The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 02: The Visit Unwelcomed

If I look back to the years of naivety, clattering around in mischief down the footsteps of irresponsibility, there’s always the image of those goofy smiles swarming into existence. They appear more real each time as if one could easily reach out a hand and clasp unto the fading memory, bringing it back to life. It’s there until a mere ripple transcends, the clashing of existential realities; the one of truth, and then that we desperately desire to hold on and never let go. Similar to the wounds who haven’t yet returned the calls of contemporary healing, is a lingering shadow of something lost too soon.

It remains, the dread; floating and drizzling like the everyday necessity one usually forgets to acknowledge amid life. Although unseen, it resides within, like the unappreciated organs inside our chests; always there from the very beginning. Atlantrice was no different. You couldn’t ignore the waft of gloom in the blooming chambers of the land, vast enough to give birth to beauty and bring peace to those who had forgotten how to breathe.

It was no lie that Atlantrice bore happiness and wealth to its people. Poverty and sorrow weren’t allowed to touch the dwellers. As if the whole patch of unending earth had a fair share of mystical powers guarding its boundaries and unwavering prestige.

Just in exchange for a little something.

A visit to death at the right time.

(To be continued)

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