His Lone Mate

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Chapter 1

Emery's Point. Of. View

Pain. Pain is the only thing that I have ever felt.

Since my parents died, I was quickly demoted to an omega, and well since then the real pain came rolling in. I'm beaten all the time. I don't think of myself as a werewolf anymore, just a mere human punching bag.

Yes. You heard me right. Human, I'm human. Why might you ask? My pack had appointed a witch to tear my wolf from my human form. Before leaving the witch said that I'd only get my wolf back if I found a mate who loves me. When she finished the whole pack was laughing and she scoffed saying that that would never happen.

As if the physical pain wasn't enough, they hurt me as much as they can mentally as well.

So, basically my life has no goals. What's the point? I mean everyone else my age has real stuff to worry about, like finding their mates, shifting and pack training. But the things I have to worry about is making the pack's food, making sure I'm not angering anyone, and whenever other packs visit I have to stay like a shadow- I can't even meet other packs. Which should just show you that my life has no meaning.

My pack, the worst one ever by the way, has already brutally taken me off of the path of pack training. Who am I to complain though? I mean my situation is pretty bad but it could be worse right?

Most people don't get fed. I'm lucky enough to get a few crumbs every two weeks. I now know not to ever try and sneak food, the last time I tried to, I ended up with three broken ribs, fractured both my arms and very nearly suffered brain damage. Still though, that's not it, I turned 16 a long time ago and still have no mate.

I'm now 19 with no mate. This can not go on for much longer. I have decided to run away.

Maybe then I will get a life that I deserve.

I created a quick and fool proof plan in my head and smirked to myself. By tomorrow morning I would be long gone.

As I smirked, the pack slut Cassie and her new boy toy- the packs beta, walked by.

"Ew, what is that loser smiling at?" She said as she slammed my head into the wall three times. "Slut can't even fight back", Cassie added as her boyfriend kicked me. Before leaving, they laughed at the sight of me laying on the ground with blood dripping down the side of my face.

Sighing, I limped down the stairs to the servants quarter. Well it wasn't exactly a servants quarter as I was the only one unfortunate enough to live there. All the other maids had been moved up to the middle floor with the pack warriors.

Grabbing a dirty, greasy handkerchief (which is one of the only things I have by the way) I got started on cleaning my wound. Now all I had to do was pack things, which wouldn't be a hard job as I only owned a dirty, worn down handkerchief, I did at one point own more, but Cassie had taken all of them from me. But, now that I was leaving, I didn't need to worry if I took something extra, right? With an evil grin on my face I walked upstairs. Everyone was out clubbing as it was a Friday night -so I had nothing to worry about, as in someone catching me would be highly unlikely. I walked upstairs to Cassie's bedroom.

No, I was not going to take her clothes that could fit four year olds, I was going to get my rightful belongings back. I'm sure she had them somewhere inside her room. I reach her room and surprisingly the door was unlocked. "Yes!"

I thought to myself, this was the best part of today.

I check her closet but she didn't have anything. Who would Cassie have given them to? Gasping, I realised that Cassie would've given them to the new Luna- Luna Layla, who by the way is a total gold digger. Our old Luna Amor had died when she was pregnant due to a pack attack.

Our pack had bad blood with the East Woods pack. The East Woods pack was the one that had planned an attack on our pack- The Moonlight pack, and had killed the Luna. Layla was just a wh*re who wanted to take Amor's place as Luna since the very day she was declared Luna. So now that Layla had become Luna, she made the most of it.

I groaned in annoyance, now I'd have to go all the way upstairs to the Alpha's room- as he and the Luna shared a room. Upon getting there, I quickly went in (yes her room was unlocked as well- guess she doesn't have a functioning brain either) and opened her walk-in-wardrobe door. At the very end of it, I found an old dust-covered suitcase. Bingo, I thought to myself. Opening it to make sure it was mine, I rummaged around and sure enough it was my belongings.

Deciding to snoot around further, I found a letter. Now this is high class snooping I thought as a huge grin overtook me. Surprisingly, the letter had my name on it. "Huh?" I thought. Why is my name on it?

Reading further I realised that my pack was going to sell me to a pack- The Valdus Pack. Which by the way is the second worst pack-after ours of course.

"Why me though?" I silently thought to myself wiping away an invisible tear, I was on the verge of tears after finding out about this anyway.

As I was wallowing in self-pity and despair, my mind registered voices coming closer until they were in the room.

"Ok I will do it, but you can NOT tell of this to anyone else, ok?" It sounded an awful lot like Luna Layla.

"Ok, whatever, hurry it up then" said... the pack beta? But wasn't he with Cassie??

Staring out through the cracks in the door, I realised that it was indeed the Pack's Beta and the Luna- and they were about to have sex!

"Shit!" I thought to myself- talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

"Wait" whispered Layla "Alpha is probably going to be back soon, shouldn't we do this outside in a Motel or something?"

"Good point, but we have to be back before Cassie comes back with the others from clubbing, or they'll find out." Gritted out the Pack's Beta who was clearly pissed off by the whole ordeal.

"Huh", I thought "She has a functioning brain" I scoffed, thinking of all the times they underestimated me.

As they left I breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Phew", I breathed. Realising that I have to get out before midnight, I grabbed the case, shoved the letter in it and began walking out from the back door.

This was it. I was finally going to get a life that I deserve. Instead of being beaten for most of the life that I knew as mine, I was going to escape from it all.

I had been walking for hours now, being especially careful not to crunch on any leaves as it was Autumn and the leaves were scattered all around. It was hard though, resisting the temptations of stepping on just one and hearing that ear-filling crunch.

I was a new person. I no longer felt as if there was a heavy burden on my shoulders that I had to carry on my own, my heart felt lighter and the air seemed amazingly fresher. I finally felt alive, finally I felt as if I was my own- not being owned or abused by anyone anymore.

I sighed dreamily thinking of plans for my future when I ran in to a brick wall. A breathing brick wall??

I had only been on the run for a few hours and unknowingly had crossed into another pack's territory. "Shit", I thought, so much for being free.

"What are you doing here?" He managed to let out. He had the body of a Greek god and had sharp features, from the aura of power around him I'd guess that he's probably a Beta or Gamma/Delta- those were my closest bets anyway.

Then his eyes glazed over. He was mind linking-probably with the Alpha of the pack. I was officially screwed.

While he was mind linking, I decided to jump to my defence. "Y-you see... this is a-all a m-mistake...just l-let me go and I w-won't tell anyone of th-this..." I begged, fearing my life in that moment.

Suddenly, another wolf came running, he quickly shifted and handed him a cloth.

I blushed and looked away from his manhood that he was proudly presenting.

"Thank you Hunter, that's enough. Go back to Alpha now." Said the guy I'm guessing is Beta.

"Ok, but dayumn, she's a hot one Adrian-if you don't tap that imma tap it..." Whispered Hunter to whom I now know to be Adrian. He then ran off, as if he hadn't just said something utterly perverted.

"Great". I thought, a pervert is just what I needed right now.

If it was possible, I blushed even more. Hunter wasn't exactly the best at whispering, I had gathered. Even though Hunter was no doubt a perv, no male had ever been interested in me before- simply because I am too ugly.

Adrian stalked over to me and crammed the cloth against both my mouth and nose. I struggled but he held me tight. Realising that I was trapped, I stupidly took a panicky breath and began to fall into a pit of nothingness.

Just before I slipped into the darkness, I managed to look up and saw an Abercrombie and Fitch model like man, next to Adrian. He had ocean blue eyes, and tan skin.

A worried look was plastered on his face, and every sliver of life in me wanted to wipe that frown off of his face.

As I stared up at him, just one word rang through my head. A small four letter word, but a word that I, to this day dread, and have dreaded.


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