The Queen’s beta

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Chapter two: arousal

Dimitri P.O.V

After training I headed straight to the kitchen in the pack house, I already knew I would find Bella in there I had noticed her at the window watching the warriors train, by the expression on her face it looked like she was searching for someone so I wanted to check in with her and make sure everything was ok, after all as beta it’s my job to look after my best friend and Queen, and plus I was starving so her being in the kitchen was perfect.

I walk in to see Bella sitting at the table, staring down in to thin air and looking deep in thought, i wonder what she’s thinking about, Shes been acting kinda weird lately. I can’t make it out but there’s something she’s not telling me. And that dont sit well with me. I’ve known Bella my whole life she’s always been an open book to me, but not this time, whatever’s going on in that head of hers- she’s keeping it well guarded!

“Hey you” i couldn’t help the big grin that instantly appears on my face as I say it, I was genuinely happy to see her, I always was. She’s actually the only person who’s company I could never get tired of. We always have so much fun together.

She doesn’t say anything but brings her eyes up not enough to meet my gaze instead her eyes stop and focus on my chest and by focus I mean I can practically feel her eyes burning a hole through me. Well this is.......weird! What the fuck is she doing?. Why’s she just staring at me?, Before I can even say anything else I notice her cheeks Turing pink, WAIT is- is she checking me out?. No that’s not it, she can’t be.....can she?. Well shit this is new.

“Hey D come sit down and eat” the words almost stutter out of her mouth, she finally brings her eyes up to meet my gaze, her cheeks still slightly flushed pink. Is she embarrassed? I try to rid my eyes of any emotion whatsoever and put on my best poker face, If and that’s a big ‘IF’ but if she was checking me out I didn’t want her to know I noticed and if she wasn’t then I didn’t want her to know I thought she was. And I definitely DID NOT want her to know that I kinda hoped she had been.

Not wanting to just stand there like an idiot and make this weird situation a whole lot fucking weirder, I grab some food from the stove and casually take a seat, “we’ve got a meeting with Alpha Luca today he’ll be arriving shortly so after you’ve eaten get ready and meet him at the south border, take Jamie with you” Bella says in her normal tone, she seems to have lost her momentary stutter, some of the other packs have been having trouble with rogue attacks so we’ve been having meetings with alphas all over the country to try and find a solution.

Before I can reply Bella stands to leave and as she does an alluring scent wraps it’s self around me it smells so inviting, it forces a low instinctive growl deep In my throat I sniff the air and inhale deeply it consumes my senses and sends a shiver all over my body, its arousal. Not just anyone’s arousal, Bella’s arousal. And from the stentch of it, Bella was horny as hell!.

Had checking me out turned her on?! To my surprise I wasn’t disappointed at the idea of that. Confused by this new turn of events and very much intoxicated from the sweet smell that just so happens to be my best friends arousal, I open my mouth and the first thing that comes out is “Eye eye captain” I internally face palm myself. Really dude, eye eye captain that’s the best you got , well might aswell go the full hog, so I throw in a salute for good measure. Bella giggled, Ive heard Bella giggle a lot over the years but this time its different. the sound was mesmerising causing heat to fall to the pit of my stomach which caught me off guard, but not as much as it did when my cock twitched. Now that-that was unexpected.

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