The Rise of True Blood

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Chapter 09: Harm— Involuntarily Done

We have come far enough. I shall not deny you the barbaric details that I purposefully allowed myself to conceal. It is, with a heavy heart, that I relay the truth into your hands— one, I carefully overlooked for a long time, when it was very much in front of me.

My twin brother, Heroj, had acquired a few sadistic qualities, in the name of harm involuntarily done. There were incidents of ‘fun’ and unfortunately without a mother to look after us, were swept away with dust. The servants did not bother showing any signs of discouragement, for indeed, Heroj was the favourite child. As I was more the type who preferred reading, I’d only hear about the news from my brother on the verge of tears. Naturally, as it may occur, I would offer a hug and a few words of consolation. That usually did the trick as he would soon be back to smiles and laughter. I didn’t put much thought into why those things happened until the day Heroj’s favourite rabbit passed away. It was a sudden death, he told me, some poisonous insect had attacked the poor creature and it couldn’t be saved. That moment, I could look past the lies and straight at the truth. I dared not speak a word to anyone until later that evening when I found him in the courtyard, alone.

“Why did you do it?”

I could have sworn the eyes that looked up to me didn’t belong to my brother. I could have sworn the voice that uttered a reply wasn’t his.

“It couldn’t be saved, Zlikovac. You know that, right?”

I said nothing.

With uncountable questions wreaking havoc inside my head, the topic was forever laid to rest. The ‘victim’ didn’t want to talk about it and with no one to approach, I forced myself to not think much of it being more than a grave mistake. It worked eventually after some time because Heroj seemed to have repented and changed for the better. The chapter was officially closed and I dwelled upon it no longer.

That was the greatest mistake of my life. I had chosen to overlook the crucial details of my brother’s character. I had chosen to ignore my better judgement.

And so, in due time, I received the gift of an immense betrayal.

For he was all along, someone, I knew not to trust.

(To be continued)

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