Night's Legend

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Join Jamie's and his friends listen to the story Night's Legend that Jamie's mom tells the boys.

Fantasy / Adventure
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On the side of a gravel path in the busy market place walking to Jamie's house "The guy came out of nowhere and then the last one of the survivers was gone"said the boy with brown hair and eyes and wore blue shirt and cargo shorts "Now that's how you tell a good story Jay".

Jay a kid with blonde hair blue eyes and wore blue shorts with a white long sleeved shirt sighed "seriously dude, I was just telling a story didn't have to go an make it a competition jack"

Jack chuckled "afraid to loose, how about you jam, you got a better story, knowing how Jack's story was you'll possibly come in second place next to me" jack chuckled again.

"Not funny Jack, but yeah while we're at it you have any cool stories Jamie" Jay put his arm around Jamie's shoulder.

Jamie had black fluffy hair with yellow an green eyes and black fox ears, and wore a black tank top with black jeans he was tanest out of all of them "Well I'm not one for the story's, but since we're going to my place maybe I can have mom tell us one of my favorite stories" Jamie's face lit up with a bright smile.

"So scared you'll lose gonna get mom to try an win for ya, sure why not it's not like she's gonna win against me" Jack laughed.

At Jamie's house the smell of potato soup filled the air when entering, what looked like an old grey house were on the inside the dark green walls an wood floor were the most colorful part of the house.

"Hey mom, were home I brought The J team too!" Jamie said taking his shoes off at the door.

"Hey jam's mom" Jack walked in an say on the couch, while the others took their shoes off and the say with Jack in the living room.

"Jamie's mom, Jamie told us on the way here that you knew a story that would put Jack's story to shame in this competition were having" Jamie's mom walked in an handed them bowels of the potato soup and sat down with them.

Azemen (Az-men) A woman with elf ears an curly short black hair wearing a black and white medevil gown smiled."Is that so we'll then I'm pretty sure I know which story he's talking about, prepare Jack for your story to be put shame" she then laughed maniacally.

"I didn't phrase it like that" Jamie mumbled under his breath "But yeah mom can you tell the story of aunty Night, please" Jamie's face lit up like a light bulb.

"Aunty Night... No offense dude but you have no aunt's named Night, I can already tell this a made up story" Jack smirked

"Shush Jack I'm trying to hear the story not you talking" Jay snuggled up in a black an purple blanket.

"Hey!" Jack said lying back in the chair secretly esthetic to hear the story "yes mother tell us this story" Jack said.

"Alright get comfortable because trust me this is gonna be a long* story" she coughed preparing her self for the story "Years ago when I was still in my hundreds..."

In a kingdom known as Veil (v-ale) there was man with hair as dark as shadows ears of a fox with red tips, wearing a white button up with a long coat and black jeans, one side of his torso an cheek coverd in blood, holding the body of the prince of Veil. Within a corridor of the castle body of knights, blood, an weapons coverd the floors. At the other end of the corridor stood a girl with torn clothes an broken armor around her chest an thighs the rest was a black suit with a hood, and black high boots, Hair long an dark purple like a bruise, eyes as red as blood, and glowing black light marking her skeleton visible even under the hood and black clothes.

"Your still alive after all the destruction I have caused to the tow--" before the man could finish his sentance she dissaperd in a foggy "what the--" the girl appeared behind him an pushed him half way a long the long corridor.

The man coughs "Impressive, I never wanted to do all this in the first place" a red circle with a upside down triangle in the middle appered and blue flames came shooting at the girl, and the prince, who got dropped, she was blown into the wall breaking it and breaking what was left of the armor, wounded and in pain she was unable to stand against him anymore. "Not once has someone been able to get me as injured as I am, You put up a good fight" The girl moved her head hissing at the pain to see him crouch down beside her" I'm very sorry for what I had to do for his sake, but... Maybe I could spare you after all you broke one of my arms cut my side an countless brusis I think you deserve some sympathy for being able to accomplish that" he smiled an grabed a bottle from his coat "did I hurt you so bad you can't talk well before I give you this the names Azray (Az-ray)" the girl looked at him

"N..ight, I-I will g-get you" barely breathing an the eye sight going blurry hoping they would remember their name for when Night' revenge would come.

"Night huh, defeater of my wyverns an dragons Slayer of thousands of my henchmen and magic users, maybe next time I'll give a fair fight instead of your energy getting drained next time" he then forced what was in the bottle down Night's throat and smashed the bottle in her face.

Back in the present times...

"Oh would you look at the time I think you boys should go home" Jamie's mom says with a smile.

"What!? There's no way thats all, what happened before all that, why did that happen, that seriously can't be all of the story that was just the ending of it!?" Jack said getting up out of his chair annoyed.

"That's were your wroung Jack, the story of Night's Legend has only begun" Jamie's mom said with a minacal smile.

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