Lilac Blood

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Behold the Sun

Kieran sat crisscrossed on Lilac's bed. "So you can control water, which is a liquid. Does that mean you can control liquids? Or just water?"

"I don't know. I've never tried to control anything else. Do you think I could control blood?" Lilac asked.

"I mean maybe you should try. It's a liquid." Kieran shrugged. "It wouldn't hurt to try anyhow. At least that way you'd know if you could or couldn't. "

Lilac agreed, then she asked,"Do you think I'll be able to come out with you all tonight for feeding?"

Kieran sighed." Sorry Li. If someone else suggested it maybe, but just you and I aren't enough to make your mother take the chance."

Outside the door, Rae heard the whole conversation. Envy burned in her mind. So not fair that the spoiled,lazy purple-haired brat had an extra power. Water control? Then an idea came to her. Lilac had never faced the angry sun. Maybe she could convince Lady Alicia to send Lilac out with the group for blood tonight. Then she could 'accidentally ' let Lilac get lost and stuck in the sun. What a tragedy. Rae chuckled darkly as she continued down the hall to the Primus' quarters. Lady Alicia would be waiting on the Primus. Time to spring the trap.

* * *

Lady Alicia agreed to the idea of sending Lilac with the group that night. Lilac was ecstatic. This would be her first time to breathe the air outside the clan's home. She was shocked that Rae had put in a word for her,but accepted that Rae might not be as bad as she thought at first. She stayed close to Rae as they stepped outside. Rae was also ecstatic, but definitely not for the reason that Lilac was. Some of the other vampires in the group hated Lilac too, and Rae had let them in on her plan when they complained to her for advocating for Lilac.

Lilac followed Rae with diligence, trying to be quiet. Rae led Lilac along with the group until just before sunrise. Then she wondered away from the group, knowing Lilac would follow. When Lilac was busy catching birds to bring back to drain for blood, Rae left using her super speed. Leaving Lilac to deal with the sun, the group sped back home. Having to tell Lady Alicia of the tragic death of Lilac.

Lilac turned around. Where was Rae? The sun was coming up. Lilac panicked. She had never seen the sun. It was a well known fact that the sun was dangerous. How could Rae just leave her behind like that? Lilac looked around anxiously. Which way was back? She was lost, in the woods, with the sun coming up. She was so scared she couldnt move or think. Then the sun hit her skin. She cried out, expecting the burn the sun brought to vampires. Then she realized, she was fine. The sun didn't hurt. She looked at her skin. She laughed. She danced in the sun, laughing ,singing, relieved. After a bit she calmed down. She stood still, closed her eyes, and listened to the wind. She relied on her instincts, instincts she wasn't sure she had, and found her way home. She threw open the door, and wondered down the labyrinth until she reached the inner door the clan's home.

"Hey guys I'm back!" Her mother appeared beside her, her eyes wide.

"You're alive!" Lady Alicia turned on the group that gathered behind her. Her glare was intimidating and furious and dark. All that Rae could think was "Uh-oh."

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