Never Say Forever

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Hanne Steinfeld hates it when people take about forever and eternal love and vow empty promises. For her, everything and everyone comes to an end and nothing lasts foerever so, what happens when she meets someone who does. **** After one dreadful night when Hanne decides to try the spells of her nth paranormal book at the graveyard, she doesn't meet a ghost but rather someone or some species who were extinct a thousand years ago and are now only found in books and TV. With it also comes past secrets, constant sneak outs and feelings Hanne has been trying so hard to avoid with a load of sarcasm but times running out and all they have is forty five days. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| "Everything fades....except Him"

Fantasy / Romance
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Would you like you if you met you?


DAY: 1 of 45

4:00 PM,

"Seriously!" I exclaimed annoyed "I've tried this one like a hundred times and all I saw was a cat purring." I scoffed and ran my hand through my hair frustratingly. I've looked around the whole library almost and been through a hundred books but nothing seems to work but when you actually look at the cover of the books, they write warnings like they are sure a haunting demon will rip you apart. Stupid authors.

I lurched from my chair and stuffed the book back inside the shelf. I don't think I'll ever find something useful here. But still to satisfy the insatiable desire inside me to actually face a spirit or damn even bloody Mary would do this time I slung my bag on my shoulder and decided to inspect the whole library for the final time. I went through the whole paranormal section but the books in it could without a hitch pass for children horror story books.

I tried it all from calling charlie charlie to even scrapping a little of my hand to use my blood for ouija board with Ava and Catherine, but to no avail. Hell! I even played the haunting elevator game so that I could end up at the other side of the world of ghosts but all the bloody elevator did was taking me to Aunt Melanie's floor and as you might have figured out by now that luck is never on my side, she was just outside the elevator with two shopping bags in her hand when she spotted me and as usual kept on bragging about how her son got the best job or bought a house and how lucky I would be to be with him. She keeps on pesting me about going on a date with him even after declining so many times.

I don't know why but she has this dream of her son getting married and having a family before she dies but seriously that guy is like five years older than me and has a girlfriend which he told me about when Aunt Melanie called me to her house to dinner when he was in the city but he can't tell her about it yet until they are serious about the whole marriage thing because then she'd be more upset.

Same old, same old......ugh same old. There's nothing here and I checked the whole library already so maybe I'm just wasting my time. Maybe I should give up after all so, with a sullen face I left that damn place.

I Spotted Catherine and Nicholas at the outside cafeteria of the university which is our usual spot. I instantly dropped my bag which fell on the bench with a thud and I dropped limp at my chair.

"Now what crawled up your ass and died?" Cat snickered and I glared at her which just made both of them laugh.

"Okay seriously Hanne..." Nic raised his hands up "what happened now?" I rolled my eyes and said "I didn't found anything on how to summon..." but was cut off my Catherine groaning "Seriously Hanne! Don't tell me you still haven't given up searching for a ghost."

I exhaled deeply and she definitely got her answer. "God..Hanne will you seriously never stop. Didn't you figure out by now. They don't exist, I swear there isn't a thing you haven't tried." Nicholas put his head between his hands.

"Ugh...whatever enough about me guys" I twirled with my hair lock "you know it's actually a good day to mind your business."

"God! Not with the sarcasm again."

"Alright alright fine, I'm done with it anyways I searched the whole Internet and most of the things were utter crap and the stuff about it in our library is just..." I said making a face "super utter crap." Making both of them laugh.

"Finally" they muttered and we started talking about something else.

"By the way where is Ava and Steve?"I asked in between my laughs.

" know new couples just can't keep their hands off each other they most probably haven't even left bed yet." Nic said making Catherine laugh.

"Come on they are actually so cute" Catherine gushed "God! When Steve proposed Ava....Gee it was just so romantic." Making me roll my eyes. I just don't understand what's with all these girls and daydreaming.

"Geez Hanne you know it's actually nice to have someone to spend your life with you know. There are actually nice people in this world....people who'll actually love you f-" I cut her off putting my hand on her mouth "please don't you dare say forever." She removed my hand from her mouth instantly and gave me a serious look and then shook her head like she's extremely dissapointed in me.

"I've no idea what's the problem with you and the idea of love. Only God knows who he made to win your illusive heart."

"Come on guys there is no problem with me and the idea of love but it's the idea of forever that's surreal for me. It just don't sit well with me you know marriages and commitments with eternal love promises. Honestly I think it suits well in stories, the idea of it all in real is far from anyone's reach and specially this generation where all the guys are jerks and use girls like tissues."

"Okay okay as you say Miss Hanne thank you for your words of wisdom of the day" Nic high fived Cat and they started laughing.

"But you know not everyone's bad and it's okay of you don't believe in the whole eternal love thing and you most certainly are not a romantic but you can still be with someone you know it's actually nice having someone around to be there for you."

The Idea of having someone to be there for me. It literally raises goosebumps on my body. I've never had anyone around ever, always been on my own. I don't think I'll ever want anyone to be there for me it just seems odd and anyways I was used to this and it's not like I like anybody. I sometimes even thought that something's wrong with me I just have never been attracted to anyone before even in my teenage years I just couldn't feel anything for anyone, even for my high school's hottest guy ever when he asked me out. I even considered that maybe I belonged to a different sexsuality but no I wasn't. Maybe I was so used to my life and the way things were I just couldn't appeal to the idea of adding someone to it specially after everything.

"No Nic I'm really peachy on my own and anyways I don't need another headache on my list and it's not like I'm alone I've you guys right." I gave them a childish smile.

"Right,can you feel the love Nic." Catherine said sipping her drink.

"Totally Cat, I've never been this moved by a confession." And they both started laughing like crazy making me pout.

"Come on you know I love you all." I whined and Cat hugged me and said "Aww....We totally do girl." And maybe just maybe for a moment I actually felt that it's nice to have someone who love you but before my fears could take over again I heard Nic screaming.

"Hey I need a hug too."



Hola! mi amors ♥

Here's the first chapter of my very first vampire novel.

Hope you liked it and please drop your views and suggestions in the comment section cause I'm at the beginning of the story right now and could obviously use some suggestions of what my readers would like.

Also I love making friends so feel free to text me, even if you are from different time zones I don't care I just like talking to people about anything to everything and if they are from the other side of the world it just makes it more interesting doesn't it? Anyways enough of my see you in the next chapter.

Nos vemos


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