The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 05: The Power & The Will

One of the atrocities that still have an imprint on my existence is the dawn preceding the fateful night. It was an experience equally rejoiced and terrific. I remember being bathed in crimson; head to toe, and reliving continuously, the death of my brother. Although, it wasn’t due to the memory of what happened in the forest that I recoiled in disgust, but the fact that he was already long forgotten. As if he were nothing but an old cloak— worn-out and silently laid to rest.

They did not ask why the clouds bore thunder or why it was still quite dark at dawn. Their eyes bore neither sadness nor grief and it is but the truth when I say I expected none. A moment to be never relieved of, for the burden lay upon my soul; was enthusiastically overpowered by their cheers to the new King. The past was to remain where it ought to be; the shadows of non-existence.

And I knew, I couldn’t step down and let the words be heard. The truth had always had a ring of forbiddance in our land. And because of the sudden twist in the strings of fate, it now blossomed quietly behind the lines of unimportance. The kingdom lay beneath my feet; the people, my well-wishers.

I had the power to overrule and deny anything unpleasant.

Anything, but the Will of Atlantrice.

(To be continued)

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