The Becomingof the Radi Empire

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While trying to regain his place as heir to the Radi throne, Radiclaus runs into problems that he and his siblings take on. They find out more about what happened in the Great Civil War. Stay Tuned.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1


Far into the west of the Samai Nation lied the Radi Village comprising of two clans, Radi and Gunio.

The Radi clan was by far the strongest for its forbidden magic that even most skilled magic users are not able to utilize and either end up dead or paralyzed forever. The Gulio clan where the source of economy in the Radi Village, they were the ones that the royal family came from and are the top educated clan in all the lands.

The King, Lufier Gulio ruled over Radi with fierce rage and a stern mind, no one ever stood up to him except his wife, Queen Elio Praticia Gulio who went through all his plans before he dare tell anyone. If he ever were to disobey her rules he was sent away to a cage to reflect on his life. He never understood this but couldn’t do anything because of the strict teaching his father gave him to never make a woman cry.

The problem with this family is that they needed an heir, an heir that would rule over all the five villages conquered by the king himself. They had no child and had tried greatly until the day of Ulio. The day of Ulio happens every three years and is a day rendered sacred by all Radi inhabitants. On this day the strong were to come and set up a huge house and do a Killi, where you are supposed to get the other teams flag, winners were to win a huge amount of money.

The King loved this and attended every time but this time was different. The Queen was about to conceive a baby boy, the king brought bad news to his wife’s side after she had conceived. It was a letter from new comers into their village, that read:

We Give Our Congratulations

For That Gift Shall Be The

Last Thing Good to Happen To


The men that sent the letter were called Tuties, they were pitch black and couldn’t be seen in the darkness and wore black. They were known for their swift style of execution and their creative sense of trickery. It was said that they could make a grown man think that a cow could talk with just their words.

Ignoring the words of these strange men they went on naming their child after their village, Radiclaus would be his name, signifying peace of all lands. As the Tuties said, everything went to hell, the two clans of the Radi village fell into war because a lie involving two people from either clans started a serious fight at a famous market and because of that they both deemed each other dangerous and got into a civil war on the lack of proper communication. The war was getting so serious that the Queen and her son, Radiclaus had to flee to a neighboring village named Ruio. Ruio was a massive village that the queen grew up in. She was very close to the royal family and stayed there a lot before becoming queen of Radi. She agreed with the king of Ruio to stay till it was safe.

Weeks passed and there was no word from the King or anybody from either clans. The silence became so much that the Queen ordered her only guards, five black knights to go back to the Radi village and check what was going on. They stayed long and did not return for the next five days. The Queen knew something was wrong so she bought a horse, took her child to the king of Ruio to be taken care of and rode down to Radi.

A massive city stood before her with golden castles, massive mansions and tall skyscrapers. She asked a nearby strolling man of whether he saw five knights come into the town, he confirmed her question and told her that the men that came in five days ago were given houses and money beyond their imagination and had not left since then.

She asked him where the Palace is and he told her that it is in the middle of Ago-nice. Asking him why he called it Ago-nice was cut off by a swift arrow intentionally missing her neck by an inch.

“Don’t move if you like your life.” a stern looking man pointing a sharp edged arrow at her neck said.

He took her to a dungeon and left her. After staying for two days eating only oats, a gaurd unlocks the locks and took her to the throne room. Seeing her husband and another woman sitting at a huge room, she then rushes to the king’s side and the guards as ordered quickly take her down.

“Leave Me I Order You!” says the confused queen.

The King looked at her and shouted “I demand to know who you are and what you are doing in Ago-nice!”

“Its me, your wife Lufier, your wife.” she says as she starts to tear up.

Interrupted, three children run in, all shouting ‘Papa, Mama!’

As she looked at the quiet woman, her husband and the three kids, it dawned on her that he no longer remembered her, had found a new family, built a new civilization and called it Ago-nice.

They let her go after agreeing that she is not a threat, gave her the horse she came with and told her never to come again. She rode back to The Palace she kept Radiclaus, asked for him and was told that he ran away a day ago and that fifteen search parties were sent to look for him everywhere. Seeing her state the king took her in and told his maids to take care of her, for he wants to ask her some questions.

After seven days she was finally out of minor trauma and shock and could speak well once more. The king summoned her for questioning and started by asking her “What happened to you?”

She replied “I was held captive in a place that was once my homeland.”

“Why, why where you held hostage.” the king asked.

“I don’t know and frankly i don’t care!” shouted the enraging Queen.

“Woman, calm down and tell me what happened in detail.” the king says.

The Queen, feeling dizzy tries to get up and excuse herself but falls down and bruises her skull.

“Get us the medical doctor!” the king shouted to the guards.

Waking to a horn sound at dusk, she sees Radiclaus at the bed opposite her. He was bruised and badly hurt. Not able to contain her sadness the Queen burst out crying. After listening to Elio cry for two hours the king and queen came to find out how they could help their friend and her son.

“Elio,” the queen Yutti asked “what is the problem?”

Still sobbing Elio replied “My son is hurt, my husband doesn’t remember my name and I am not allowed in the place I was once queen. So there is no problem at all.”

“Nonsense!” the king shouted.

“Your son needs you and you’re having this.... this... pathetic pity party. You should be ashamed!” the king shouted and stormed out of the room.

Having seen the reaction of her husband, Yutti apologized and chased after her angry husband.

Elio spent that whole day at her son’s side, miserable. Elio knew that she had to get something new to do while waiting for her son’s recovery or she would get more depressed and sad, so she started horse riding again. She cleaned the abandoned stables at the back of the castle that she got permission to use and got four strong horses put in it. She got the best designers to paint it with all of Radiclaus’ favorite colors and got staff to clean the stable weekly. As she looked at her stable she knew that Radiclaus would love it.

Radiclaus finally woke up after seven weeks. His head hurt badly and he barely remembered what had put him in that state. Elio having being in a popular market buying things while he woke up had no idea. The king sent one of his errand boys to tell Elio of the good news. After being told, Elio went as fast as she could to finally talk with her son. She hugged him kissed him, gave him lots of gifts and showed him the stables.

“Oh Claus who did this to you, I was so worried.” she said in relief.

“Mother,” Radiclaus replied “it was three boys. They hit me in the head telling me that my mother was a traitor.” Radiclaus replied knowing well that he broke the rules.

“Why did you leave?” said the king that was waiting by the door in a stern voice.

“...I wanted to pick flowers in the fields then they attacked me.”

“The boy needs to learn to stand on his own and not to get beat to a seven week coma by a bunch of jealous lowlife wannabe’s.” Jack, the head fisherman for the king said.

“You’re right, the boy needs to learn or he’ll keep getting beat up.” the king said “Call my friend, the old man Sensei Yui.”

Yui was a tough and stern man. He demanded everyone to call him Sensei Yui and he treated his students the same, with no mercy. Yui had just come back from China on a secret operation with the Chinese special forces group and was looking to train some new students. When asked why he still trains others at an old age he tells them that he loves it and it makes him feel young. He demanded a lot of money for his services because he loved buying expensive foods and never ate cheap.

Yui got to the castle late in the night and was tired, but Radiclaus was too excited and wanted to see him so much that he snuck into his room when he was eating to shake his hand and brag about the amount of squirrels he had killed.

“Boy what do you want?” Yui asked knowing that Radiclaus was there.

“I bet yo.....” cut short by a wave of Yui’s hand.

“I’m tired, we train tomorrow”

Radiclaus didn’t like being pushed around so he though of how he was going to teach the Sensei a lesson.

The next morning Radiclaus put a bottle of super hot pepper sauce into the Sensei’s food. The sensei knowing that someone had touched his food from an ancient technique he uses, told Radiclaus to stop being stupid and gave him a note saying.

Man will die by man’s

Don’t die by mine

Radiclaus got the message and didn’t disturb him again until afternoon when they were meant to train.

Radiclaus trained hard for five years with Yui, after then they both decided that it was time for them to part ways, as Radiclaus was already a skilled fighter and Yui wanted to rest for a few years in peace. Radiclaus was fourteen years old and was very troublesome. He only listened to his mother and never tolerated bullying or supremacy titles, so he hated Kings and queens. His mother having been a queen once always told him to be respectful and appreciate what kings and queens do. She would always remind him that they live in a palace with her childhood friends that are also Royalty.

Having defeated two dragons, three vampires, five ware wolves, stood against three sirens, Radiclaus had pride in all he did and was respected around all of Ruio and was the king’s favorite person. He loved hunting and hated being indoors. He took every chance to swim in the large lake, hunt massive predators with his swords but his mother never allowed him. She always told him that he shouldn’t go into danger blindly, combat is not all that matters in battle.

The King and Queen of Ruio decided that at a young age Radiclaus was ready to get his first official task. They gave him the role of fisherman under two men who were to look after him, not let harm come to him and teach him how to fish. Radiclaus did not like being under people so he followed his own ways. When no one was looking, he always ditched the net and dived in with his dagger and killed lots of fish with his hands. Radiclaus was reported and taken to the King. The King decided he would teach Radiclaus war strategies and make him the apprentice of his top commander. Radiclaus, being a fast learner and a skilled fighter fit into the armies of Ruio and at a tender age of fifteen Radiclaus helped make a great impact on the war Ruio had fought against the Yumin Kingdom.

Radiclaus had made a title for himself in the land of Ruio. He was a top troop in the king’s army and was always eager to get back in action. The Head of the king’s army loved to plan with Radiclaus. He found Radiclaus to be smart and kept on telling him to work hard to become his second in command. Radiclaus’ mother knew he was heir to the Radi throne and wanted him to take his place in his country. He never liked the idea, hated his father of what he had done and always asked why he can’t just rule over Ruio. Everyone always responded the same with a you’re too naive.

When Radiclaus was nineteen his mother forced him to go back to his homeland and make sure his father knows who he is. Radiclaus rode a child Basilisk. Radiclaus called her Bernieg meaning brave as a Bear. Radiclaus thought Bernieg would always be willing to fight anything she found as a threat and came up with the name after hearing his mother say it a few times. He found Bernieg in a massive hollow tree after he had defeated all of its inhabitants. She was held hostage, used as a tool and was considered a monster. Radiclaus loved Basilisks and couldn’t believe it when he saw one. He took her home and showed everyone regardless of how frightened they were.

Knowing well that Radiclaus would do anything to prove he is not afraid of anything, his mother persuaded him to go back to Radi and take his place as the heir to the throne. She made him know that he can help more people by taking his place, told him to pack his things and leave the next morning. Radiclaus set out early. He wanted to get there early and come back early in order to get more adventure.

His Basilisk had the ability to locate anything as long as it was two thousand miles away. He depended on Bernieg to take him to wherever he wants to go. As he got to Radi everyone tried their best to stay away from his scary looking beast. As always he just laughed and continued on. He asked Bernieg to take him to the King and she did just that. As soon as he arrived at the palace the guards stopped him as expected and asked him what business he had in the palace.

“I am looking for my father, the king of this place. My mother, the queen asked me to come see him.” Radiclaus said.

After laughing for ten seconds they finally agreed to watch him humiliate himself.

Once Radiclaus got in he immediately snuck away from the guards and made his way to the west wing, where the Royal family stays. He knew how they were placed because he himself lived in a castle with his best friends. As he found the room the King and Queen stayed, he opened the door and didn’t see anyone in it. Being confused he felt some one behind him.

“Don’t move or I will kill you, I promise.” a strange teenage boy looking not too younger than himself said in a silent tone.

Thinking this is another small problem, Radiclaus tugged the arm backward and pulled it forward in a sequence creating enough force to break iron. Overpowering his move they both fall through the ground, almost breaking the whole west wing. All the ruckus caused a gathering of the staff of the family and the family itself. Radiclaus, regretting his move took a look at the person he was fighting. He looked an awful lot like Radiclaus but darker hair and lighter skin.

“Guards, seize him immediately!” the king shouted upon seeing the damage.

Guard, upon guard, upon guard were all defeated by Radiclaus.

“Fine fighter you are. If you’re smart you would join our forces and avoid harm come to your face.” said the King, agitated with the performance of his guards.

“I would like to speak with you in private.” Radiclaus said.

“Speak to me, Nonsense. I will beat you to a pulp.” the King said as he began to unsheathe his sword.

The King lunged forward with nimble, high speed motion toward Radiclaus. Radiclaus not having enough time to dodge, barely blocks the punch and flies through eight fleets of walls. Not able to stand reinforcements finally arrive and lock Radiclaus up. Not up to ten minutes passed and the young man he was fighting and a girl that looked almost exactly like him were in front of his cell.

“Who are you ?” the young man asked.

“Who are you?” Radiclaus asked back.

“Well, my name is Radicle and this is Elio, my sister.” Radicle said.

“I’m not interested in introductions. Where is my father, I want to speak to him?” Radiclaus asked.

“Exactly, if my hunch is correct we are siblings. Same father different mother.” Radicle said.

“Yes and we need your help to make our father remember all that happened during the civil war. This Kingdom depends on it.” Elio added...


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