The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 06: The Rise of Disagreements

As I have previously mentioned, my brother Heroj, despite not working upon the subject himself, was always very much pleased to hear any information about our dear homeland. He preferred to pay attention to the results of my endless pursuit instead of spending hours with ancient records. In the palace, we’d made a silent agreement of trusting anyone but one another. And so, our private meetings were merely to discuss and connect the dots to an understandable conclusion. Which was the very reason for our frequent verbal conflicts.

“But, that doesn’t make sense at all!”

“Heroj. It does.”

“I don’t understand why it comes to death every time! Aren’t you missing something here?”

“I am only passing on what is written in the books.”

“We don’t even have all the books to know what is true and what is not!”

“We don’t want anyone hearing about this.”

His voice dropped low and I heard a familiar exasperated sigh as he leaned back against the rods.

“Stop being so indifferent. It’s excruciating.”

“I am sorry you can’t process it. I know it’s not easy at all. But you need to understand the situation. One of us won’t make it.”

“Seriously, Zlikovac, what the hell? I appreciate you working so hard and putting your time into this but I don’t need more shit on my plate. Already have enough to last a lifetime.”

“That is what’s wrong with you. Keep this up and it will become your doom.” The iron legs of the chair screeched as I rose to my feet, “Honestly, get rid of that happily-ever-after nonsense. We’re stuck in some butcher-island with nowhere to run and you’re taking it out on me? Damn you, Heroj, I am the one who needs a break.”

(To be continued)

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