? As I go to turn to the back of the book the door comes flying open. "Didn't I tell you to stay in the room. "he angrily asked. "Well I got bored and didn't have nothing to do. "I stated "you're my slave so you will do what I say am I clear. And I won't repeat myself to you so get it through your skull. Next time you disobey you will be punished. "he yelled. Why is he so meaning he wasn't like that a few seconds ago? I went to go walk past him when he grabbed me by the arm. "you didn't answer me." He complied. "Yes sir. "I snapped and snatched my arm back. Such a jackass he's not even cute anymore. I'm not coming out of this room until the day I die. He followed me when I got to the room i slammed the door in his face and locked the door. A week past and I decided it was time to come out and meet the chef who have been sneaking me food. When I reached the kitchen, I find this beautiful woman who was cooking." darling you finally decided to come out of hiding. "she smiled. "I'm Rowland’s mother a pleasure to meet you dear." She stated. She made me feel happy I couldn't help but to smile as I was shaking her hand. "don't pay my son any mind he can be scary and intimidating sometimes. "he's been like that since he lost his dad at 18." I felt sad so I hugged her "sorry for you lose ma'am. "I said. I guess I shocked her because it took her a while to hug me back. Then a group of people came in." who is this beauty "I guy with a charming smile hinted." Jack behave will you" a girl next to him laughed. My name is mag this but head is jack and this is our beta Tom and his mate Sally. Nice to meet you. What's your name" she asked while shaking my hand. "Ayla is my name nice meeting you too." "can someone please tell me why your alpha is such an" I started "such a what "a dominant voice.

Everyone was giggling and started whistling then looked away. I smirked "nothing" I sniffed the room it started to smell like fresh breeze of oak trees. The smell got stronger as Rowland got closer and closer. Why does he smell so good I wish I could just cuddle him with hugs all day? What in blue blazes did that thought come from I question myself. Rowlands mom just smiled and shook her head. Somehow, I found myself looking at his lips. He wouldn't mind if I kissed him one good time. As he was talking to me it felt as if I was stuck in place. As soon as he stopped talking I kissed him on the lips. It sent a warm tingly feeling throughout my body. I started paying attention to my surroundings, I noticed his chest rising and down. As if he was trying to control himself. Then suddenly, he looked very angry. His eyes were changing from one color to another. Then he looked at me with hate in his eyes. "What do you think you are doing?" he snared. I set there speechless, and somewhat shocked at the way he was reacting. "I was kissing my" I whispered, "I'm not your mate and before this month is over I will reject you." he stopped me. "You humans are weak and you thought I was going to claim you as my mate." he laughed. "For now, on you are my slave you do what I say."

"and from now on you stay away from me is that clear?" he commanded. My chest felt as if I was stabbed, for a second I couldn't breathe. He grabbed my arm with anger." I won't repeat myself and you will answer me when I'm talking to you." "Do you understand me?" he roared. I snatched my arm back which he bruised. "Yes alpha" I hissed. Everyone looked at me with pity, his mother looked sad. When I couldn't stand it, I rushed to my room. I was mad fumed with anger, with hate. Tonight, I will leave, there's no point of being here. When dark came everyone was sleep. I quietly walked out the door making sure no one would hear me. The moon was full and the breeze of the air felt good. Freedom I thought finally I can go back and live in peace. Suddenly, I felt pain shoot through my whole no this can't be happening I thought what if they hear. Trying to obtain my scream as it seems as my body was strangely changing. All I could hear was my body snapping and reshaping itself. My hands became paws and my vision became sharper. "No no no this can't be I'm a white wolf. "I pointed out. "Calm your tits down girl it's not the bad" another voice said. Now I'm going crazy there's a voice in my head. "I'm your wolf stupid we have a lot of catching up to do." she rolled her eyes.

"my name is beauty by the way our mate is coming" she warned. There was a loud howl indicating that he was very close. Bet your ass I did run I ran as fast as I could. From the corner of my eye the beta ran into me with full force. He looked so small then before. I growled at him in a way to tell him to back the fuck up. To my surprise he did, but just as I was about to run again I was sacked to the ground. Who the hell just done that I went to turn around and growl lord I thought it was Jackson. He looked shocked then anger came upon his face. "shift now" he commanded. For a second I hesitated then I shifted back. "Why would you run from our mate?" calla questioned. "Shut up he's not our mate." I hissed. she whimpered then I couldn't hear her no more. He looked really pissed as if he could rip my head off. "I'll deal with you when we get home Ben take her home I'll deal with her later." he directed. Ben bowed his head and we started to head back home. No one said anything on our way back. When we got inside the alphas mom came running towards me with tears in her eyes. She grabbed me and hugged me tightly." you scared me darling don't ever do that again, we thought a rogue got you" "you're the daughter that I never had." she admitted.

Deep down I felt bad cause I started to

tear up." oh dear don't cry it's okay I understand why you done it". She acknowledged. "Why does he hate me so much." I cried. Sometimes people put a mask upon themselves so no one can see how bad their hurting." she minds linked me. Once I stopped crying she let me go. When the beta came in the mind link the Luna. "Luna tonight Ayla shifted and she's an alpha." He stated. I could hear their conversation and I smiled to myself. Then I finally put the put the puzzle together. My father had to be from the steel family. A while back I remember an alpha stepped down because his mate was human. Maybe I'll ask the Luna at a better time. Before the alpha gets back I rush to my room and lock myself in. Rowland runs through the border with his beta to make sure no one has crossed to get to the other side. His mind drifting back to Aliya which cause him to become angry. She tried to leave after I ordered her not to do so. How could she be knowing that I needed her the pack needed her? I know I can be cold hearted but an order is an order. She will be punished for what she has done tonight. Clearly, she wasn't thinking about what danger she had put the kingdom into. "Tom tell the pack to return to the house I have business to handle." I commanded. "yes alpha" john replied.

As we got home everyone turned in for the night. Maybe he forgot or maybe he'll be tired for the night. "Well he did warn us didn't he but you had to be hard headed." snapped all. "What's the point of being here if your mate doesn't love you?" I questioned her. "He will grow to love you in due time trust me." she promised. He doesn't love only himself." I hissed. Rowland listened in on the conversation when he heard her arguing with her wolf. While his wolf been begging him to go easy on their mate. Is he incapable to love or be kind as everyone thought of him each day? Even his own mate thought of him as a monster in such a way. He felt a pain of sadness which he hasn't felt in a while. Then he quickly pushed back just as fast as it appeared. When he went to go open the door it wouldn't budge. "Ayla open the door." He demanded. Did I really want to open the door to receive the punishment no but I'll rather get it over? As soon as I get up to open the door he comes walking in looking like the big bad wolf. "I don't like waiting when I tell you to do something I want it done you're only pissing me off." He calmly noted. Then he turned around and lock the door with the key he uses to open it. "you know what time it is so don't try to run or scream because nobody will hear you." he smirked. "you put the pack and danger and this kingdom and you will be punished wisely." Rowland stated.

The closer he came the more I took a step back. Strangely he was looking at me like he was stalking his prey. That I had finally caught in his hidden trap. I squealed as he grabbed me quickly, and set me across his knee. My mind was racing but my body was turned on. As he lifted my nightgown I was too embarrassed that he would see my bikini underwear on. His hand sends chills through my body as he slid my underwear down. With full force, his hand came down on my butt. "Don'" he hissed. I was mad but there wasn't nothing I could do but take this ass whooping. "yes sir" I snapped. Strangely this made me want more spankings but that wasn't something I wasn't going to tell him. As far as I knew he was the one that couldn't stay away from me. Just as I was getting up, he set me in his lap. "I'm not done with you yet, you almost put the pack in danger." "let's hope we won't have to repeat this situation." he smirked. Let's see if he finds this funny. I smacked the smile right off his face, he didn't even see it coming. I went walking towards the door when I was jerked back by my arm. His eyes were a dark emerald color which indicated he was mad as hell. At the time, I could care less I hate him as much as he hated me. "mate don't test me you already broke one important rule."

I snatched my arm back quickly. "let's get this clear I'm not your mate you made that very clear." "second you touch me again I will kick your sorry ass "I never wanted a cold-hearted mate anyway." I growled. His chest was going up and down his wolf was trying to get out. Allah whispered, "take it back why you are being so harsh." "are you trying to get us killed?" Then in a split second he had this creepy smile upon his face. He took a step towards me I took a step back. I don't like this one bit. When my back hit the door, he trapped me with his arms. "you just don't learn do you, I guess I have to teach you who is in charge here." He grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. Then he kissed me, and pressed me against him. Within a quick second, he went to my neck leaving hickeys. I tried to sustain my moans I refuse to give him satisfaction. Out of shock he bites down on the side of my neck. No, he can't he didn't even ask me how could he. He lets go of me with a flash of anger in his eyes. "now you're stuck with this cold-hearted mate." he snapped. He left and locked the door behind him. he roared "beta don't no one let her out to she learns some respect and manners." "you can't keep me in here forever you bastard." "I will never love you, you hear me" I screamed. Slowly I drifted in and out to I fell asleep. Time past as my anger grew and grew in the passing hour.

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