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Leah Saunders is a normal teen with normal teen romantic drama until she meets Liam Cage, her future mate.

Fantasy / Romance
Danika Josob
Age Rating:

Raspberries, Honey & Milk


She walked in, dressed in a white tank top pushed into her faded black skinny jeans, combat boots, and rounded it off with a purple cardigan. There was something about the way she walked like she was the boss of everyone. She greeted everyone and took her seat at the front.

“So, how was your weekend?” Patrick our instructor asked as he stood up. Everyone gave their responses at the same time, she however was busy getting her books out and putting her phone away.

“We have a new student with us today, he was here last year and he is back to complete level three.” Patrick looked to me and motioned me to get up “do introduce yourself” he said with a nod. I got up, trying to be as confident as possible “Hey, I am Liam Cage. It is great to meet ya’ll” I got back in my seat. She hadn’t looked up once, she was preoccupied with whatever.

“Do you guys mind introducing yourselves as well?” Patrick asked

A girl in the back of the class got up “No, we don’t. I am Patricia, just call me Patty okay” she made a kissy face as she sat down. The rest of the class followed suit, the pretty girl was the last one to introduce herself “Hey, Liam. I am Leah Saunders, it is nice to meet you too” she said giving me a warm and welcoming smile.

The class commenced. She didn’t say much, just kept talking to the guy next to her, I think his name is Josh.

I wanted to talk to her, but Josh kept nagging her to go when they were done.

“I think she’s the one” I was telling Calum after class when he came to pick me up. “You think or you’re certain?” Calum was nothing like me, if it were him he would’ve talked to Leah during class. “Okay, I know. I can feel it”

“What does she smell like,” he asked looking straight ahead as we were approaching the robots.

“Like fresh raspberries, honey, and milk, so painfully delicious,” I said seeing her beautiful body in my mind.

“Yum!” Calum teased

“Yo! No!” I was already getting defensive as if she belonged to me and she does. She just doesn’t know it yet.

“Ask her out” Calum snapped me out of my thoughts. “Isn’t it too soon though? We haven’t even spoken a single word to each other” I wasn’t ready, what if she is also not ready? “There will never be a right time” Calum tried reasoning, he knows how stubborn I can be. “Give me a few days at least, so I can actually have a decent conversation with her.” I gave in, I know he is right. I am just afraid that she won’t be as welcoming.


“I have news!” I screamed as I pushed the door open with force.

“Spill bitch!” Kira, my best friend never had brakes on that mouth.

“The hottest guy ever created is in my class” I almost sang those words.

“Okay, what’s his name, what’s he like?” She asked as she closed the door I left ajar. “His name is Liam Cage and I don’t know much about him, just that he is Chris Hemsworth hot”

“So basically he is shaped like a God?” She asked.

“Yup, but I don’t know” I have some unresolved issues with a former lover and I haven’t been able to move on. “Oh, because of Parker douche?” She asked rolling her eyes. “I love him okay?! I can’t just turn it off” she knows how pissed I get when she calls him that.

“You need to move on baby girl,” she said and walked to the kitchen. I slumped down on the couch and started flipping through the channels until I found F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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