Crimson Memories

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Ivory Moore having no memories of her past sets out on a journey to uproot her family tree, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Ivory now finds herself and another werewolf, an ancient one at that sharing the same body. She puts aside her own goals wanting her body back as soon as possible to pursue the breaking of the curse but that task proves to be a lot more difficult than it seems.

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Something was happening to me, Inside of me; to my body, my wolf, my mind. Three months ago I was out on patrol, securing the borders of my pack land. A necessity given all the murders that had been happening recently. It came as fast as lightning, as loud as thunder and as calm as a storm. It started with an instant jolt of pain to the head as though someone had cracked my skull open with an iron bar. Then zapped down my spine as though volts upon volts of electricity was surging through me. I was completely paralyzed by pain till the only feeling I could remember was a kind of burning coldness slowly penetrating my body. I could barely form a thought. But there were pictures, images of people.

People I've never met or maybe just people I don't remember.

Eventually someone came, another guard on patrol. At first they thought I was attacked but I had no bruises, I felt as though my bones were shattered but the x ray scan proved otherwise, physically I was as healthy as a twenty two year werewolf could be at the prime of my life - mentally I was....... wrong. That's what the pack psychiatrist had said... 'she's not just not normal! She's just .... just wrong!' It would be enough to weird anyone out I suppose, I was a part of the pack and yet not part of the pack. I chose who I allowed to link to me telepathically, I chose when I wanted to be reached and when I didn't. I chose to follow a direct command or not. I Chose.

The new Alpha had no idea what to do with me, he was young and naive, to be honest it was obvious to me he wasn't suited for the part. He was juvenile, prejudice, inexperienced and lacked the drive and commitment it took to run a pack. Unfortunately I wasn't born with the gift of 'biting my tongue', so of course he and I constantly got into it but he could never banish me. A benefit of having a Beta as your guardian. He who had found me wandering through the forest one night disoriented and memory less, I couldn't even remember my name, even up to this day anything that happened before then is still a mystery to me.

Sometimes I get dreams, flashes of places and people but they're gone before I could even try to make sense out of it. There's this one face that keeps popping back up time and time again, she's a brunette with brown earthy eyes, quite beautiful but she's always scowling. Since the accident that happened however I've been seeing her more frequently, I've tried to convince Levi, my guardian to look her up but he won't have it. It's been 5 years since he found me, took me in, clothed me, put food in my stomach and treated my like his own. He means the world to me but as much as a father he's been we don't share the same blood and maybe somewhere out there I have She could be my family.

He had a family once, a young boy named Ethan and his mate Bethany, their pictures were mounted up all over the house, he still had their clothes packed away in suitcases in his closet, his wedding ring he refuses to take off. He had so many things of theirs to hold on to, I had nothing. He has to understand that need that longing to be with them, this might sound cruel and I know I'm all he has besides his pack but his family is dead and gone, there might be a possibility that my own is still out there, they might still even be looking for me. I have to find them, I will find them.

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