The Queen’s beta

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Chapter 4: Alpha Luca

Arabella’s P.O.V

Sitting in my office waiting for my beta and Jamie my third in command to bring Alpha Luca to me, If im honest I’m looking forward to this meeting like a hole in the head, for a whole bunch of reasons, two that come to mind.....ONE, because I can’t fucking stand the guy and TWO, what was it? ....Oh yeah- because I CAN’T fucking stand the guy! To say he’s a sexist pig, is putting it mildly.

‘We’re here’ Dimitri pack links me, I take a deep breath and sit down bracing myself, hoping to get this shit show over and done with ASAP. KNOCK KNOCK. ”come in” I say just as the three of them are entering my office.

“Queen Arabella, how lovely to see you again, it’s been to long” Alpha Luca says in a smarmy bastard kinda way, whilst bowing down. I instantly call bullshit. Not only was it most definitely not ′lovely’ to have this arrogant piece of shit fake smiling in my has also in my opinion, not been fucking long enough since our last encounter.

Which happened to be 4 years ago at my coronation, as If being crowned Queen at the age of 14 wasn’t hard enough, through in the fact that my whole family was brutally murdered by rogues 4 months before, if that wasn’t enough to traumatise you for life, add in the fact that this arse hole - with no fucks given, decided it was his place to inform not only me but everyone in attendance on my ‘special’ day that In no uncertain terms was I fit to be Queen. You can call that the cherry on top of a very shit cake.

I think his exact words were ‘she-wolfs should be looking pretty and breeding pups, they have no business in positions of power, especially a naive 14 year old little girl’. So to say I despise the man with every fucking breath in my body was just a little bit of an understatement.

“Good to see you Alpha Luca” I say and flash my sweetest smile “take a seat, and tell me what I can help you with” i actually already know why he’s here and what the fuck he wants, he’s come crawling with he’s mangey tail between his legs to ask for help. Like the cowardly son of a bitch he is.

“Well my Queen as you know there’s been an increase in rogue attack’s across the other packs, my pack has yet to be attacked but rogues have been spotted at our borders, for that reason I would like to ask the kingdom to join alliance with us, should such attacks happen” honestly the nerve of this man was almost something to be admired ...Almost, he had balls I’ll give him that.

Of course I would have to help him, as much as i really didn’t want to, i’d rather enjoy just letting him rot in hell, but as queen it’s my duty to provide protection when asked for it, one of the downfalls of the job, but I sure as hell was gunna make him squirm while asking and was gunna enjoy every minute of him doing so.

“I see... well, yes I can see how an alliance with my pack would serve you well, after all it is the top pack in the country, and my warriors reputation certainly does precede them” I say matter of factly before looking him dead in the eye and adding “and all whilst being run by a woman, pretty impressive wouldn’t you say Alpha Luca?” I raise an eye brow and smirk... And the award for smug bitch of the year goes to........Arabella!

He’s eyes scanned my face and a devilish smile played across his lips, the sight alone made me feel sick to my stomach. ” you know my queen, your warriors are not the only thing from your pack that precedes it’s reputation, your beauty by far exceeds the rumours, how lucky your warriors are to be commanded by such a pleasure to the eye” he says as he licks his lip and run his eyes over the length of my body.

While that almost....ALMOST.... sounded like a compliment... the look in his eye doesn’t go unnoticed and I know better! I know exactly what he’s implying and by the growl that erupted from my beta I knew he got the gist of it to.. this arrogantly cocky piece of shit was suggesting I use my ′womanly charm’ to get my warriors to do my bidding. He’s got some fucking cheek, I opened my mouth but before any words could leave my mouth, I was being pushed behind Jamie my gammer , while a very pissed of dimitri was In a protective stance in front of us.... what the fuck is he Doing?

Ok, so it’s normal for a beta to defend his queen it’s literally in their DNA, but there was no physical threat from Alpha Luca, just him running his mouth and Dimitri knew more then anyone, I could hold my own when it come to that, no this wasn’t protectiveness at all, this was something different, something new....this was ... possessive! And by the way Alpha Luca raised an eyebrow and smiled in amusement and I knew he picked up on it to.

‘Dimitri Stand down’ I say through our pack link, what ever the fuck is going on with him he needs to snap out of it ... Since when was dimitri possessive, although I admit I was sexy as hell to watch it needed to stop and it needed to stop now!

With no sign of dimitri backing down and Alpha Luca looking like he was was starting to take my betas actions as a challenge, I’ll have to end this myself, rolling my eyes I push past Jamie “ENOUGH” I shout out with power seeping through every pore of my body causing all three of their wolf instincts to take over and forcing them to their knees bowing in submission to there queen.

By the way he was clenching his jaw and trying but not quite managing to suppress the growl rising in his chest, I’d hazard a guess that Mr Alpha-arrogant-prick didn’t like the control I had over him. But if anything, his annoyance only spurred me on, “I will offer my alliance to you Alpha Luca, because it’s my duty as queen” i say with distaste as I walk over to him still kneeling before me, “you may not like me as a woman, but you will respect me as queen, if u dare to disrespect me again, I will quite literally throw you to the wolves” I spat with vengeance. All whilst mentally patting myself on the back for the play on words. which, If you ask me, was nothing short of genius.



Looks likes dimitri was just as amused by it as me, I saw him smirking at me at corner of my eye, I turn my head to smile back at him, but as I do he automatically lowered his head avoiding eye contact, well that’s odd... if I didn’t know any better I’d also say the big bad wolf was... blushing.

Deciding that now is definitely not the time or place to open that particular can of worms, Turning my attention back to the now standing Alpha, “get out of my office, and off my land Alpha Luca, you’ve outstayed your welcome” I say while not breaking eye contact. With out saying a word he turns and leaves, dimitri and Jamie following suit to escort him to the boarder. Once the door closes I let out a big sigh and sink into my chair relieved that that’s over and fucking done with.

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