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For a building so big, the tour had only lasted an hour. Zara having chattered excitingly the whole time, shooting a million questions and more Ivy’s way. The brunette wanting to know all of the juicy details of living in Brooklyn, what her high school was like, the shopping centres, the boys. Not that Ivy knew a lot about boys, sure, they could be cute, but her focus had mostly been on the girl’s. Much to Zara’s disappointment.

Zara’s tour concluded when the pair returned to the office, knowing Ivy would have to collect her timetable from there. Her new friend had told her usually the principal was the one to give the tours, explain the itinerary, take them to the form rooms and classes. But it turns out Ivy decided to enrol the one time the guy was out of town.

“So, I’ll catch you at lunch. You remember where the cafeteria is, right?”

Ivy thought for a moment, retracing her steps before smiling with a curt nod. “Yeah, second floor, on the east side.”

With that the brunette smiled happily, clearly thrilled to have made a new friend on the campus, tossing a wave to Ivy before she spun around on her heels, heading to her form. Ivy pushed through the office doors, spotting a towering blonde, with cute short waves laughing away with who appeared to be the receptionist. Ivy cleared her throat, making her presence known to the two women, unsure how else to grab their attention.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I just came to collect my timetable.” Ivy explained, glancing between the blue eyed woman and the girl behind the glass.

Since the moment she’d stepped into the room, there was a certain scent that for whatever reason lingered up her nose - tickling, giving her the excessive need to sneeze - her eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as she looked at the two women.

“Do you guys have some pollen in here or something? My nose is going crazy.” Ivy huffed, it was rare she ever had issues with her nose. She was a wolf for god’s sake, it was one of her greatest senses, if she was allergic to something she’d have sensed it a long time ago.

The blonde appeared to narrow her eyes at the girl, giving Ivy a once-over; before the woman took up whatever paper had been lying on the counter and turned to face the new student.

“I’m Blake Harrison, I’m assuming you’re Ivy Adams?”

As the woman got closer, the scent seemed to get stronger. The smell was rather earthy, much like her own scent when she was in wolf form, but that could only be coincidence, right? Ivy only nodded, trying her best to ignore the burning sensation in her nose. She didn’t want them to assume she needed to go home already.

“I was called down here to come and collect you, you’re joining the art programme, is that correct?” The woman asked, glancing down at the paper in her hands, before holding it out to Ivy. “Here’s your timetable, I’ll show you to our classroom.”

Ivy arched a brow, “Our?”

Miss Harrison simply smiled, “Yes, Ivy. I will be both your art and form tutor.”

“Oh,” Was all Ivy responded, she guessed it made sense as out of all the professors that could’ve been called to the office, they’d chosen the art one. “Cool...have you been working here long?”

“For more years than I can count,” Ivy didn’t miss the slight edge in the woman’s voice, as though she was wary of her. The young blonde decided to shake it off, assuming it was because they hadn’t had a new girl in a while. “I’d recognise that accent anywhere, Brooklyn or Long Island?”

A light laugh escaped Ivy’s lips, “Brooklyn, I’m guessing you’ve visited before?”

The woman seemed to pause before she replied, thinking over her answer. “Only a couple of times, personal reasons. Why did you decide to move to Black Hallow? Did any of your relatives live here a long time ago?”

Ivy couldn’t help but feel this was turning into some weird interrogation, what with all these questions being thrown her way. Of course, it was expected, being the new girl from a big city but something felt off about this woman asking questions. Especially her scent, it was like no other humans she’d smelt before.

“My father told me he used to visit his grandpa here, other than that, your guess is as good as mine. We needed a fresh start, this is where we’re going to find one.” Ivy answered truthfully, she didn’t see what harm telling her she had a great grandfather that lived here once could do.

That seemed to be the last question the woman had wanted to ask, the pair walking in silence until they stopped outside a door on the third floor. The art room. Blake held open the door for the blonde, gesturing her to head inside. The second she entered the room, she felt all eyes trained on her. Ivy fought through the awkwardness, glancing up to her professor, awaiting instructions on what to do next.

“Please, take a seat,” Miss Harrison smiled kindly, Ivy’s eyes skimming the room deciding to take a seat beside a cute blonde, offering the girl a friendly smile. Which appeared to be happily returned. “Today we have a new student joining us, Ivy Adams.”

Mutters seemed to erupt in the rather large classroom, people clearly intrigued to have a new girl. Ivy shrunk into her seat, dropping her bag beside her, she felt like an alien. This was why she avoided school in the first place. People were too immature not to gossip for once.

“Now collect your art supplies, watercolours are our focus today,” The blonde announced, silencing the chatter in the room.

The students shuffling quickly to get whatever was needed, Ivy felt a little lost, she didn’t know she had to bring her own supplies. Her cheeks heating up as she readied to raise her hand and embarrass herself further, she hated being the center of attention; but before she could lift her arm, a hand brushed her forearm. Ivy’s earthy brown eyes meeting a pair of sapphire blue eyes, and a pearly smile.

“You can share mine, I always bring spare.”

The girls modulated voice matched her appearance perfectly, the loose blonde curls perfectly resting on her shoulders, the bright eyes, glowing skin. A perfect voice for a seemingly perfect girl. Ivy flashed her usual charming smile, the girl surprisingly confident when it came to girls.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Ivy noticed the blonde bow her head, hiding a blush that appeared along her cheeks. “I’m surprised there was a space beside you, don’t boys usually trample over one another to sit next to you?”

The girl dipped her paintbrush in the cup of murky water, before gently brushing it over a deep forest colour. Ivy watching as she delicately ran it along her canvas, the beautiful girl spared her a quick glance before letting out a fruity laugh.

“No, I mean, I wish.” Her eyes fell back on Ivy, “But I’m just as happy with a hot girl finding themselves beside me.”

Without realising Ivy had raised an eyebrow, a smirk twitching on the corner of her lips. Enjoying the fact she wasn’t the only out lgbtq+ girl in the class, like she had been in her last school. Ivy glanced cautiously to Blake who was busy assisting another student, she wasn’t sure how to feel about her yet. The blonde started on her own canvas, tracing a sketch of a wolf. It was cliché to draw herself, but over the years she’d almost perfected her skills on drawing animals. She’d been up close with a lot of wildlife, not to hunt, simply to admire. So jotting down the details was easy for her.

She’d decided on drawing a captivating piece, a wolf alone in the dark woods, with only the glow of fireflies as light. Ivy knew she shouldn’t but she added the glow of blue to the wolf’s eyes. She wanted it to be personal, so that’s what she would make it.

A light gasp broke her from her trance, she’d been so fixated on her work that she hadn’t noticed Blake and the girl beside her gawking in awe at her work.

“It’s so beautiful, Ivy.” The young blonde had complimented, leaning so closely to Ivy that when she turned to thank the girl they almost bumped noses. Heat rushing along her new friends face once more.

“You’re right, Isla. It’s truly something. Well done, Ivy. I can’t wait to see the finished piece.” Miss Harrison chimed in, placing a hand on her shoulder before leaving to move onto the next student.

“So, that’s your name? Isla?” Ivy asked softly, as Isla nodded shyly, not meeting Ivy’s eyes.

“It was my mother’s choice.”

“Well, she has a great taste in names.” Ivy observed, with a quiet murmur of a ‘thank you’ the two fell back into their work.

The brown eyed girl let out a content sigh, her first day happened to be going surprisingly well. She mentally thanked her father for encouraging her to attend, she didn’t regret being here one bit. Unlike in Brooklyn, Ivy already felt somewhat welcome.

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