His Lone Mate

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Chapter 2

Many people have cute, romantic stories of how they come to after being drugged by a stupidly sexy werewolf.

There's the; 'I woke up on a huge fluffy bed'

Or the classic; 'A heavy arm was draped across my waist'

Or even; 'I woke up to the feel of someone caressing my cheeks'.

Yeah? Well not me. DEFINITELY not me. I am probably the only human in existence to wake up to an upside down asscrack. Literally the CRACK of dawn.

"AHHH WHAT THE FŪCK!" When reality set, I realised my position on the handsome Adonis. I was hanging over his back.

And. His. Butt. Was. In. My. Face.

Ok well maybe not IN in but still! My face could've practically been cleansing his arse clean with our close proximity!

So I tapped that bootay.

"OUCH! What'd you do that for?", a startled Greek god shrieked as I was pulled up and brought face to face to him (ok not face to face just one teensy meensy foot smaller then him. Oh who am I kidding he's a giant).

"Woah you have like an actual jawline..." being the idiot that I am I reached up to trace his jawline, and was startled when he started leaning into my touch. I can't help but feel so jittery in his presence.

I looked up from my eyelashes to see curios eyes looking into mine.


"No" I repeated, as if I were Caesar from the rise of the planet of the apes.

His eyes twinkled with..mischief? Seriously though, what's up with this guy?

"My bum? Why did you slap my bum?" He asked calmly, yet I could see him trying to hide his laughter at the sentences he formed.

"ExCUSE you! You are so much taller than me which means you could've held me normally. But nooo, you just like dangling both my feet around your neck and leaving my poor face literally WITHIN your ass!" I huffed. Who did this guy think he was?

Besides, I didn't have time for his bullshit. Now that he had put me on the ground, all I had to do is find my shite and I was outta here.

His eyes glazed over.. almost as if he was mindlinking someone? I noticed that this was the same wolf who called me mate. Well..that explains a lot. The fact that my wolf was taken from me meant that it was hard for me to tell if I had a mate- for example I can't smell them out, I can't sense their presence, and I basically can't do a single thing that any normal wolf can do when they find their mate.

But that's alright. Because I'm not worthy of a mate. I have no clue as to why I suddenly became so confident around this guy. I mean, I don't even know him. Maybe he was right when he called me his mate...?

HA! As if! Just take one look at him Emery, he's literally perfection and then look at yourself; a waste. An actual waste of life. Besides, he seems powerful and is probably the Alpha from the way the others were treating him. And then there's me. An omega.

No matter what anyone says, an alpha and an omega pairing NEVER works. And all anyone's EVER said to me is how I'm too ugly for a mate. They're right. Layla was right, flippin Cassie and all her one night stands that beat me were right. I'm way too ugly for a mate. Pfft, and then there's me right now, conversing with this so called mate of mine in such a confident matter, as if I've been doing this shît with my eyes closed all these years.

"EEK!" I screamed and fell on my backside for probably like the billionth time today.

'Now where did this tree come from?', I thought to myself as I grimaced whilst lying on the floor and reminiscing about all the times I've been pushed to the floor- either by others' beatings, or my own clumsiness.

A strong, veiny arm pulled me up, and out of my thoughts into a strong, muscled and... naked chest?

"Ew! How are you still naked!?" I shrieked at my apparent mate. "You weren't even naked when your bîtch drugged me!" I continued shrieking, somehow actually expressing my feelings in the form of anger- something that I had not done for years.

"I had to shift to get us to the pack house faster, gülüm".

Every hair on my arm stood erect at his amazingly abyssal voice.

"And he was my Beta, Adrian". All he had to do was open his beautiful mouth and unleash a few, mere words for me to have goosebumps.

"...at the pack house", he finished as I was shaken back to reality. We were walking, and a grand mansion blessed my sights. My old pack house didn't have a scratch on this place!

It definitely looked like all the royals in the world made a collab house and this. Was. It.

I turned to face the leader of the pack that lived in this planet of a house, ready to explain that I could not live with him and he's probably wrong about me being his mate since I was clearly very mismatched for him.

"Umm.. listen dude..", I began, unsure of how to tell him he was way out of my league, and that he deserved someone who could actually be a Luna, not a little weakling like me- who was bullied by her own pack for years.

"You deserve someone better than me. Someone who can actually step up to the role of a Luna, and do your pack proud. Consumnating the mate bond with me would just be outright idiotic and disastrous, which is why, I, Emery Konrad-"

"DON'T you dare finish that sentence", came a husky yet furious growl.

"Do you know how long I've waited for a mate? Have you any idea what torture I have been through? I have been searching for you since I was 16. 16 goddamnit! And for what? For my mate to stand in front of me and moan about how she can't be my mate, and try to reject me?" He was seething at this point.

After every sentence he spoke, his growls got louder and all I could do was stand there and shiver under his icy glare.

"Look, I didn't mean it like that, I just can't be your mate. I mean look at you!" I tried to emphasise my point after seeing a (sexy) pout appear on his (even sexier) face.

"Why, what's wrong with me? Am I not good enough for you?" He growled in a feral voice, taking a step closer to me with each word.

"No! No no no! It's not you! It's me! Look at me! And then look at you, you're, you're perfect! And then there's me, an omega -not even by birth or anything, it's just because I'm the weak link of the pack and come on we all know that an Alpha and an Omega does NOT work out?!" I huffed, sure I didn't want to leave my mate like this, but I had no choice- I don't even have a Wolf for the Moon Goddess' sake!

You tell me, how is a werewolf with NO wolf supposed to act all happy family with her mate, when the biggest thing that unites mates is their wolves?!

The unnamed Adonis closed the distance between us, and kept doing so until my back was pressed up against a tree (which, if you ask me, was really itchy and hurt my butt).

His eyes were glazed over as he took in every part of me. At first, I dismissed his primal gaze, thinking it was probably his wolf. But now that it's probably been a good ten minutes, I decided to wake his pervy wolf up. I'm a busy woman too, ya know, and there's no reason as to why his wolf should keep me waiting even after I've expressed that I don't. Want. A. Mate.

"Hello? You there?" I waved my hand in front of his face, in a feeble attempt to pull him out of his daydream- which was to no avail, sadly.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, when I had realised that his wolf was taking his sweet, sweet time, in checking my out from head to toe.

Taking a sarcastic yawn, I pushed the still unnamed hunk (gosh I really need to know what his name is, all these descriptions instead of an actual name are getting weird now), away from me, and sashayed through the forest, flipping the bird at him, too.

Sadly, I barely made it two steps away from him, when he grabbed me by my neck, and smushed his lips against mine.

How the heck does one kiss? Welp, I would ask you for help, but I was kind of occupied in the sense that a shirtless guy (whose name I don't even know), in the middle of a forest which was probably further in the middle of nowhere, had his lips dancing against my poor, unexpecting, virgin lips.

I stood, as stiff as as the unnamed guys hard-on, in fact, it was when he groped my back that I gasped, and he, of course, took that as a chance to shove his tongue down my throat.

As our tongues battled for dominance, the muscled a- ,oh for Moon Goddess' sake, what was his darned name?

Not taking the anonymity surrounding this beasts name, I broke the enchanting spell, smacked his rock-hard chest (which, by the way, really hurt my poor fist) and flared at him.

"What was that for?!" He growled, his eyes glaring into mine with a feral gaze.

"What the heck is your name? Oh my crispy cinnamon, I don't even know your NAME?? And I just kissed you? Not to me-"

"Lorenzo", he whispered in a husky voice that made my knees weak, as he continued to pepper kisses from my temple down to my cheeks and my neck.

"W-what are you doing?" I stuttered, the mate bond controlling me completely.

"Whatever you're feeling right now, is the mate bond", he paused to grind himself on me,

"Only I can make you feel this way", as if he was chanting a spell onto me, I was under a deep trance, lost in his exuberant eyes.

Suddenly he pulled away and his eyes glazed over. Mind link. He was mind linking someone.

Using this time to check him out, I took my time in lusting over him from head to toe.

He had a luscious head of wavey brown curls, sun kissed skin, perfect pink pouty lips, a straight nose, and his best feature were his eyes. Eyes that I could lose myself in. And I wouldn't mind. All in all, he looked as if he had been carved by the Goddess herself.

Which was in a way true, as the Moon Goddess created all werewolves. Then again she created me- a hideous creature. But Lorenzo. The Moon Goddess clearly had favourites, and Lorenzo was a painstakingly handsome reminder of that.

What happened next was nothing short of a blur. One second I was peacefully standing and praising the Goddess' beautiful creation, and the next I was chucked over something furry.

"Welcome to the Arcadio Pack. Our pack". Lorenzo spoke, with evident pride in his voice.

A muscled arm was wrapped around my waist, pulling me into the warmth of Lorenzos chest. My head was still spinning, but I was still in awe at the marvellous interior of Lorenzos Pack house.

Noticing every crystal in the chandelier, a screech brought me back to my senses.

"Enzo! You didn't tell me you had a sister!"

The sound of heels smacking the floor until an orange tanned, fake blonde, came and shoved me out of Lorenzos arms and hugged him.

I got up and ran. Distantly I could hear Lorenzo shout at the orange blonde. I didn't stop to listen. I ran back the way I came. Back into the forest.

They were all right. Why did I start believing I could ever have a mate?

My heart broke the more I thought about Lorenzos betrayal. My head was spinning and I shed tears blurred my vision. Great. Now I have tear streaks and a birds nest for hair.

"Mate! Come back mate!" Came Lorenzos bellowing voice. He was catching up.

In utter angst, I kept turning around to see how close Lorenzo was getting, forgetting to focus on the rocky path ahead of me instead.

An old tree trunk lay, blocking my path, trying to dodge it, my foot got stuck and I slammed my head on a rock. My life flashed before my eyes, if only I wasn't a clumsy idiot

This was like those moments in Tom & Jerry, where Tom gets bashed on the head and sees stars, because that's all I saw. Stars.

I groaned in pure pain as I saw Lorenzo nearing me in my peripheral vision.

Embracing the darkness with open arms, I slumped even further down the rock.

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