Beautiful Isobel

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Watching her parents death a darkness planted inside of her. It digs it’s way closer to the surface but she pushes it back commanding it to obey her, to stay hidden in the depths of her mind. She begs it to let her stay in control, but slowly it grows stronger pushing back. But after meeting someone who can control it... someone who can control her will it finally remain in it’s place or will the events that follow make it erupt and destroy everything in it’s path.

Fantasy / Action
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It wasn't until she was eight that her mother noticed just how different her daughter was. Isobel started to develop powers. She was able to move things with her mind. From that moment her parents shut her from the world. Afraid that their daughter would be burned for being a witch. Isobel missed the days her parents wasn't burdened with hiding her from the world. As Isobel grew older her powers grew with her.

Now Isobel wanted to be free from her home. So every night when her parents were asleep she would sneak out to meet Jacob in the open field in the forest.

She could still remember the first day she met him. It was her first time she snuck out. She was ten and he was two years older than her. Jacob never seen her before and was very curious. He asked a lot of questions.

"Why do never come outside?" He asked sitting down handing her a flower.

"Because I'm different." She started staring at the flower he gave her.

"Different how? What makes you different? You seem perfectly normal to me. My mom says just because others are different doesn't mean treat them differently." He said pausing to let her answer.

"They don't want me getting hurt. I'm too different." She sighed.

"Well no matter how different you are I'll never treat you like you're different. I pinky promise." He confidently stated as he held out his pinky. She smiled and locked her pinky with his. From that day on they met every night playing and talking together. He made her feel normal again.

Soon she developed feelings for him and trusted him enough to tell him about her. Things didn't go as planned. He freaked out when she showed him what she was and ran. She kept coming back every night after that hoping he would come back, but a week later she realized he wasn't coming back.

She cried as she walked home and when she got there she saw her parents being dragged out the house. She ran to them screaming for the village people to release them.

Her father screamed at her to run but she didn't listen. Her mother sobbed and just kept telling her she loved her. Isobel sobbed and she was grabbed by the one person she thought she could trust.

She scratched and kicked at Jacob but he wouldn't let her go. He was a totally different person. Calling her names and slapping her for fighting back. They dragged them to the middle of the village, and made her watch as they hung her mother and father. It was a site she would never forget. Jacob laughed at her distressed state and spit on her. Rage filled her as she screamed for them when she saw them take their last breath.

She looked at her parents lifeless bodies not believing that they were really gone. She used her powers to set Jacob on fire and cackled as he screamed in agony. The people back away away some of the men held a cross towards her and started to recite the word of God. She used a rope she saw on the ground and hung one on a tree and watched him gasp for his life. That's when the screaming started, but it was too late she took her time killing each person slowly. She laughed at a women who tried to plead for her life, killing her slowing. Isobel enjoyed ravishing in the blood of her village. When she was done she was cover in blood from head to toe. She fell to the ground laughing and soon it turned into a loud wail. As she grieved for the people she murdered and for her parents. From that day forward she made a promise to herself to never the darkness take control again. But she heard it humming inside her and knew one day it would be released again.

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