The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 07: Him & I

If there was one thing in life that I did not predict, it was the twist that befell on the fateful night; ripping to shreds the foolproof plan I had cultivated, perhaps due to the obliviousness of early twenties. How ironic, for the one truth I wanted Heroj to accept, became the reality I hadn’t myself come into terms with. It was always in front of us from the beginning, and the viciousness had run alongside the blood in our veins. What could I have done to overthrow the rules made solely to allow existence and prosperity? Even so, the clearer it became, the more faith I had in surviving whatever awaited me. I just hadn’t given much thought to not having a brother by my side.

The Palace knew us to be inseparable since birth. To them, it was a sacred bond of love created inside the womb. There seemed hardly any difference between us and so, they decided, without caring for my account that it was as natural a connection as it could be. And I, despite feeling the idea rather foolish, went along with it all the same. Better was the choice to smile at the giddy statements directed at us. Heroj, though, chose to offer more than a few words of kindness and thus, gained much popularity among the opposite sex.

“Nay, you’re just jealous I pay attention to others.” He used to tease me a lot in the latter days and I, in turn, would scoff at his naivety. Our time spent together was indeed not so bad. I enjoyed the change in the atmosphere due to his buoyant personality. It was refreshing, though it lasted only for a short while.

I wonder, if Heroj had been able to find out the truth, how would he react?

But then, we weren’t on speaking terms the week before he died.

(To be continued)

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