Never Say Forever

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Day : 1 of 45

8:00 pm,

The rain was pouring heavily followed by the lightning. There was probably a storm on the way and trust me the storms here are not good and they almost come on frequent bases specially during this month.

And here I am stuck at the library, I should have just taken the ride with Nicholas but no, how could things ever go easy for me right? I just had to stay back today for finishing the assignments. Just perfect!

I glanced at my watch to see that it's almost eight now. Oh god! Courtney would be so worried, I can't even call her because my damn phone is dead. Everything always has to turn out wrong for me.

Well looks like this is gonna be long, so I decided to read something and yes, definitely no paranomal this time. I wandered around a bit seeking something good when I came across the restricted section. Oh great! We are not allowed to come here, this is only for college staff. So I turned on my heel but then my mind had second thoughts. The restricted section, what if it has something good for me. Should I take a look in? But what if I get caught? Well duh how the hell would you get caught when there is no one in the library right now and this section has no cctv.

Right! see and anyways taking a look in wouldn't hurt now would It. So before my goody two shoes brain could put up any further fight I went in. This section was actually really big compared to the others. Our library is huge and could totally approve to be of the Victorian era. It was brick-built with huge dark doors ingrained with patterns and designs. On the inside it had a chandelier hanging at the centre and wall lamps hanging at every corner. Though it's only obvious it will remind you of that cause it actually is here since victorian era.

There were different subjects listed on top of every columns but nothing concerning my interests. So I went further but it was useless until I came across a section which didn't had any title over it. I took a book out from it, it was titled as 'The history of Collosial' oh god! It's history and I hate it so so I kept it back and went to the next one as there were barely three books in this column. This one was titled as 'To summon the demon'. The title brought a chesire smile to my face maybe this isn't as bad as I thought. I opened the book to see some stupid crap written so I kept turning until I found it, the spell to summon a demon. It was something written in Latin. At the top of the page it was written to perform this spell in a graveyard. I've read a lot about demons and there were different kinds of it so, I didn't wasted any more time as I sprinted across the section and grabbed my bag and was out of the library in seconds. I really didn't care if it's raining or not but I had to do this like now.

I had my hopes high this time I mean I've done couple of spells but nothing ever really worked out so let's hope it does this time.

I was out of the building to see that the rain has stopped. Wow this was new. It never stops so soon but anyways I've better things to focus on. I rushed out and ran towards the graveyard which Is probably just ten minutes away from here as our school is in the outskirts of the city.

I don't know for how long I ran but my brown hair were messy and stuck to my forehead and face due to sweat even in this cold weather but I only stopped when I reached my destination. The rusted metal doors opened with a screeching sound. I don't know why it has never happened before but my heart was thudding in my chest and my body felt cold and still it felt like my hands were sweating.

I mustered up all the courage in me as I clutched the book hard on my right hand and stepped inside. I kept walking looking straight ahead. I had to turn on the flash light on my phone as it was totally dark. It felt like an eerie silence surrounded me. But no, I was never scared in my lifetime of twenty years. All this things gave me an adrenaline rush, It never scared me nd I've not idea why but it just didn't. Some people even said that I'm crazy but I never minded...maybe I was..I don't know. Catherine even joked to me about taking paranomal researching into consideration as a career choice like Lauren Warren but I cannot sense the presence of any spirit.

Then I stopped at the place where Catherine, Ava and I played the ouija last year. Total shit that game was. It was a huge tree of some sort, sorry I'm just bad at botany. I dropped my bag and sat down on my knees. I rubbed my palms on my jeans to calm myself down as I opened the book to see the spell. I put it on the ground and cleared the small space but suddenly pain shot through my hand as I looked to see see a piece of glass stuck in my palm. Just great

I inhaled deeply and plucked the piece from my hand bitting my lip to muffle the scream. Blood was smeared on my hand but it was not a deep cut. I finally took in a deep breathe and closed my eyes and said something I didn't knew at that moment could change everything.

"venit hora oriri oportet tua

Fatum enim vestra

venit hora oriri oportet tua

omne enim tempus venit quo egressus es,

venit hora oriri oportet tua

consurges ex somno dominus noster"

I opened my eyes, my heart thudding in my chest like it would literally leap out. For a second everything felt numb I couldn't move and my body was sweating. There was a dead eerie silence. But just then a clanking sound could be heard from the sky. It was if a huge anvil was being dragged across the vault of heaven against its will.

Then the thunder striked and lightning fell right in the graveyard so loud and terrifying it got me out of my trance and jumped back and closed my ears. Everything happened so fast that my brain couldn't even process. I just can't put my finger on it but something was happening. I stood up and went towards the place where the lightning striked...deeper in the graveyard. My feet felt numb but I kept moving honestly, it felt as if someone is controlling me.

A few more steps and then I saw it. A grave....opened just where the lightening striked. By now, the winds grew faster and rain started to trickle on ny skin. My feet kept involuntarily moving closer to it.

Well could that be a demon or a ghost? Did it actually worked? A part of me was freaking out but I kept walking closer and closer untill I saw......well more like heard it before saw it.

" long these filthies have gotten me laid. My joints are aching." I gasped which made his head turn towards my side and there was in flesh a man right out of the grave with brown hairs and super green piercing eyes that were looking right at me now. I covered my mouth with my hand but it was too late. He saw me and within miliseconds I was pinned at the tree where I was performing the spell even faster than light. His hand on my mouth and his eyes looking into mine and then I heard it again, the same gruff and deep voice.

"Who the fuck are you!" But that wasn't what I was focusing on that moment. Because the thing bothering me the most was the fact that he was pressed against me completely. And was totally naked.


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