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Anyone would think she'd been brought up with a pack of wolves, but no, she was a lone-wolf, a free spirit, an omega. Ivy Adams had been a werewolf since hours after her birth, her parents warning her year after year that she may change into this vicious, life-threatening monster. Then one year, she finally did.

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Ivy raced through Black Hollow’s woods, paws kissing the earth, so light as if though she was running on clouds. The rush of wind whistling past her ears, leaves crunching beneath her as she kept up a perfect sprint. Not a single flaw in her movement. Ivy’s piercing icy blue orbs solely focused on the woodlands surrounding her. Her thick dove-gray coat glossy in the early morning sunrise, darting past the trees so swiftly following the instincts of the animal inside her. Being a smaller wolf had its perks, she was quicker than most, skilled in each movement she took.

Anyone would think she’d been brought up with a pack of wolves, but no, she was a lone-wolf, a free spirit, an omega.

Since before she could even remember, Ivy’s parents warned her of a creature that lived within her. That one day it would take over, that she’d need learn to control it because if she didn’t a lot of people could die at her hands. It took years for them to tell her the real story. The trauma that came from that night had stuck with them forever, the haunting feeling that he’d come back for her always tormenting their thoughts. It had driven her mother off the edge, leaving both her and her father with only a mutter of a goodbye.

That was the night her father finally sat her down and told her what she’d been asking since she was seven. Ivy recalled how nervous he’d been, picking anxiously at his nails. She’d only been twelve at the time.

“A monster had slipped into the hospital the night you were born, we were told he was looking for a child,” He’d told her, “That child...happened to be you, before we even knew it was you he held in his arms, he bit you. With the help of a few others, I managed to get you back before he could leave, but it was too late.”

He’d gone on to tell her that the bite had carried something special. Although her mother told her it was a monster, her father assured it was something beautiful just so long as she took the reins. So that was exactly what she did, with help from her father. Ivy tamed the animal within her, only having a handful of hiccups along the way, but learning each from every mistake.

Ivy flashed through memories of her human form, rehearsing each feature of herself in her head. The glimmer of her golden locks, the deep chocolate brown of her eyes, the freckles speckled over her face. Before she could even finish her trail of thoughts, a warmth ran through her body, her hand finding itself submerged in fallen autumn leaves. Ivy smiled to herself.

“Nailed it.”

The blonde rose to her feet, eyes searching for the backpack that contained her clothes. She knew it was somewhere around here, god forbid she was caught standing naked in the woods. She hadn’t even attended her first day of college yet. A familiar sound erupted from somewhere behind her, snatching the girls attention, rushing to answer her phone that just so happened to be buried beneath her clothes.

Finally finding it, Ivy held it to her ear, pressing it against her shoulder as she slipped her underwear on.

“Hey, dad.”

“I came to make sure you were up for your first day, only to find you weren’t there.” Her father spoke sternly. Ivy screwed up her face as she yanked on her pants, cursing beneath her breath as she stumbled, almost falling.

“Yeah, uh, sorry about that. I forgot to write a note,” Ivy apologised, excitement filling her expression as she continued, “But, you’re totally the person I wanted to speak to, I just beat my record. I’ve never shifted back that fast before.”

Ivy heard the joyful sound of her father's chuckle down the phone, “Well I’m proud of you, kiddo. But your class starts in less than half an hour, don’t let those artistic skills go to waste, ay?”

Shrugging her denim jacket over her shoulders, the young girl smiled. Knowing her dad just wanted her to embrace her talents, do what made her happy and he knew she’d been thrilled when she found out Black Hollow College had an art programme. Thankfully, he’d always kept her a college fund, wanting her to have a better education than he had.

“Don’t worry, I won’t have a repeat of last year.” Ivy tried to assure him, knowing he was concerned she’d skive off her classes again. “I mean it, I’m more than excited to start this new college. Maybe I’ll actually meet some decent people for once.”

“Hm, I should hope so. I don’t want phone calls telling me you’ve been missing days. You can’t spend all your time living your wolf side, revel in your human side.” Her dad lectured, she could picture the intent look on his face as he spoke. “Meet friends, get drunk, kiss a girl or two. Use protection. Live a little.”

“Ha-ha, very funny.” Ivy retorted sarcastically, she knew he was just toying with her. “Pretty sure you’re supposed to be telling me to do the

opposite of that, dad.”

“I’d be deadly serious about the ‘use protection’ part if you were straight,” Ivy could feel his smirk through the phone, shaking her head lightly.

“You’re so weird,” Ivy said as she let out an amused laugh, “See you later.”

With that, the werewolf tucked her phone in her back pocket, her brown eyes finding a rather odd shaped building before her. It looked exactly as it did on the leaflet she’d been handed when she moved to Black Hollow, it was a surprise such a small town could afford such a modern building. The blonde had been too concentrated on the college rather than the people around her, that she hadn’t noticed the girl that had somehow appeared beside her, clipboard in hand.

“Remarkable, isn’t it?”

Ivy couldn’t help but jump, eyes wide as her heart raced from shock, gaping at the girl as though she was crazy. The slim, dark skinned woman startling in unison, an apologetic look forming on her face instantly when she realised she’d scared her.

“I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed quickly, hands reaching for Ivy. “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just saw you staring and thought I’d join you.”

Ivy allowed her heart to return to its usual pace, smiling kindly at the stranger beside her. “It’s actually cooler than most of the buildings in Brooklyn.”

The girl's eyes appeared to sparkle at the mention of her previous home, an excited squeal leaving her mouth. “Oh my god, you’re the new girl?”

“I prefer to go by Ivy, but yeah, I just moved here.”

The taller girl extended a hand for her to shake, shoving her clipboard beneath her arm. “Zara Fisher, how about I show you around?”

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