Hidden Affinity (Book 1)

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The Name's Aspen Azer. Nine years ago the after-effects of war broke my family apart. Forcing My father, sister, and me into hiding. Our days consist of surviving, training, and moving from one place to the next. Stay hidden and train is my father's way of life. He pushed us to the edge of our abilities, but I don't mind. Training gives me something to focus on in these quiet secluded woods. Until one-morning. When curiosity got the better of me, and I allowed it to lead the way. The following events drag my family and me out of hiding and smack dab in the middle of The Kingdom of Aurum and a rising war. Sounds fun right. Settling into a new environment is hard enough. Add in recurring dreams that leave me springing from my bed covered in sweat, a pair of watchful blue eyes, and let's not forget my magic that wants to burst free at any moment. Things are about to get interesting at the castle. If I know anything, It's trouble and I, are on a first-name basis.

Fantasy / Romance
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Two centuries ago a rift was torn into our world. Bringing forth creatures of the unknown. Lines were drawn, blood was shed, treaties were drawn, all in the hopes of peace. The thing about peace, itโ€™s fickle at the best of times. Too impatient to stick around for the show to start.

When days turned into years the pieces slowly fell into place. All but one. The last piece that would be the catalyst to a plan cultivated centuries ago.

A prophecy made in the dead of night. "One will come, tied to both they will prevail, consumed by one and all will fail. A sound of a raw and a violet spark will ignite the start. Whispers from shadows past will derail. When heart and mind align, all will stand to rise again."

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