Lilac Blood

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The Mission

Lilac snuck out of the building, honestly excited to feel the warm sun again. She sighed as the breeze caressed her light purple hair. She found a log in the woods nearby and plopped down on it. Maybe Kieran was right. Maybe she had these powers because of a power swap with a mermaid. She sat straight, a habit her mother had been drilling into her for years, and closed her eyes. She felt terrible for getting mad at Kieran. She honestly just didn't want to admit that she thought mermaids existed.

Lilac got up and walked around in the woods for a while. Admiring the beauty around her,and trying not to think about herself, her new powers,or her clan.

* * *

Kieran bursted into Lilacs room. "I am so sorry Lilac!" She held Lilacs hand.

Lilac had gotten back from walk and flipped onto her bed. Now she stared at Kieran." What did you do?" She knew this outburst was not an apology for talking about mermaids earlier. Kieran wasn't one to apologize when she was right.

"I went to the Primus...." Kieran started, " and asked her if it could be power swap-"

Lilac bolted up off the bed. "Are you crazy Kieran? Oh no." Lilac shook her head. "I am so dead!" Lilac flared at Kieran. "I wasn't supposed to tell anyone Kieran. Lady Sheryl knew you knew about the water control, but she forbade me telling ANYONE, including you,about the blood! She's gonna kill me! Oh I'm in for it!" Before Kieran had a chance to say anything back a guard showed up at the door.

"Lilac. My orders are to escort you to the Primus. Please follow me." Lilac nodded and followed the man, sending a sizzling glare Kieran's way.

When Lilac entered the Primus' throne room she bowed in respect. "Primus. You ordered me here?"

Lady Sheryl nodded. "Lilac it has come to my attention that you snuck out of the building earlier. Why didn't you just go out the normal way?"

" I didn't want everyone to know that sunlight doesn't hurt me. Then they will only try to hurt me with sunlight, and not other, more vicious, torture." Lilac answered honestly.

The Primus smiled at her. "Smart girl. I myself would've done the very same thing, for the very same reason." Lady Sheryl nodded at a guard nearby,and he stepped forward with a black cloak. "I have a very important mission for you Lilac. "Lady Sheryl said, handing her the cloak. "I need you to go outside, and survey the town. When you have determined the overall mood of the people, go to the shore and wait in the tall weeds on the edge of the woods. A woman in a black cape will approach you. If a woman without a cape just like yours approaches, you must not tell her anything. Don't let her touch you, and leave as soon as possible, leaving nothing of yours behind." Lady Sheryl instructed." If the woman has an identical cape on, you mustn't say anything to her. When she says' blood calls to water,' then you reply, ' And water to blood.' Then she will hand a red envelope. Open when she leaves, and follow the orders inside. Never let anyone touch you, and if the do, remember them in detail. Am I understood?"

"Yes your Highness." Lilac answered, and put on the cape. The mission began.

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