The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 11: An Unceremonious Event

It was indeed a miracle, for the chances of my survival were non-existential. The forest, true to its murderous intent, accompanied the ruthless man I had had the misfortune by birth, of being introduced to as a brother. How an unceremonious event it turned out to be, I would always be at a loss of words to merely explain. Our contrasting passions did provide some sort of strength, most fervently. The simplicity of things still makes me very much amused; he wanted to kill me and I wanted to live.

The fight was more than the clashing of weapons. And I must say, never had I ever in my entire life, faced something so demandingly vicious. Heroj could have sworn upon the universe to place my body underground, and I could have sworn upon a million universes that I hadn’t ever thought of doing the same. That was the point of misjudgement. I had chosen the life of my brother to be much more valuable than anything special I’d come across. And fairly enough, believed him to not become the enemy.

Fate is cruel, I’ve heard quite many times and witnessed the heavily weighted blame shoved upon its very name. I do wonder if perhaps man had chosen to do the right thing from the start, would we, the descendants, have come to know life as a mission to condemn tragedy to the bounds of fate?

It is nothing but our actions that truly shape the future. And even though, they all do believe and say, there are times in life when one doesn’t have any other choice, I must say, it is never the case. Just the pure irreplaceable fact that in the inescapable end, we are always but guilty of putting ourselves before the people we love.

I can neither deny; the fact that I cared for my brother, nor deny the crime— of killing him.

(To be continued)

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