Lilac Blood

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Lady Alicia

Lilac hovered outside of her mother's room. Her mother was an intimidating woman, strong, and opinionated. Lilac knew the softer side of Lady Alicia better than anyone else within the clan, but still hesitated to initiate a conversation with her.

"Come in dear." Lady Alicia's voice sounded in her mind.

Lilac closed her mind. "Damn it,"she thought. " Coming Mother." She slowly opened the door.

"What is it dear? What's the problem?" Her mother questioned, preening before the mirror.

"Do you have vampire strength Mother?" Lilac managed,although she was sure the answer was yes.

"Yes Lilac. Why do you ask?" Lady Alicia turned to gaze at the younger woman. "Did someone say I didn't?"

Lilac stammered out a no, and then asked boldly," Why am I not strong like all the others? They can carry so many pounds, kick in doors, break locks. I have only the strength of a human."

Lady Alicia nodded in understanding. She knew this day would come, and had expected it sooner. "You, my daughter, you are special. Not like the others. Do not mourn your lack of strength, for the magic inside each of us gives gains concealed as losses. The things that appear weak are usually the strongest. "

* * *

Kieran raised her eyebrows at Lilac from across the makeshift school room. "Sooo?" She mindlinked her," What did Lady Alicia say?"

Lilac rolled her eyes. "Please. She gave me a speech she had obviously been preparing since my birth. All about how special I am and shit." She tapped her pencil on her notebook across the room." You know, it gets tiring hearing all that nonsense."

"Then do something about it." Kieran thought to her. "Do something to make yourself proud. Instead of trying to make everyone else think you're likeable and capable, break free from your self made prison and do something great."

Lilac nodded. "You're right." She closed off the link and started thinking in earnest. What would make them value her?

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