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Throughout the maze of confusing hallways, Ivy managed to stumble her way into the dining hall. The tablets jotted around the hall were filled with students, Ivy didn’t recognise any of them. She couldn’t fight the awkwardness that seemed to creep along her skin as she felt dozens of eyes on her, cons of being the new girl. The blonde started towards an empty table in the corner when she felt a hand land on her shoulder, pulling her attention to whomever had decided to approach her. Ivy was met with a familiar smile, and warm brown eyes.

“Zara,” Ivy spoke in relief, the heavy tension of being alone, suddenly lifted. “I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up.”

“Are you kidding? Missing lunch with you, please. I don’t even like half of the people here. You’re the most interesting person in this room.” The brunette shoved her shoulder playfully, the blonde letting out a light laugh. “How was your first class?”

“It actually went pretty well...I actually kind of love it here already.” Ivy answered truthfully, she wasn’t sure what to expect this morning. But it turned out to be the best educated experience she’d ever experienced in her short life.

“I wish I was as enthusiastic as you, I need some excitement in my boring life,” Zara muttered in defeat, eyes seemingly searching the room when she paused, eyes focused on one person. “Uh, is that Isla Moore waving to you?”

Ivy’s eyes broke its gaze on Zara to find that Isla was in fact waving enthusiastically in her direction, the blonde shot a curt wave back.

“It appears so, she’s in my art class.” Ivy shrugged, not really understanding why Zara was so baffled.

“She wants you to go over.”

Ivy’s eyebrows furrowed, unsure how Zara could know that, “What?”

Zara took a hold of Ivy’s shoulders, twisting her body back to face the radiant blonde. Only to find the girl gesturing for her to sit with her and two boys.

“Well...saves us finding a table to sit at.” Ivy murmured, heading towards the table of strangers awaiting her presence. Zara quick to her side.

“I’ve never known them to even want other people to sit with them, you must’ve really impressed her,” The brunette spoke, Ivy glanced over at the girl beside her, picking up on her sudden nerves. “At least Octavia isn’t there.”

The unique name appeared to grip in Ivy’s mind, suddenly feeling the urge to ask questions about this mysterious person. Zara clicked onto Ivy’s interest, shaking her head, eyes somewhat fearful.

“Believe me, Ivy. Octavia isn’t a girl you want to mess with, she doesn’t like anyone...except Isla and the others.” Zara informed her, her voice getting quieter as they got closer to the table, the two stopping before the beaming blonde and the two brown haired boys.

“I wondered where you go to!” Isla exclaimed in apparent happiness, patting the spare seats beside her, “Come, sit. This is Noah, my brother, and his boyfriend, Enzo.”

“Top of the mornin to ya.” The freckled faced boy, grinned charismatically in a thick Irish accent. His words caused Ivy to flash in a wave of confusion, glancing between Noah and Isla.


Both boys snickered in amusement, Isla’s brother doubling over with laughter as he shook her head, thrilled she’d fallen for it.

“I’m just messing with you, no. Unfortunately, I’m a fully fledged, skinny American dude.”

Ivy cracked a small smile, already being able to tell by the playful twinkle in the boys brown eyes, that he was going to be a fun person to know. Ivy’s eyes fell upon the boy sat closely beside him, even if she hadn’t been told that they were in a relationship. Ivy could tell. The way they leaned into one another, the loving smile Enzo seemed to shoot Noah’s way as he spoke. It was clear the two were happily in love.

The petite girl’s eyes scoured the spacious hall, her nose quickly picking up the savoury scent of the beef that almost caused her to drool. She could see the platters of desserts laid out, waiting for students to demolish their sweet taste. Just thinking of how it’d taste in her mouth, caused a rather embarrassingly loud rumble to erupt from her stomach. Ivy clutched her stomach with wide eyes, finding the amused looks of her newfound friends.

“Someone’s ready to devour a cow.” Enzo chuckled softly, his choice of words causing Ivy to raise a suspicious brow. But simply laughed back.

“I haven’t eaten since like five, this morning.” Ivy said truthfully, “And that was just a protein bar.”

“Ouch girl, how the hell have you made it through the day?” Zara empathised, “I can’t leave the house without eating at least a hundred and fifty calories.”

Noah cleared his throat, bringing the attention of everyone at the table to him. The messy haired boy focusing on Ivy and Zara.

“So, you must be Ivy, right?” The boy questioned, extending a hand in her direction. Ivy shook it in with a smile, side-glancing Isla.

“I guess someone’s mentioned my name already?”

Enzo perked up at that, “Well, not exactly, Isla said she could sm— ow!”

Zara and Ivy exchanged a look, it was as though the three held a secret and Enzo almost let it slip. The sharp nudge from his boyfriend was a quick note to shut up. Isla let out an uneasy, awkward laugh, continuing on from Enzo’s words.

“What he means, is uh, I told them I liked how you smelt…you know, you’re perfume.”

Ivy’s eyes narrowed slightly, she’d been rushing this morning - to get in her daily wolf training - that she’d hadn’t time to even think of putting on perfume. The girl shuffled in her seat, meeting Isla’s suddenly anxious eyes.

“That’s funny, because I’m not wearing any perfume today.” The blonde said it to almost catch Isla out, something within her telling her that this girl was more than she let on. She could feel it. There was something about her teacher, something about Isla…

As Isla’s mouth began searching for words that she couldn’t find, the five of them were rudely interrupted by a sixth.

“Who the fuck is this?”

Ivy’s eyes cast upon the striking raven haired woman that had approached the table, the girl had never seen green eyes that resembled such beauty and danger all at once, such thunder lying beneath those eyes. The dark haired girl daring to be reckoned with. Ivy could only assume it was Octavia, the girl Zara had warned her about. The tight leather jacket, some sort of band tee just managing to peek out, the skinny ripped black jeans and leather boots. All practically screamed elegance and power. Something that should feel intimidating to Ivy, but for whatever reason, drew her in.

Zara seemed to shrink out of fear, at the presence of the green eyed woman. Clearly uncomfortable, the brunette got to her feet, looking down at Ivy.

“That’s que for me to head to my next class, uh, I’ll see you later, Ivy.”

With Zara gone, it gave Octavia the chance to slide into the seat beside Ivy. Not bothering to spare her a glance, but looking furiously towards her friends. The girl slammed her tray heavily on the table like a child, not liking the fact that the others had welcomed someone new without asking first.

“Someone want to tell me what Blake thinks about this?”

“I spoke to her, she said it’s fine,” Isla spoke up, her eyes stern as she faced Octavia. Noah and Enzo now in their own conversation, as if not phased by Octavia’s appearance.

“Blake? As in Miss Harrison? Our art teacher?”

Octavia shot her a glare in annoyance, “So you’re in Isla’s class, explains how you wormed your way here.”

Anger began to bubble within Ivy, she didn’t know this girl, nor did the girl know her. Yet somehow Octavia was acting as though she was a villain in their story. The blonde clenched her fists, glowering at the annoyingly hot girl beside her.

“I didn’t worm my way anywhere.”

Octavia raised her eyebrows, surprised at the vexation of her words. But with a once-over, she returned her attention to her food, nudging her meat with her fork. Ivy released a heavy sigh, starving herself, she rose from the table, all eyes shifting back onto her again.

“I’m going to get some lunch, I get cranky when I’m hungry...clearly someone else does too.” Was all Ivy muttered before walking away.

Tension built back up as the mysterious, blonde haired stranger left. Octavia kicking shins of Enzo and Noah, pulling them from their chatter and snarling at them all. She was furious about not being informed of a new wolf in Black Hallow, sure she sensed something was off, something different in the town. But she didn’t know it was some quick witted blonde.

“What the fuck is going on? We haven’t allowed another wolf in this town since we lost Jacob.”

The three shared knowing glances, Octavia hadn’t mentioned Jacob in years. The girl would even shut down Blake at the mention of his name. The loss hit them hard, losing one of their own, someone so young, who was nothing but innocent. It would fuck up anyone’s trust. Ivy coming into their territory, spiraling into their life, leaving them with a million questions at once. Enzo shot a cautious look Ivy’s way, ensuring she was out of hearing range. The boys hand clutching Noah’s beneath the table, the boy kicking his sports bag between his legs.

“What if—don’t attack me for saying this, but what if she doesn’t know she’s a wolf?”

Silence clung to the air, it wasn’t impossible. Ivy hadn’t clocked on to the fact that they were wolves, and if she had, she hadn’t bothered mentioning it. Octavia frowned,

“How can a girl not know she’s a wolf? I mean, you find out whether you want to or not.” Octavia commented, jabbing her fork into her roast potato before popping it in her mouth.

“I know, it sounds crazy and totally makes no sense. But Blake said she didn’t recognise the scent of her wolf,” Isla informed them, “The girl muttered something about her allergies playing up.”

Noah let out a low laugh at that, finding it rather amusing that one of his own kind couldn’t scent another. In his lifetime, he’d only come across a handful of other wolves. Most rogues who’d wanted into their territory uninvited. They were a small pack, most of them young. But they weren’t ones to be reckoned with.

“She’s an omega, that’s for sure.” Octavia murmured beneath her breath.

“H-how do you know?” Isla stammered, bewildered as to how Octavia knew that information, but she didn’t.

Octavia’s glimmering colour of emerald eyes found Isla’s, the girl cocking a brow. “You can’t smell it? The scent of lone wolf practically lingers all over her.”

It was the first time they’d stumbled upon an omega, only hearing stories of wolves out there; alone, with no pack to protect them. They were known to be weak, defenseless, the lowest rank of the pack. But Blake had always told them a different story, that to be alone, to survive, fight and have lost so much. All of it makes an omega stronger. They may not be as mighty as an Alpha. But to belittle them to being the lowest, was nothing but cruel.

“An omega,” The blue eyed girl repeated, her voice just beneath a whisper. “That’s so cool.”

“She’s a threat.” Was all Octavia said before taking her tray of food between her hands, something layered beneath her tone. A hint of sadness, covered by annoyance. “I’ll see you guys at the house. Keep your guards up.”

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