Shifter Mate Tri-Totem (Shifter World - Book Thirteen) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Two: I Can’t

-Two Hours Earlier-

Bishop King walked into the bar with his friends. He hadn’t really wanted to go out tonight. But his friends had talked him into it. It’s not a Shifter bar like he preferred, but this bar was known to accept Shifters and other Supernatural beings.

They found an empty booth and snagged it before someone else did.

“Come on, Bishop, cheer up, there’s plenty of women here,” his friend said, punching him in the arm.

Bishop grunted. He wasn’t looking for just any woman, he was looking for that special woman…

“Damn, look at those two. They’re sexy as hell.”

Everyone at their booth, except for Bishop, looked at the dance floor and whistled.

“They’re Shifters,” one said with a grin, “I can smell their animal.”

“They’re also lesbians,” another said with a chuckle.

“I’d fuck them both and watch them fuck each other.”

For an odd reason, Bishop wanted to punch each of his friends in the nose. He shook his head. What business of his was it if his friends ogled and talked about a couple lesbians?

He spent his time talking about anything and everything, but the lesbians, and his lack of sex partners. It has been forever since he has had sex, and unlike his friends, he’s okay with that.

“Look at them,” his friend said, practically drooling.

“Who the hell is he? How dare he walk up to our lesbians.”

Bishop rolled his eyes. His friends are crazy-ass Bear Shifters, who think they own everything.

“It’s okay, he’s the brunet’s brother,” another of his crazy ass friends said.

“How do you know?”

“Because he smells a lot like her.”

Bishop sighed as he took a drink of his beer.

“Damn, look at that. I want to fuck them both right here on this table.”

Bishop felt a pull to look at them. Just to see what his friends were going crazy over. He told himself. When his eyes landed on the brunet, his body pulsed, and his friends stirred.

“There’s an unclaimed Fated Mate here,” his friends hissed, “damn that scent, I want to fuck her. Where is she?”

“She must have just walked in because her scent wasn’t here a moment ago.”

Bishop watched as the brunet’s brother dragged her to the door. Her girlfriend hollered at them to stop, then the three talked by the door. He used his Shifter hearing to listen in. Though being a Bear Shifter, his hearing isn’t as strong as others, but he could still hear most of what they were saying.

Fuck me. Bishop thought as he watched them. The brunet is the unclaimed Fated Mate. But how? They hadn’t smelt her before…before he’d caught sight of her.

His cock jumped in his pants, and his palms started to sweat. His friends hadn’t watched the three who’d run to the door, they were too busy trying to find the unclaimed Fated Mate, without realizing they had already found her. Or rather, he had found her.

His Bear roared in his head, and he cleared his throat. There is only one way to know if what he realized is real or not. He stood up from the table and headed towards the three before his friends discovered the same thing he has and cockblocked him.


“What do we do?” Allora asked as she watched Marry-Beth and Akan. She doesn’t want to give up the only woman she has ever loved. But she knows she must. It is the will of the Goddesses.

“For one, we don’t let anyone cockblock my sister.” Akan growled.


The three of them turned to the voice. Allora and Akan growled at the large man. He’s one of the Bear Shifters, and he was looking at Marry-Beth as if he wanted to eat her whole.

“Go away before I toss you out…” Akan started to say, then stopped when the large man laughed.

“Don’t threaten me, little man,” the Bear Shifter said as he looked at Akan. “I will tear your head off your shoulders before you can…”

The Bear stopped talking when a small fist landed on his nose.

“Motherfucker!” The Bear hollered as he held his hand to his bleeding nose.

Akan and Allora stared at Marry-Beth.

“No one but me is allowed to hurt my brother.” Marry-Beth growled at the man.

“You stupid bitch,” the Bear said as he moved to strike Marry-Beth.

Akan and Allora hollered at the same time. Before the man even came close to hitting Marry-Beth, a larger man had the first man’s arm behind his back.

“You dare threaten a lady?” The second man hissed in the first man’s ear.

“What the hell, Bish?”

“You threatened her brother, and you lusted for the unclaimed Fated Mate. You deserved what you got. Now go back to the table, before I feed you your arm.”

The first man glowered at the second man as soon as he was released. “You just want her for yourself.”

The second man grinned. “I do. Now get out of here!” The second man said, then kicked the first man in the ass to get him to move back to the booth with the other Bear Shifters.

“Hey, look, we appreciate what you did, but no one is cockblocking my sister, if I have to die protecting her, I will…” Akan stopped talking when the Bear Shifter held his large hand up to silence him.

Bishop chuckled as he silenced the smaller man. He’s a good brother to promise such a thing. He hadn’t noticed one of his friends leave the booth, let alone make his way to the unclaimed Fated Mate. Now all he needs to do is look into those eyes of hers.

Marry-Beth blinked as she watched the giant Bear Shifter. She has never seen such a large man before, he was huge. Tall, almost seven feet, and muscles everywhere. Broad shoulders that made her mouth water. And his face. He was gorgeous. When his eyes met hers, her body trembled.

“Mine,” they said at the same time.

Shit, she has a Fated Mate, and he’s enormous. And all hers. She felt herself move towards him and had no control over it. She knows she’s full-on in heat now and wanted to fuck him until they passed out. Before she knew what she was doing, she jumped into his arms and started kissing his neck.

She felt his hands squeeze her ass and heard a cry behind her, but she couldn’t put anything together in her foggy mind. She felt herself being walked away from her brother and Allora but couldn’t think straight to realize what it meant. She heard Allora leave the bar, but her hormones were so rampant, she couldn’t think of anything but the man carrying her to…

Where the hell are they going?

“Shit, I didn’t think I had a Fated Mate,” the man carrying her said as he pushed open a door.

She answered with a whimper.

“Get out!” She heard him growl, then heard squeals as women ran out the door.

Bishop locked the bathroom door, then carried his mate to the sink and set her ass on the counter. When he tried to back away so he could look at her, she held onto him tighter, and he chuckled.

“It’s okay, Mafilia. I’m not going anywhere,” he said as he pried her arms from around him and looked into her face. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

Marry-Beth smiled as she looked up into her Fated Mate’s beautiful face. “So are you.”

Bishop chuckled, “we need to get this over with, so the other Shifters won’t try and cockblock me again.”

She nodded as she went for his shirt and pulled it up his body.

He chuckled as he helped her remove his shirt. He has heard of how horny a female Shifter Fated Mate gets when they find their mate, but he hadn’t been prepared for this attack.

“Mmm,” she moaned as her hands rubbed against his solid chest.

“Like what you see?” He asked as he started pulling her shirt up.

She nodded as her hands explored his chest. When her hands slid down to his pants, her tongue licked her lips. His cock jumped, almost spilling his seed into his boxers. He chuckled as he took hold of her hands.

“Didn’t know a lesbian would want a cock so bad,” he said without thinking.

Bishop watched as her eyes cleared of their fog, and she let out a scream. With a grunt, he covered his ears.

Good job. Bishop berated himself.

Marry-Beth jumped off the sink counter and ran for the door.

“I don’t think so,” Bishop said as he went after her and pinned her front to the door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I…I can’t do this,” she cried.

Bishop moved off her and turned her to face him. “We’re Fated Mates, we’re supposed to do this.”

She shook her head, “no.”

He sighed as he touched her cheek. “Mafilia?”

She looked up at him, and his heart broke. There was so much sorrow in her eyes. Screw this. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She moaned against him, then pushed him away.

“No!” Marry-Beth screamed.

Now that her brain isn’t as foggy, she knows what she had heard. Her mate, the love of her life, had cried out when she’d attacked this man.

Allora had left.

“What is wrong?” The man before her asked as he caressed her cheek.

“I can’t do this. Not…not without…” She stopped as she cried.

Bishop sighed as he pulled her into his arms and held her. He could feel her sorrow. Something was making his mate very sad.

“Allora,” Marry-Beth cried against the stranger, who is her Fated Mate.

Bishop held his mate back from him and looked into her eyes. “Is that the blond you were with?”

She nodded, “she’s my mate. My fiancée, the love of my life,” she cried out.

Bishop sighed. Who is he to take her from that kind of love? An idea hit him, and he almost laughed. A man’s dream come true.

“Okay,” he said with a nod, “I think I can handle both of you.”

Marry-Beth blinked up at him. Did he seriously just suggest a threesome?

“Allora doesn’t like men…” She started to say, then stopped when his lips captured hers.

“I only want you.”

She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry.”

He chuckled, “I understand. She’s a part of you, as much as you’re a part of me now.”

She nodded.

“What is your name?” He asked as he looked into her eyes.


He grinned, “I like that. I’m Bishop.”

Marry-Beth sighed as she leaned against him.

“Okay, we better find your fiancée, because I don’t know how long I can handle not being inside you.”

She nodded, and he grabbed his shirt, then slid it back on and unlocked the bathroom door.

As soon as they walked back into the bar, every Shifter in the place was on their feet.

“Cockblocker!” Someone hollered.

Bishop growled, “she’s mine,” he said as he pulled her against him.

“You’re just another cockblocker!” His friend hollered at him.

Bishop sighed. Okay, so agreeing to wait until they find her fiancée hadn’t been a good idea. Because now everyone thinks they fucked, and he cockblocked whoever her mate is. But he’s her mate!

“You forced me to leave her alone so you could have her for yourself!” The youngest of his friends accused him correctly, but not the way they think.

“Give us a turn!” Another Shifter hollered.

“Fuck off,” Bishop growled as he held his mate close to him. “We’re leaving here, and if any of you follow us, I will feed you your dick.”

Marry-Beth chuckled beside him, and he shook his head.

“Hey man, what the hell?” Bishop’s closest friend asked as he walked up to them. “I never knew you for a cockblocker.”

Bishop snorted, “I’m not man. She’s mine.”

His friend snorted, “I don’t see any markings.”

Bishop shook his head. “We haven’t fucked yet. Sniff the air, she’s still unclaimed.”

His friend sniffed the air, and his eyes widened. “Shit, you need to get her out of here.”

“No fucking shit.”

“Why didn’t you claim her in the bathroom?”

“Because she’s engaged to that woman she was here with…”

His friend grinned, understanding immediately. “Going to get you a threesome, huh?”

Bishop snorted, “shut up.”

His friend laughed.

“Can you help me get Marry-Beth out of here?”

His friend looked at Bishop’s mate and grinned. “Sure. We have your back.”

And they did. Bishop’s group of friends flanked him and his mate and helped them to escape the bar. Thank the Goddesses that it wasn’t a Shifter bar, so there were more confused humans then horny Shifters.

“Thanks, guys,” Bishop said once they were outside.

“I better see markings on both of your wrists next time I see you!” His friend hollered at him.

Bishop grinned, “don’t worry, you will.”

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