Shifter Mate Tri-Totem (Shifter World - Book Thirteen) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Six: Jump In

An hour later, Bishop, Marry-Beth, and Allora were standing outside the hotel, waiting for Akan and Cael.

“Tells us we have an hour, then he’s a half-hour late,” Bishop grumbled.

Marry-Beth chuckled, “he said an hour to fuck, he knew we’d need the time to get ready as well.”

“I think he used the word sex,” Allora said as she took hold of her wife’s arm and laid her cheek on her shoulder.

Marry-Beth smiled, “I think that was because we were in a church.”

Allora giggled as she nodded.

“Here comes your brother,” Bishop said when he noticed Akan walking towards them.

“Hey there, Selianas,” Akan said as he nodded to Marry-Beth and Allora. He turned to Bishop and grinned as he looked up into the face of his new brother. “Beliono.”

Bishop chuckled as he slapped his new brother on the back. “Beliono.”

Akan grumbled as he stumbled forward. His sister’s husband is one of the biggest shifters he has ever seen. You would think Zephyrus, a Dragon Shifter, would be bigger than this Bear Shifter, or at least as big. But no, his sister had to find the biggest, baddest Shifter to be her Fated Mate.

“Ah, you’re all here.”

They turned to Cael, who was standing on the sidewalk, smiling at them.

“What’s going on that the Fated Mates need us?” Marry-Beth asked as she took a step towards the Half Angel.

Cael sighed as he folded his hands in front of himself. “Your friends have been kidnapped.”

“What?!” Marry-Beth and Allora hollered at the same time.

Cael nodded, “my uncle thinks that Pearl and her nephew will help him find something he has coveted for thousands of years, that grandfather hid from him.”

“What the fuck could he want that God hid from him?” Bishop asked.

Cael looked at the Bear Shifter. “I cannot tell you…” They started talking at the same time, and Cael held up a hand. “I cannot tell you because I do not know. My aunts are very secretive about it.”

“What does Lucifer want with Pearl?” Marry-Beth asked.

“Lucifer knows that only the child of light can light the way to what it is he covets.”

“The child of light?” Allora whispered.

Cael nodded.

“What the fuck is the child of light?” Marry-Beth asked.

Cael looked at her. “A potential Angel.”

They stared at Cael; their mouths opened in shock.

“Wait, wait. So, you are telling me that Pearl is a potential Angel, who can lead the Devil to something God hid because he didn’t want him to have it?” Marry-Beth asked, shocked.

Cael nodded, “yes.”

“What did God hide from the Devil?” Allora asked.

Cael looked at her. “I do not know. My aunt wouldn’t tell me. She did tell me that God hid it before Lucifer became the Devil. It’s something he hid away before Jesus was born.”

Marry-Beth and Allora blinked as they stared at the Half Angel.

“Wait, so Lucifer has Pearl?” Akan asked.

Cael shook his head. “No. My aunts hid Pearl from Lucifer the day she was born. He couldn’t find her himself, so he made a bargain with the Dark Witches and Wizards. They took Pearl and her nephew, and his demons took Ember and Winter.”

“Who are they?” Marry-Beth asked.

“Winter is Sebastian’s Fated Mate, and Ember is her guardian. She is also a second choice, Fated Mate, like Allora,” Cael said as he nodded towards Allora.

“Where are they now?” Bishop asked.

Cael looked at him. “On their way to each other to make the switch.”

“We can’t let them do that,” Marry-Beth said.

Cael looked at her. “Your fellow Fated Mates need you first. Then we will all go together to rescue the others.”

“But they need us now,” Marry-Beth argued.

Cael pulled out a mirror and pointed it at Marry-Beth. “This is what is going on with your friends.”

Marry-Beth watched as her friends stood on one side of a bar while a large group of humans with silver weapons stood at the other side. She covered her mouth with her hand.


“They won’t stay dead because they’re Fated Mates. But if we want to rescue the others, we need them—no time to wait for them to come back to life. My aunts are a bit busy blocking the vision that will show the child of the light where the item is hidden, so I don’t know when they’ll be able to get to anyone to bring them back,” Cael said.

“They need us,” Allora whispered.

Marry-Beth nodded, “take us to them.”

They disappeared and reappeared outside a bar.

“There’s Thirty-eight of them, and twenty-six of us.”

Marry-Beth recognized Dylan’s voice. It was starting without them; they need to get inside and help.

“Don’t forget that three of us are Vampires, and silver doesn’t affect us.”

Tate’s voice rumbled outside to Marry-Beth and her group.

“It doesn’t affect Dragons either.”

“Or humans.”

Marry-Beth couldn’t tell which twin was speaking, but she knew it was either Josie or Maddy.

“You’re easier to kill.”

Dominic’s voice vibrated through the walls and windows.

“Don’t sell us short, Dominic.”

One of the twins said, and Marry-Beth heard her crack her knuckles.


Marry-Beth recognized Tamara’s voice and could hear Dominic chuckle.

“All right, ladies, let’s do this,” Dominic said, still chuckling.

“Let’s go,” Akan said as he headed for the door.

“But we don’t know what we’re up against,” Allora said.

Akan smirked, “you heard them, Thirty-Eight humans with silver weapons.”

“We don’t want to just run in there, willy-nilly,” Allora said.

Akan laughed, “you’re lucky we love you, sister,” he said, then opened the door to the bar.

Marry-Beth laughed, “I guess we’re going in,” she said as he opened the door and they walked inside.

“Hold up,” Bishop said as he grabbed Akan’s arm.

“We heard you might need more backup!” They heard Marry-Beth holler.

“What’s wrong? My sister needs backup too,” Akan said as he looked up at the large man.

Bishop nodded, “I need to know something.”

Akan squinted his eyes. “What?”

“How long has your sister been with Allora?”

Akan smiled, “they met over ten years ago and reconnected about three or four years ago.”

Bishop nodded as he took in a deep breath.

“I’ve got to go,” Akan said, then pulled away from his new brother and opened the door to the bar. “Where’s the enemy? I need some action.”

“You’re looking at them, you idiot,” Marry-Beth hollered at her brother.

Bishop grinned. He loved their brother-sister camaraderie.

“Humans?” Akan scoffed.

“With silver bullets!” Bishop heard one of their fellow Fated Mates holler.

“Hello, Sharissa!” Akan hollered.

Bishop chuckled when he felt an Alpha Fated Mate’s agitation.

“Let’s get ready to rumble!” Akan shouted, making Bishop groan.

Well, he’s stuck with the man. He’s a part of the package.

“You’re worried, she won’t love you.”

Bishop turned to Cael. “Yeah.”

Cael sighed, “you know, you can back out. You have already served your purpose.”

Bishop stared at the Half Angel. “What do you mean?”

Cael grinned, “you should know what I mean. Why do you think the Goddesses won’t let females be Fated Mates now? I mean, come on, they’re soul mates, but they can’t be together now without a male?”

Bishop groaned, “females don’t have the ability to get each other pregnant. Wait.” His eyes opened wide. “No.”

Cael chuckled, “so. Are you fully in, or are you out?”

Bishop laughed so hard his side ached. “I’m fully in. Fucking shit, I’m fully in.”

Cael grinned, “then get in there and help your fellow Fated Mates.”

Bishop grinned, “on it,” he said, then opened the door and entered the bar.

“Bear shifter,” Bishop heard one of his fellow Alpha Fated Mates whisper.

“Is this what we came here for, Mafilia?” Bishop asked of his Fated Mate.

“They’re the Fated Mates,” Allora said as she watched the Shifters fighting the humans.

“Humans with silver weapons,” Bishop said with a shake of his head.

“This is just the start of the wars to come,” Marry-Beth said.

Bishop nodded, then punched a human who came too close to Marry-Beth and Allora, in the nose.

“Do we shift?” He asked.

Marry-Beth shrugged, “doesn’t look like anyone else is.”

“Ah, I see a fellow Bear,” Bishop said as he pointed to the man who was defending a human female.

“That’s Rolando. The woman he’s protecting is his mate, Maddy,” Marry-Beth pointed out.

“Excellent,” Bishop said with a nod. “Shall we join them?”

Marry-Beth grinned, “lets.”

Bishop lifted his women into the air and tossed them at a couple of humans who were trying to attack one of the Alpha Fated Mates from behind.

With a grin, Bishop joined in the chaos.

“Who’s the tall drink of water?” Shar asked as she dodged a silver sword. Who the fuck fights with swords?

“That’s my husband,” Marry-Beth said with a grin.

Shar stared at her friend. “Husband?”

Marry-Beth nodded as she ducked a silver ax.

“I thought you were marrying Allora.”

“We are married,” Allora said as she pulled Shar out of the way of a man with a silver tire iron.

“I’m confused,” Shar said as she pushed Allora to the floor and ducked the bullet.

“We’ll tell you everything once we’ve wiped the floor with these assholes,” Marry-Beth said, then squealed when she was lifted off her feet.

“Hello, Mafilia,” Bishop said as he jumped out of the way of a bullet that was headed for his mate.

“Don’t scare me like that,” Marry-Beth panted.

Bishop chuckled, “sorry,” he said as he set her on her feet.

“They’re humans, why haven’t we taken them out?” Marry-Beth asked.

“Because they’re humans,” Dustin said as he dodged one of the assholes.

“But isn’t this a war?” Akan asked as he landed beside his sister.

“He’s right,” Shar said as she gave her mate a push out of the way of a sword.

“Didn’t Kristoph give us permission to kill humans?” Lyvia asked as she pulled Shar away from a man who was about to slam an ax on her head.

Dustin growled as he kicked the man in the stomach, making the man throw up.

“But that was the humans who have Pearl and the others,” Dominic said.

“But they’re here to keep us from rescuing them in time,” Shar said as she looked around at the humans who were still fighting the Fated Mates.

“The Demons have them under their spell,” Dustin said.

“How did they treat you when you came into this bar?” Marry-Beth asked.

“Like we’re scum,” Shar said with a frown.

Dustin pulled his mate into his arms and punched a man out who was about to attack them.

“I have an idea,” Marry-Beth said as she looked at the door. “Cael, are you coming in?”

Cael opened the door and smiled as he made his way over to them. As he walked, the humans seemed to move out of his way.

Shar and the others stared in shock. Who was this man? Or rather, what is he?

“Shar, Dustin. This is Cael Hayes. He brought us here,” Marry-Beth said, introducing them.

“Nice to finally meet you all,” Cael said with a nod, then looked at Marry-Beth. “I can see your plan. I think it may help us,” he said with a nod.

“What plan?” Shar asked.

Marry-Beth nodded to Cael. “Can you do it?”

“I can,” Cael said with a grin, then lifted his arms above his head and clapped his hands together.

The room shook as claps of thunder vibrated off the walls. The humans fell to their knees, their hands over their ears.

“Who the fuck is he?!” Daryl demanded as he walked up to Dustin and the others.

“He’s our Angel,” Marry-Beth said with a smile.

“Marry-Beth!” Shar squealed when she saw the woman’s markings. “You’re a Fated Mate!” She said as she pulled the other woman into a hug.

Marry-Beth laughed as she hugged Shar back.

“So that’s who this big guy is,” Lyvia said as she smiled at Bishop.

Bishop smiled at the small brunet.

The thunder stopped, and the humans stood and looked around them.

“What’s going on?” Shar whispered as she turned from Marry-Beth and watched the humans.

“They will make the choice themselves,” Cael said as he watched the humans.

“Choice to what?” Shar asked.

Half the men in the bar dropped their weapons on the floor and took off out the door. The other half glared at the Shifters then started attacking them again.

“They are doing this of their own free will,” Cael said, “they are no longer under a spell.”

Shar growled when she saw a man point his gun at her mate. She jumped at the man just as he pulled the trigger. They fell to the floor, and she tore his head off before rolling off him, a pain shooting through her stomach.

“Sharissa!” Dustin hollered as he lifted his mate into his arms.

“They need you more then they need me,” Shar said as she looked into her mate’s eyes.

“Fucking stupid idiot,” Dustin choked.

Shar smiled as she placed her hand against his cheek. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you so much,” Dustin said, then claimed her lips.

Shar sighed as she took her last breath.

Dustin tilted his head back and roared at the ceiling.

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