The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 03: The Possession of Truth

Amongst the Royals, it was an established rule. None of the heirs was deemed worthy of the King’s last name. For the fact that our possibilities for survival solely depended on the choice of Atlantrice. There was no means to distinguish between us and find out who was meant for the throne. And maybe that’s what made the ordeal so much more mysterious and intriguing.

I am quite sure, if the outside world knew of what went inside our land, it would have been a legend retold with grave enthusiasm. But as I mentioned previously, the life-eating secret only slithered between the Royals; the very family I had the misfortune to be tied to by birth. Which I came to know in the later grounds of teenage as scraps and bits of what I’d heard, finally came together. Even then, it was no more than half a possession of truth. For, the major connecting dots were far away from us; locked into the hearts of unbeatable sufferers.

My father, the King of Atlantrice, had somewhat of a recurring problem as we stepped through the stages of life. His smiles were often found laced with afterthoughts of sorrow. The love in his eyes, slowly and gradually, transformed into a mixture of emotions impossible to decipher.

Perhaps it had to do with his late wife— a sudden loss, on the path to healing— of whom, he only had two sons left; me and my twin brother.

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