The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 13: The Silver Lining

The night I set foot into the Heart of Atlantrice, it was with the desire to escape and never come back. Although I knew it always to be impossible to survive, the outcome had me befriend hope a little longer. I mustn’t feel ashamed to admit that despite having had reality laid out before me, I did not want to stop searching for what I’d believed in, as a child. A cloud with a silver lining. Far-fetched as freedom did appear at first, I wasn’t able to comprehend if the dreamed destination had inched closer at all. The highest authority in the land, indeed, wasn’t meant for an unworthy King. To me, it had been the epitome of self-sacrifice. Which had begun with the lust for power.

Power that mattered no more.

“Zlikovac, the preparations have been made.”

I stared at the weary features of the previous King and felt short of words. What was there to be said? The time had come and I knew not the right phrases for unwelcome goodbyes.

“Thank you. I believe our people are well-informed and ready for the commencement…?” Maintaining a normal conversation at that point was unbelievably excruciating, and as I had always deemed emotions to be the enemy, I chose to be occupied with what was important.

“Our men had expected a major revolt and it started too, at first. But fortunately, they were quite convinced when the entire situation was specifically explained by the officials.”

“They didn’t have any other option.”

“Atlantrice is not pleased. Over fifty people have died a tragic death in the last four days.”

“Indeed. In these circumstances, a hundred or two is rather expected—”

His feet trembled as he jerked forward. “Zlikovac! For Goodness’s sake! What do you—?”

“It takes a lot to undo an eternity, Father.”

I didn’t wait for him and turned away; once more drifting into space which had no name.

If Heroj breathed in my stead, would it all have come to an end?

A thousand possibilities entwined with one name. His name that lived inside me.

They say, we never truly come to hate the people we have loved. And perhaps, that is why my heart shall remember more; what I did to him than what he did to me.

(To be continued)

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