The Time Travels of Tristan and Troy Trilogy - Book One: Arrows Leading to Camelot

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Are they going to be in time to prevent a disaster? In chivalrous Medieval England, King Uther Pendragon has died and the legendary Sword in the Stone has been safely kept until the rightful heir comes of age and claims his inheritance. However, it is not the person you thought, but rather a powerful sorceress who had found a way through black magic to claim the sword for herself. She is none other than Morgana Le Fay, the most notorious villain in English history. It is only through the magic of both Merlin and the Lady of the Lake keeping Morgana from reaching the sword. Although they have delayed her efforts, the inevitable will happen if help doesn’t arrive soon. Tristan and Troy have to make sure the sword is drawn by the rightful heir to the throne of England, or our modern world will collapse into chaos. The subject of History takes on a far, deeper meaning at Farthing High School. A new history teacher, Miss Eden enters the fray and the lives of two students will never be the same again. This tutor is not your average teacher. There is more to her than meets the eye. History is running in a parallel universe and an unexpected turn of events forces Miss Eden to send the two teenagers back in time to save history from tipping the balance.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kim Appelgryn
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Tristan O’ Doyle only signed up for history classes because of Troy Becker. A typical girl with a typical crush on one of the most gorgeous guys in Farthing High. Although Tristan may at first have seen it as a monumental sacrifice to join up with one of the most boring subjects, she would soon find that history is not all as it seems, especially when an enigmatic, eccentric and seemingly timeless lady, Miss Eden, becomes the subjects’ new teacher.

Miss Eden captivates her pupils with stories that keep them on the edge of their seats. Her gift of telling stories of the past, seem as if she were there herself. After a time, Tristan’s focus turns from gazing at Troy to listening attentively to Miss Eden. The teacher is an excellent judge of character and sees in Troy a young man who is studious and possesses great knowledge of historical events, while in Tristan; she finds her character to be one of a practical-minded, no-nonsense and comical person who would be a beneficial balance to Troy.

Deciding that these two teenagers are the ones she’s looking for, Tristan and Troy learn from Miss Eden that she’s not the person she makes herself out to be. Chosen by a mysterious individual long ago - known as The Keeper of Stories - she watches over the parallel universe of time, making sure the events recorded remain true and unchangeable. She reveals to the pair that she is a Guardian of History and between Tristan and Troy, they speculate that her timeless existence is owed to something of legend. How she obtains her age is a mystery and will reveal its secrets when another Guardian is chosen. While all of this seems highly unlikely, the teenagers’ scepticism is put to the test when Miss Eden has the ability to send them back in time to fix and put right when events in history take a nasty turn, shaping the future forever.

They travel to save Medieval England; where a young man named Arthur Pendragon is destined to become king by drawing out the legendary Sword in the Stone, but standing in his way is the notorious sorceress, Morgana Le Fay, the worst and most dangerous of all foes in England’s history. Through sorcery, she has found a way that would hinder Arthur and wishes to draw the sword herself, making her Queen instead and crush all those who oppose her. If she succeeds in becoming queen, then the warnings Miss Eden expressed will unfold.

Merlin, Arthur’s trusted friend and advisor, along with his supporters and closest friend Lancelot, as well as others - who would eventually make up the famed Knights of the Round Table - lend their aid and help guide him on the path to fulfil his destiny, all the while Morgana’s forces stand in their way.

During their quest, Tristan and Troy find mysterious arrows with peculiar symbols embedded in the arrowhead that would eventually lead them to the fabled Castle of Camelot. Tristan had seen that symbol before but cannot remember from where.

Who does it belong to?

Is it a trap?

Or is it something - or someone - helping them make sure that England does not fall into the hands of the notorious sorceress?

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