The Rise of True Blood

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The Land of Atlantrice has had a lingering mystery for more than a hundred decades. Which, despite being thoroughly shunned, still lives among us. Neither truly hidden in the shadows nor lying around in plain sight. Although, it was always known; the existence of something unpleasant about inheriting the throne; only those worthy of the crown were allowed to bear the weight. From the outside, it looked magical. The elderly Royals had made sure no word got out. So, we grew up just like the other kids, laughing and playing; completely oblivious to the cruelty of fate. Soon, it all began. With an innocent, life-changing fact. "The land chooses the King."

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 01: The Fateful Night

I’ve opened my eyes to the whispers behind closed doors, and rooms where silence reigned upon my arrival. There was always the stench of something vicious going on and about, which was perhaps a forbidden topic for the ones who hadn’t yet come of age. The servants would speak their shares in those old vacant quarters, abandoned by the previous tenants, about ten years ago. It was, though, much more than the mystery surrounding the place. The full moon, indeed, held somewhat of an ancient ritual hidden away from the prevailing youth. Until the very first night, the 20th birthday, which in all its mysterious ways, never failed to bear the glowing circle above.

And that’s how, out of the blue, it fell upon your shoulders, the destiny in all its glory. I still remember, the frequent creaking of the branches, the rustling under my feet and that pitch darkness where the North Star was the only way to find out the truth. Alone, we were to overcome the tragedy or just succumb to the end of fate. Just like the words, I’d heard over, a few times before.

“The land chooses the King.”

How ironic, they only voiced half of what was true. I don’t blame them. After all, death wasn’t something as easy to talk about.

Especially when it came down to the fateful night. Oftentimes referred to, as the Rise of True Blood.

(To be continued)

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