Lilac Blood

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Power Swap

After that day, Lilac was warned to not tell anyone else about her new powers. Lady Sheryl was still contemplating on how best to use the young vampire. The fact that she could control blood could make the nightly excursions less frequent and more efficient. However, the Primus did not think it best that the whole clan know about Lilac's power. Lilac was already not well liked on account of her mother's position, and her likelyhood to become the next queen,or Primus. Adding her new powers to the list would not help the clan,or Lilac, in any way.

Lilac told Kieran as soon as she could about the blood control she did for the Primus. Kieran was more curious than ever." Can you control blood while it's in the body?" She wanted to know. "I mean I know you haven't tried yet, but it's possible, right?"

Lilac shrugged. "That could be very useful if I could control bodily fluids while their in the body, but one question is nagging me, Kieran." Lilac sat crisscross on her bed, her best friend opposite her." How, and why, do I have these powers? My mother doesn't. No one else in this clan does. I mean, fuck! How did I happen to be the vamp with normal human strength and water powers?"

Kieran frowned and stared at Lilac.

"What? What did I say? "Lilac asked.

"Well, maybe it's nothing, but you said 'water powers,' which made me think of something..." Kieran got up and placed slowly around the room. "Lilac, what controls water? We all agree that this world is crazy, and even when the world says we don't exist, we actually do. We generally believe that there are a few other creatures besides animals and humans, like werewolves and witches. But, most vampires don't believe in mermaids-"

Lilac stared at her friend like she had gone crazy." Mermaids! Are you freaking kidding me Kieran! Mermaids have never been seen by a vampire, and we can see in the fucking dark!"

"Think about it Lilac! Mermaids are the only creature in fables, myths and books that control water. Also, yes we can see in the dark and we have never seen them, but maybe it's because we have never looked in the day. It's just a thought. It would explain how you're unaffected by sunlight. Maybe it's like a power swap with a mermaid."

"A power swap, Kieran? Have you ever heard of such a thing happening? This is nonsense." Lilac exclaimed. She got up. " I need to think. I'm going out."

"Lilac wait! Its daytime -"

"I'll be fine. It doesn't hurt me...remember?"

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