The Queen’s beta

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Chapter three: going for gold

Dimitri P.O.V

After Bella left the room a large breath that I hadn’t been aware I was holding in escaped my lips, shit what the fuck was all that about. I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts of what just happened, but it was no use all my brain could think about was the smell of my horny best friend and the way it was making my dick Rock hard.

I head to my room to take a shower, deciding it would need to be a very cold one in order to get Dimitri junior to calm the fuck down.

I reach my room and waste no time stripping from my clothes the feeling of my solid dick straining against my pants was an uncomfortable one....I let out a sigh as my extremely excited cock was now free from the restrictive clothing, looking down to see it standing to attention and ready to attack. I roll my eyes at how eager my dick is, eager for my best friend, uh what a traitor.

The water runs over my body while I tried and failed miserably to clear my thoughts of anything Bella related, the whole encounter had been way too strange for my liking and its confusing the fuck out of me, there’s to many questions that I have no answers to, was Bella’s arousal down to me? and why the fuck did I like it so much?, we was close but this is some next level shit.

She’s my best friend for god sake I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about her, but apparently my dick didn’t get the memo ’cause by the looks of it....this hard on of mine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fan-fucking-tastic.

There’s only one way to solve this annoyinglyhard’ problem, and that’s with a little bit of self pleasure .....with that thought I palm my cock moving my hand up and down the shaft, increasing my pace as I repeat the movement over and over again, ‘D where are you? Once you’ve meet Alpha Lucas meet me in my office’ I hear Bella’s voice through our pack link.

With the sound of her voice ringing in my mind, overwhelmed by desire and Lust, I no longer have control over my body or thoughts, My brain goes to Bella and images of me being between her legs while she wiggles beneath me my cock thrashing in and out of her warm wet core as she screams my name in pleasure, the thought alone makes all the air leave my lungs my eyes rolling in my head as I aggressively stroke my cock.... if masturbating was an Olympic sport.. I was going for gold, I was nothing if not dedicated. I feel a warmth take over my body and I know I’m close to releasing, then with one last deep moan...FUCK .... my warm seed spills over my hand leaving me panting for breath, desperate for air to fill my lungs.

What.the.fuck.was.that! I ask my self running my hand through my hair trying to make sense of this fucked up situation, this can not be happening, had I actually just shot my load while imagining being balls deep in my life long best friend. This is so fucked up even for me.

‘Just coming’ I pack link Bella, awkwardly laughing to myself at the irony of what I just said, I mean It wasn’t exactly a lie. I was in fact ‘just coming’ she just doesn’t need to know I meant in the shower, while imagining my dick inside her. That might be just a little to much information.

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