Shifter Mate Tri-Totem (Shifter World - Book Thirteen) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Nine: Blue Fire

The Fated Mates moved closer to the arena as they listened to the banter between the Dark Wizard and the Demons. When the Wolf Shifters were set loose, Akan growled as he slipped out of Bishop’s grasp. He shot down into the arena as the Wolves went after his mate. He skidded to a stop and watched as a large cage came down around his mate.

“Ember!” Winter screamed.

“It’s okay,” Ember said as she stood in the middle of the cage, “it’s mine,” she said, then looked off to the side where she sensed someone new. When her eyes locked with his, he let out a feral growl, and her body tingled.

“MINE!” The shifter hollered as he ran towards the cage.

“Akan, look out!” A woman hollered as she and a large man jumped down into the pit. They took down the two men who were about to attack Ember’s mate.

“Hurry!” Ember hollered as she held her arm out towards her mate.

The Wolf Shifters were already trying to get through her cage. She saw her charge’s mate carry her away and sighed with relief.

Akan slammed into the cage and growled. “Mine,” he said as he stared at his beautiful mate. She’s not a Shifter, but he didn’t care. He has a fucking mate!

“Come,” she said as she motioned for him to come to her.

“I can’t,” he growled as he punched the bar. When his hand went through the iron bar, he stared at it then pulled it back out.

“Hurry!” His mate hollered.

He jumped through just as a Wolf Shifter jumped at him.

Ember chuckled. The look on her mate’s face when his fist had gone through the iron bar was priceless. She wished she had a camera.

“Mine,” Akan said as he marched over to his mate.

Ember grinned as she was lifted off her feet and pressed against his chest. “Hello,” she said with a chuckle.

He grinned, “hello,” he said, then sniffed her hair, then her neck, then he licked her.

Oh, Goddesses. Her body pulsed as he continued to lick up her throat, then capture her mouth.

“I need you now,” he growled.

She smirked, “no one can see us.”

He looked around and saw that everyone was in a battle around their cage. But he couldn’t hear anything.

She chuckled, “it’s called magic,” she said, then pulled his head down and kissed him, “fuck me.”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, then set her on her feet and started stripping her.

She laughed, “no time for formalities,” she said, then pulled him down to the ground.

He groaned as he laid on top of her. “This isn’t how I envisioned this,” he said as she reached for his belt.

She laughed, “I never envisioned this. But something important is going to happen, and I need you now.”


“Why are they just standing inside there talking?” Marry-Beth asked as she watched the new Fated Mate couple inside the large cage.

“I don’t think that’s what’s going on in there.”

They turned to the voice and smiled.

“Pearl!” Dylan said as he rushed to his mate.

“Looks like you could use some help,” Kota said as he waved his hand at a Wolf Shifter who was trying to get into the cage again. The Wolf went flying away from the cage.

“Um, they may need us to keep all these crazies away from the cage,” Pearl said with a chuckle.

“More are coming!” Daryl hollered from above them.

A bolt flew past them, and they jumped back.

Pearl looked up at the woman who had sent the bolt at them. “Ember’s mother,” she mumbled.

“Don’t harm the girl with her.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the newcomer.

“Sharissa!” Dustin hollered as he held a Dark Wizard over his head. He threw the man into a crowd of their enemy and ran to his mate. “Thank the Goddesses, but how?”

Shar smiled as she hugged her mate. “I will tell you everything later,” she promised.

“Watch out!” Pearl hollered up at her sister.

A Dark Wizard was sneaking up on Shar and Dustin. The man screamed as he was blown up into the air, then tossed across the yard.

Everyone turned to find a smiling Cael.

“What’s going on in that cage?” Shar asked as she pointed to the large cage.

Pearl laughed, “new Fated Mates couple.”

Shar nodded, “it’s our duty to keep them safe,” she said, then looked back up at the woman who was glaring at them, a bolt in her hand. “Kill the mother, but don’t harm the girl,” she said, then turned to her mate, “you and I have other business to take care of.”

Dustin nodded and followed his mate away from the arena. He was so happy to see his mate, he’d follow her anywhere, even to the pits of hell.


Bridget could hear that the fighting had started again and looked at her mate. “I think it’s time we showed ourselves.”

He shook his head. “Not yet. I think they will need us when more Demons show, along with Lucifer.”

She nodded. “So, what do we do until then?”

He chuckled, “I could think of a few things,” he said, then tackled her to the ground.


The Fated Mates were winning the fight until Demons popped up out of nowhere.

“Stop!” Daryl hollered. He couldn’t lose another member of his pack, not while the Goddesses were too busy to bring them back.

The Fated Mates stopped fighting and turned to their Alpha.

Josie and Maddy were fighting the mother of their newest Fated Mate and stopped to look at their Alpha. The woman took the advantage and threw a bolt at Josie.

“No!” Her daughter hollered as she moved so fast no one could stop her. She took the bolt in the chest and fell to the ground.

“NO!” The older woman screamed when she saw her daughter fall to the ground.

“Please,” the girl said as she looked up at the twins.

Josie knelt beside the girl. “You saved me.”

The girl choked on blood as she reached towards Josie. Josie moved closer so she could hear the girl.

“Don’t let them hurt my sister. She’s the purest of us all,” she said, then her body fell limp.

“Bitch!” The mother screamed at Josie.

“You’re the one who threw the bolt,” Maddy growled.

The other Fated Mates had gathered around them when the girl had screamed.

“You will pay for this!” The mother hollered as she held up another bolt and aimed it at Josie.

Before anyone could blink, Maddy had the bolt out of the girl’s chest and threw it at the woman as she threw the new bolt at Josie.

A shield appeared in front of the twins. The woman screamed when the bolt hit her in the chest.

Everyone looked at their guardian Angel.

Cael smirked as he let his shield down, then turned to Daryl. “You have our attention, Alpha.”

Daryl pointed to the large group of beasts. They didn’t look human, like the first two did, they looked…like their worst nightmare.

“Lucifer won’t be far behind,” Pearl said as she watched the Demons snarl at them.

“We have at least thirty more minutes before those two idiots are finished,” Dustin said as he pointed at the large cage.

Shar chuckled, “you can’t blame him for wanting his mate,” she said as she took hold of her mate’s arm. “You almost attacked me the minute you saw me.”

Dustin grinned down at his mate. She was right. They couldn’t blame the guy for wanting to claim his mate.

“Let’s do this,” Josie said as she got to her feet.

“Never seen such horrible creatures before,” Shar said as she watched the Demons.

“What do you expect from the pits of hell?” Daryl asked as he stood beside his mate.

Dustin grumbled. Did his thoughts really have to come to life?

They heard a loud noise and looked up. They grinned when they saw their Dragons flying in a circle overhead.

“I guess this is it,” Shar said as she looked back at the Demons.

What was left of the cult moved to stand with the Demons.

“The one with the scars,” Winter said as she pointed at the man who had killed the cult’s leader. “That’s Ember’s brother. If he lives, he will try to kill her.”

“Got it,” Bishop said with a nod, “kill the brother.”

“We’re on it,” Marry-Beth said.

The demons screeched, and everyone hollered as they ran at each other.

The Dragons swooped down and grabbed cult members. As they tore apart their bodies, they blew flames at the Demons, causing no damage.

“They’re from the pits of hell!” Sharissa hollered. “Not even Dragon’s fire will hurt them!”

“What do we do?” Lyvia asked.

A screech of pain had everyone turning to the Demons. They were covered in a blue flame.

“Another one!” A small voice from above hollered.

Everyone looked up and sucked in shocked breaths.

“Down there!” Ruby hollered as she made a ball of ice. She threw the ball of ice and laughed as Keon lit is with his flame. When the blue flames hit the Demons, they screamed in agony.

“Ruby!” Pearl screamed when she saw her daughter.

“Is that Keon carrying her?” Shar asked as she watched the small Dragon swoop down as Ruby created another ball and threw it at the Demons.

The small black and red Dragon had hold of Ruby by the armpits as they continued to create the blue flames.

“Keon!” Bridget hollered when she saw her son and Ruby.

“How did he hatch already? It’s too soon,” Zephyrus said as he watched his son with the little witch, who happened to be his Fated Mate.

“I don’t know, but look what they’re creating,” Bridget said as she watched them throw another blue flame at the Demons.

“Of course,” Zephyrus said with a laugh. “Fire and Ice!”

“I have an idea,” Bridget said as she swooped down to their fellow Fated Mates and lifted Pearl into the air.

“Bridget! What are you doing with my mate?!” Dylan hollered as he watched the Dragon fly into the sky with Pearl.

“Brilliant,” Zephyrus said with a chuckle.

The Fated Mates watched as the green and gold Dragon swooped down and picked up Kota.

“What the fuck?” Kota asked as he looked up at the Dragon.

“Can you create a ball of ice?” Zephyrus asked the half Demon.

“Of course, I can,” Kota grumbled.

“Good. Then create a massive one, because we’re burning down those Demons.”

Kota looked at the Demons who were being taken out by blue flames, then looked over at his niece who was throwing ice, and her Dragon was catching them on fire.

Kota chuckled, “smart kids.”

“Yes, very,” Zephyrus said.

The three Dragons holding their Witches, faced the Demons who were still trying to attack the Fated mates.

“Ready?!” Bridget hollered.

“Ready!” Ruby shouted back.

Pearl chuckled. Her daughter is so smart, and her Dragon is adorable.

“Fire!” Zephyrus hollered.

Pearl, Kota, and Ruby created their ice balls and threw them at the Demons. Bridget, Zephyrus, and Keon blew their flames at the balls of ice, creating the blue flames that ignited the Demons.

“Again!” Ruby hollered.

Pearl chuckled as she created another ball of ice.

“It’s working,” Shar said as she watched the three Dragons and Witches.

The Demons fell to the ground, the flames licking at their corpses.


The earth and sky shook, and everyone turned to find Lucifer standing behind them.

The Dragons swooped down and let their passengers go, then shifted into their human form. Keon set Ruby in front of her mother, then flew over to his parents and perched on his mother’s shoulder.

“Keon,” Bridget said as she slid her hand down her son’s back.

“You’re a bit early,. son,” Zephyrus said as he tapped his son’s head.

“That’s my fault,” Ruby said as her father lifted her into his arms, “I was scared for you guys and was talking to him about it, and he started hatching.”

“We will have a talk about this later,” Pearl said as she touched her daughter’s arm.

“I want what I came here for,” Lucifer said, bringing everyone’s attention back to him.

“You won’t be getting it from us,” Dustin said as he took a step towards the Devil.

Lucifer snorted, “give me what I came here for, and you all will live.”

“No,” everyone said at the same time.

“No matter what, he can’t have us,” Pearl whispered, “I know what he wants.”

“What does he want?” Daryl whispered.

“To go home,” Cael said.

“But it won’t be a friendly homecoming,” Pearl hissed.

“Why does he need you and Linkin?” Daryl asked.

“Because she’s a child of light,” Cael said.

Pearl looked at him. “How did you know?”

Cael chuckled, “half Angel,” he said as he pointed to himself.

“What does the child of light do for him?” Dustin asked.

Cael looked at Dustin. “She and the black-eyed child are the only ones who can find what he’s looking for.”

“What is he looking for?” Dylan growled.

“Something so powerful, God had to hide it,” Dustin reminded them.

“But what is it?” Dylan asked again.

“Don’t,” Pearl said as she laid her hand on her mate’s arm, “just trust me, he can’t have it.”

“She’s right,” Cael said, “if Lucifer gets his hands on it, you can say goodbye to everything Supernatural, and non-Supernatural.”

“It will be the end of the world as we know it,” Pearl whispered.

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