Lilac Blood

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Power of Purple and Blue

Lilac laid on her bed, quietly gazing at the dark ceiling. She was thinking furiously about her episode in the sunlight. It didn't hurt her, but she had yet to tell anyone else. The rest of the clan thought she had just hidden in the shadows on her way back. Suddenly her ears caught a small sound. Vampire hearing was incredibly keen, and each creak of the old structure was heard but ignored. This sound was different. It caught her attention and she waited for the sound again. When it reached her ears, she scrunched her eyebrows in concentration. Suddenly the low squeak was nearer to her then before. Next thing she knew, there was a flash of blue before her eyes,and the need to feel water on her skin was desperate and intense. She rushed out of her room and threw open the door of the bathroom. The need that burned her skin drove her to concentrate on the faucet long before she was close enough to see it. The water flowed towards her as she burst into the tiny room. The clan Primus was in the tub, and shocked when the water began to flow up and then towards Lilac. Lilac's eyes were glowing, and the ends of her hair were turning a light blue. When the water hit her skin, she gasped and her eyes seemed to see nothing. But in her mind she was seeing fish and whales and seaweed and things belonging to the ocean. She stood in the center of the small bathroom letting the water drip over her needy flesh. It seemed as if she was in a trance, and the water began to flow around her in a tornado of blue. It swirled around and around, caressing her body before returning to the single stream. Lilac finally began to see where she really was. With a gasp she let go of the water and realized she was dripping in the bathroom with the clan Primus staring at her.


Lilac fell to her knees. Now the Primus knew about her water control. Lilac was scared and confused. "Lilac what happened?" The Primus asked.

"I heard a strange sound, and then I saw blue, and had a desperate need to feel water on my skin." Lilac answered trembling. She started to feel like crying,and soothe tears were spilling out of her dark brown eyes.

The Primus climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her old body." Come with me, Lilac. " she commanded in a softer tone then usual. Lilac obeyed and followed her into a large soundprooofed room that belonged to the Primus. Lady Alicia was told to leave , but curiously gazed at Lilac as she left. The Primus, Lady Sheryl, motioned for Lilac to sit and then asked," So you can control water. How long have you know this?"

Lilac bowed her head in respect and answered honestly," about a week. "

"Who else knows this?" Lady Sheryl wanted to know.

"Only Kieran. " said Lilac.

"Has anything else strange happened to you other than water control and the episode on the bathroom?" Lady Sheryl asked, her eyes fixed on the young vampire before her.

"Yes. " said Lilac truthfully." The sun doesn't hurt me. I thought it would burn my flesh like it does to the rest of you,but it doesn't."

The Primus stared at Lilac in confusion. She had never heard of such a thing. "Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yes, I know it doesn't hurt me because the group I went with last night left me in the woods. I was too slow and got caught in the sunlight. It did nothing to me." Lilac answered now looking at Lady Sheryl's face.

Lady Sheryl rubbed her cheek in concentration. This was a strange development to be sure. This young girl not only controlled water, but also was not affected by sunlight. " Can you control any other substances?" She asked.

Lilac shrugged her shoulders while replying,"I dont know yet. I haven't tried."

Lady Sheryl looked around her room, the not seeing what she was looking for, she pushed a button. The door swung open to reveal a young guard. "Yes Madam, what can I get for you? " he asked her respectfully.

Bring me a cup of blood." She ordered. He did so and returned within a minute. As soon as the door shut behind him ,she placed the glass on the stand near the bed. As she returned to her chair, she told Lilac,"Try to control that blood."

Lilac nodded, and focused her attention on the blood in the glass. Her eyes began to glow, and the ends of her hair seemed to grow a little longer. Soon the blood flowed in a stream up out if the glass. Lilac's mind swirled the blood into a shape in the air. Then she pushed it back into the glass and let go. The Primus was impressed and glad. This power could help the clan in so many ways. She had power over the thing that all vampires had to have to survive. Lady Sheryl was happy, but also very concerned. How did a young vampire happen to have such a power? She had never heard of a vampire having such control over liquid. One question lingered in her mind above all else.

How powerful could this young purple-haired daughter of death become?

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