Never Say Forever

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Day:1 of 45

10 pm,

"I asked you something human!" I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I heard his voice again. Okay, first of all I've no idea what the hell is going on.

Did I really just raised a dead man. Holy crap! Was that book about necromancy. Woah....does that mean I can-

"Are you even listening to me!" Ah right I forgot. By now he has put in some distance between us and is looking at me, his eyes flaring with anger and turning a hundred shades of green. But right now I'm too freaked out.

Well I did raised a freaking zombie!

"Zombie! What the actual hell is that and what do you mean you raised one?" Oh god I just said it out loud.

" are the zombie-" I'm cut off by his deep voice again. "God you petite human! I'm no this Zombie thing you are saying. Do you even know who I am?" His voice actually sent shivers down my spine. This zombie has an aura surrounding him when you know he's not to mess with. His tone contains dominance and rigidity, Like a king.

"You are a zombie?" I more like asked myself "I just raised you?" And the colour of his eyes actually turned light again. I swear I actually saw it even in the darkness his peircing green eyes were glowing.

"You raised me?" He said a little bit softly. "Um..yeah more like the spell did." I motioned towards the book and he picked it up in an instant and as soon as he did his cold demeanor came back into action.

"This book! You said this spell?" He shreiked and that made my palms sweat. "Yeah" I replied meekly.

"You are the witch!" Wait what?

"The witch?" I questioned but the reply I got was his hands around my neck and he was pulling me up the ground, my feet almost dangling and I couldn't breathe.

"You are a bloody better tell me what the hell you filthies are planning and why you woke me or I'll drain your every inch." He said and I could see his eyes turn red. Bloody red! I tried my best to remove his hand but to no avail. I started seeing black spots but he just kept applying more pressure and I guess I was about to faint when I heard the voice.

"Let her go, brother" and he dropped me that very instant and I coughed and gasped for air and there were tears in my eyes. God I just needed to get out of here asap. I got up from my knees and saw a guy standing right in front of us. He had blonde hairs but his eyes, it was exact same of this zombie's. Almond shaped with ling lashes and green iris.

Though his physic is a little bit leaner than this zombie's. His face is more on the oval side whereas this zombie's is more defined and prominent square. Totally masculine. Oh and that damn behind. God Hanne! Eyes up there and by the way this Mr. Hot Zombie was seconds away from sending you to hell.

Anyways that guy just said brother does that mean? Oh goodness. But both of them were staring at each with again some unreadable expression and none of them was making a move. But then,

"Robert" the zombie said and nodded his head in acknowledgment Oh, so his name is Robert.

"Laurent" Robert nodded his head too, his expression unreadable too. Well what is wrong with them and how could this zombie be his brother.

Maybe he just died and you raised him.

Yeah that could be it. But why was he just hell bent on killing me a few minutes ago and he was calling me a witch? Seriously is he crazy or waking up probably messed with his brain strings. But I guess his brother can handle whatever the hell is going on. So before any of them could turn their gazes on me. I started taking light and slow step backwards. But as I was about to turn and run. I heard the zombie's voice.

"Where the fuck do you think you are going?" Crap.

"Um..somewhere where you can't kill me I guess." His face turned even angrier if that's possible. Ugh this is not the time for being sarcastic Hanne.

"Chill out brother. You are scaring the shit out of poor soul after all she is the one who got you back." Robert chuckled probably noticing my expression.

"Got me back! Yes that's the thing. She got me back and that only means one thing. She is a bloody witch and I have to kill her." He gave emphasis to his last five words and I gulped at that.

"Calm down brother, you woke up after two hundred years. You need a break and energy ofcourse and no need for voilence right now. Hmm...first we need to have a little chat with this witch and then we'll decided" Robert said looking at me. His voice was much octaves softer than his zombie brother. But I didn't know why he was giving me even darker sort of vibes. Will they actually kill me?

"Two hundred years! What's the date?" Laurent asked totally stunned.

"It's 20's now brother, these creatures got you asleep for two hundred years and I've been waiting since then in the human world for this day." There was a hint of sadness in his voice. But two hundred years! Seriosuly? God something is definitely wrong here. Did I just woke up a two hundred year old corpse. But his brother! Goodness he doesn't look any older than me. What the hell is happening? I think I'm really gonna faint.

And just on cue I started feeling dizzy and my legs felt numb, I felt darkness clouding my vision again but then I felt two arms around me and the last thing I saw were the green eyes.

And blonde hair.


Hope you like the story so far. Please drop in suggestions and feel free to text me and btw sorry this chapter's a bit short. But I needed to put this on as a filler and trust me the story gets better so stay tuned.


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