The Queen’s beta

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Arabella is the only child of the Alpha king and queen, when her parents were killed in a rogue attack at the age 14 she become the youngest wolf ever to take the throne as Alpha queen of all werewolves. Dimitri has been Arabella's best friend all their lives, he is also the betas son, so when Arabella took up her position as queen he become her right hand man, her beta. Arabella's 18th birthday is fast approaching and she will finally be of age to find her mate, will she accept who the moon goddess has designed for her or will her beta be the only one to hold her heart?.

Fantasy / Scifi
Carly Miskin
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: changed feelings

Arabella’s P.O.V

I’ve been sitting here pushing my breakfast round my plate for the last 20 minutes looking out the window watching my warriors train, Scanning the crowd but my eyes only searching for one face, his face, the face of my best friend and beta.

I don’t know when my feelings for Dimitri changed, but let’s just say it hit me fast and it hit me hard, one day we’re hanging out like we’ve done our whole lives then the next I’m like a hormonal teenager crushing hard, maybe I’ve always felt this way but never realised or allowed my thoughts to go there, I mean we’ve always been close and we did kinda kiss once ...well I say kiss it was only a peck and we were like 13, but that’s no big deal best friends do that sometimes right?.

I’ve never really looked at Dimitri as anything other then my best friend but now I’m looking at him as a man... Don’t get me wrong Dimitri has always been handsome there’s no mistaking that but now when I look at him it’s like I’m just seeing him for the first time and...... DAMN HE’S HOT! Like super FUCKING HOT, now being around him gives me butterflies, he looks so tasty I just wanna lick him all over. Argh what the hell is wrong with me.

Of course I would never tell Dimitri any of this, firstly because Ive never had a conversation with a friend where I inform them that the mere sight of them makes my panties damp, but I can definitely imagine that ′little talk’ being awkward as fuck! So I’m avoiding that like the fucking plague! Secondly, I don’t even know what ′this’ is. And thirdly, we both have mates out there somewhere waiting for us, I’m turning 18 in a few weeks and I’ll be able to find my mate, Dimitri is a year older then me he hasn’t found his mate yet but she’s out there somewhere, whoever she is she’s one lucky bitch!

I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of someone coming in the door, of course I knew it was him, As soon as he stepped foot in the house, I could smell him, his scent is a mixture of chocolate and the smell of leaves on a rainy day, it was actually a great combo.

“Hey you” the sound of his velvety voice echoed in my ears causing the butterflies In my stomach to fly down south, I look up to see a bare chested Dimitri smiling at me, smiling and bare chested and sweaty looking like a fucking god.... I can’t help but rake my eyes up and down his beautiful body imagining what it would feel like pressed against me to feel his sexy pink lips on mine to taste his tongue in my mouth. Damn, the thought alone almost makes me moan in pleasure.

‘Omg Bella your totally eye raping him’ my wolf Shiloh chuckles through our link, WHAT?!n- no I’m not, am I? Omg I am I’m eye raping my best friend, shit!! Look away, look away .... for the the love of god woman LOOK AWAY! Im internally screaming at myself for having no god damn self control. Finally managing to get a grip and pull myself out of my perverted thoughts long enough to look up and smile at the hunk of a man that is my best friend, praying- no -begging to the gods above that he doesn’t notice the slight blush that’s spreading across my cheeks.

“Hey D come sit down and eat” I say hesitantly looking up to meet his gaze ,making sure he didn’t notice that I had been shamelessly mind fucking him just moments ago, he’s eyes aren’t giving anything away so I’m guessing he didn’t THANK GOD because that wouldn’t have been awkward at all “we’ve got a meeting with Alpha Luca today he’ll be arriving shortly so after you’ve eaten get ready and meet him at the south border, take Jamie with you” I tell him whilst getting up to leave. “Eye eye captain” he chuckles while saluting me an amused smile spreading across his beautiful face. Aww look at him making jokes. Adorable.

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