Demon Bride

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What will happen when one day suddenly a dashing man comes up to you and called you his bride? That happened to a young 19 years old Sunny, a pessimistic, down to earth boy who lives all his life in an orphanage. What will happen and will young Sunny be able to handle what fate thrown him into. Maxiim Nattapol x Bass Suradet x Lee Joon Ki A fanfic Vampireuniverse.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Lee Joong Ki as Dr. Joo Sang Jae

Dr. Joo’ s POV

The ER area was like a battlefield usually but strangely tonight it was eerily quiet as I scan the silent doorway that never seems to stay shut more than a few seconds day or night.

Shrugging my shoulders, I relish the moment which was like a Godsend to me. I haven’t had a decent sleep for more than 3 days now and it’s beginning to take a toll on me.

My body is screaming in pain and my movement is lethargic. How I wish I could just take 1 hour of shut-eye... no, just half an hour is heavenly to me but alas ... I sigh, the story of my life, pulling one side of my lips up cynically.

Slumping my body forward, my upper body splay on to the table I groan inwardly praying that there will be no surprises bashing through the door when suddenly the swoosh of the dreaded door opening reach my ears.

Dang it! I curse silently, so much for a peaceful night and drag my body upwards and grabbing my stethoscope into my hand. I stood turning to face the patient and gasp, eyes wide and mouth gaping open at the sight before me.

For a second I wasn’t sure whether I’m seeing a person or grotesque spirit trying to scare me. Covered in blood from head to foot the person swayed as he drags himself into the ER.

I heard shrills from a couple of nurses on duty and I came to my senses immediately and was about to bark orders when the person finally crash on to the floor.

The ER exploded into chaos and I forgot totally about my exhaustion as my adrenaline pumps my blood to take action. I remembered thinking, this is going to be a long night..

Third person POV:

The young man dragged himself with all his efforts and walked limping through the ER door. Cold air from the AC whipped his swollen face and made him staggered but he held himself with his last effort and called for help.

“” his voice hoarse with blood barely audible to anyone.

He saw a man gasp as he caught sight of him as his eyes widening in shock. The man who was covered in blood from head to foot swayed and finally collapsed to the floor.

The ER suddenly become chaotic as the man was lifted to a bed and pushed to the ER treatment area. The doctor was still barking orders when the patient was finally stripped and they stood transfixed at the sight of the man’s body.

“Everyone else leaves, Jun Young, you stay, the rest get out!” The doctor barked, his eyes never leaving the patient.

The nurses and other interns left quietly blinking in confusion. Dr. Kim Jun Young the intern gulped nervously but proceed in cleaning the blood that splattered all over the patient.

“What’s going on here, Doc J?” asked Dr. Kim. He cleansed the wounds in an automaton. Every area that he wiped clean revealed bite marks some shallow but most deep and drawing blood. He shivered unconsciously.

Dr. Joo too, felt the nape of his neck bristled, his eyes trailing the marks that flow from the patient’s lower cheeks down to his groin. He saw Dr. Kim’s hand stilled at the waist and looked at him for approval. Dr. Joo nodded and the intern removed the patient’s pants.

Dr. Kim’s hand shook as his sight caught the gushing of blood around the man’s rear. Dr. Joo frowned and swore below his breath as the intern wiped the area clean, he noticed, aside from blood there’s another substance, a transparent sticky-like liquid that came out along with the blood.

Sang Jae’s POV

Shit! I cursed feeling the goosebumps up both my arms as I deducted that this kid was raped and violently, too. I barked for him to be prep for surgery immediately.

Jun Young the intern ran to do my bidding as I looked down and covered the kid with a blanket.

I straighten my back and move out to prepare for the surgery when I stopped suddenly and sniff. I frowned and was about to turn back to the patient when the intern came to wheel the patient away.

I hurried to the surgery room to get ready, tossing something my mind tried to grasp to the center of my attention, aside to be mulled over later... I promised myself.

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