The Queen’s beta

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Chapter 5: possessive wolf

Dimitri P.O.V

After my very .....eventful shower, I rushed to meet Jamie and head to the border to meet Alpha Luca. Who by the way, happens to be a massive dickhead. But after everything that’s gone on today. I need a distraction and he will have to do.

He absolutely fucking hated the fact that a woman took the throne, and made no attempt to hide it. He doesn’t see she-wolfs as anything other then breeding machines there for sexual pleasure and When Bella was crowned he wasted absolutely no time at all in letting her know his thoughts.

I still remember the pain in her eyes, she was broke inside... and it hurts my heart even to think of it. but now I’m fucking angry ’cause I’m meeting the sexist bastard that caused her such heartache, Bella has been through so much, losing all her family and then with the added pressure of being Queen, every one expected her to fall apart, and to be honest with you I think even the biggest of Alphas would have fallen to their knees at such loss but not Bella , nah she was special, she took to the crown like a duck to water. I was so proud of her.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me” I hear Jamie say with anger in his voice, bringing me out of my thoughts, I look to see a big black wolf standing at the edge of our border, clearly an Alpha you could smell the arrogance of power coming of him, so It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that it was Alpha Luca. This mother fucker has got some fucking nerve.

“SHIFT” I snarl at him letting him know not to fucking test me, anger seeping through me, it’s considered a threat and a massive show of disrespect to try and enter a packs territory in wolf form and this arsehole fucking knows it.

With in seconds the sound of bones snapping and reshaping filled the air, before a very smug looking man stood in front of us, while he may be an Alpha I’m beta to the Queen Alpha meaning I out-rank him, he got no choice but to do what the fuck I tell him to.

“Beta Dimitri, Gamma Jamie, nice to see you both” he says while extending a hand which neither me nor Jamie shake.

“The Queen is expecting you, follow me” I say before turning and walking in front of him with Jamie trailing behind, after a few steps I turn to face him narrowing my eyes as we make eye contact “oh and Alpha Luca, keep your wolf at bay, you wouldn’t want me to consider you a threat” I spat making sure he understood that I wouldn’t hesitate to rip out his throat should he give me reason to,I turn back and continue to walk.

After a little while we reach the pack house, once we reach bella’s office I pack link her ‘we’re here’ before knocking on the door “come in” she calls, and we all enter.

Bella was sitting at her desk, Jamie took his position on her right and I took my position to her left trying not to make eye contact, the whole ′touching my dick while imagining fucking my best friend ′ situation was still playing on my mind and making me feel awkward as fuck.

I missed some of the conversation when I zoned out thinking about Bella as much as I tried to lock it away in the back of my mind I couldn’t get the image of her face out of my brain the way she screamed my name with my dick inside her .... and although it wasn’t real I couldn’t help the part of me that kinda wanted it to be. And that was fucked up.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Bella speak “I see... well, yes I can see how an alliance with my pack would serve you well, after all it is the top pack in the country, and my warriors reputation certainly does precede them, and all whilst being run by a woman, pretty impressive wouldn’t you say Alpha Luca?” She smirks at Alpha Luca causing me to smile inside as I feel a strange sense of pride.

I kept my eyes fixated on Alpha Luca, to see exactly how he was gunna play this, he flashed a smile, making him look like an utter creep, “you know my queen, your warriors are not the only thing from your pack that precedes it’s reputation, your beauty by far exceeds the rumours, how lucky your warriors are to be commanded by such a pleasure to the eye” he taunts with a tainted look in his eye


I know exactly what this bastard is doing, he’s out right suggesting that since Bella’s unmated, she’s fucked her way through the pack. And over my dead body was I letting him get away with that ... I was seriously fucking pissed, letting out a warning growl signalling for Jamie to protect his queen, he acts instinctively and pushes Bella behind away from any threat, As I jump in front ready to attack.

‘Dimitri stand down’ I hear Bella’s voice ring in my mind, but It was to late I couldn’t even if i wanted to, my wolf was to close to the surface and wouldn’t let me, he was on edge and ready to go to war and protect his queens honour. A new emotions flooded over me to the point I felt out of control.

Thats when it dawned on me, this wasn’t just about a beta protecting his queen or me protecting my best friend... no.. this was my wolf showing his dominance, he didn’t like the idea of other men touching her and if I’m completely honest neither did I, My wolf was claiming her as his. What the fuck is happening, before I could react to what ever the fuck this is that I’m doing, Bella’s authority booms through her voice when she shouts “Enough” the power so strong it brings us all to our knees.

Alpha Luca let out a muffled growl, his wolf obviously not liking being powerless to a woman, I shot my eyes in his direction waiting- hoping for him to try something just so Id have a reason to rip his head from his body, but he doesn’t utter a word, instead Bella’s voice fills the room, “I will offer my alliance to you Alpha Luca, because it’s my duty as queen” she steps closer to the Alpha. Confidence etched across her face.

She focuses her gaze on his before adding “you may not like me as a woman, but you will respect me as queen, if u dare to disrespect me again, I will quite literally throw you to the wolves” .... I smirked hearing her say that, partly ’cause I find the whole independent woman thing a massive turn on, and partly because I really wanted to be the wolf she threw him too.

Bella looks over at me, not quite ready to deal with that whole head fuck, i look away so not to meet her eyes, I can’t help the embarrassment that creeps on my face under her stare... why the fuck was she making me so nervous, i’m not quite sure when the dynamics of our ′relationship′ changed, but I’ve got a massive fucking headache trying to figure it out.

Relief washes over me as I hear Bella dismiss Alpha Luca, as soon as he left I rush out straight after , I for one wanted to get out of there as quickly as my possible, before my wolf fucks me over again and tries to do something else embarrassingly stupid.... like hump her fucking leg or some shit. at this point I wouldn’t put it past him.

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