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As a child, Evelyn Bowen was abandoned by her parents, and when she loses more of her loved ones she builds walls around her heart. But when Kaiden shows up out of the blue, slowly her walls crumble. But when a rising threat rises threatening Kaiden's and her fragile growing love for one another, she has to make a choice, follow Kaiden, and be with the man she loves, or take up her destiny of the keeper of the Paths of Light! And finding herself as a sorcerer, will she choose her own path, or follow in the footsteps of her fellow sorcerers?

Fantasy / Romance
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‘Good Morning class. Today is a very special day for you all, do any of you know why?’ Miss Eve asked, her elegant eyebrows raising when nobody raises their hand in the air, to tell her.

‘Miss Bowen, could you please tell me, why it is a special day,’ Miss Eve called to me, where I’m seated at the back of the classroom, at first I didn't hear her, as I’m too involved in drawing the front of my thick black covered book with ancient runes I had just learned last night, they were healing runes, one of the most power-draining runes if you put power into them. I looked at the cover, where other runes were drawn, searching for another blank space where I could draw other runes, I had also learned, unsuccessful in finding another space.

I glanced up to the feeling of eyes burning into me, I looked at the teacher blankly, having not heard anything she had just said.

‘I asked Miss Bowen, why today is a special day for all of you?’ Miss Eve repeated, I shrug.

‘Well it’s the first of March, the first month of Spring,’ I said ‘the time when our magic flourishes strongest, so I guess today is when we get our Familiars,’ I heard a few murmurs of excitement from my fellow classmates, but Miss Eve puts her hand up and immediately everyone quietens, knowing she doesn't take disobedience lightly, even if she is a bubbly and quirky teacher.

‘That is correct Miss Bowen, thank you for answering,’ she said ‘but I ask kindly for you to pay attention in my class, as you may find some things that interest you, such as next term we'll be learning about runes, much more advanced than healing runes, I might add,’ I nodded, a sudden feeling of excitement erupting in my stomach, I know I should be ashamed and embarrassed for not listening, but suddenly the class did seem way more interesting, I place down the fountain pen I always use to draw my runes with, and for the first time pay attention in this class.

‘As Miss Bowen here kindly told us why today it is a special day, your familiar will choose you today, as Miss Bowen also said, Spring is the season when all our magic flourishes, when we are at our most powerful, for most of us of course.’ Miss Eve said, as she walked down the rows of desks. A hand shoots up in front of me,

‘Miss Charlotte Penelope’ the teacher said, ‘umm Miss, you said our familiar will choose us, but why do they get to choose us, and we don’t get to choose them?’

‘Hmmm good question Miss Penelope, why indeed do they choose us, instead of us choosing them, can anybody tell me?’ Miss Eve asked, several hands pop up into the air, wanting to get some praise, and show they know the answer.

‘Mister Michael Chase?’

‘Miss, I believe,’ he paused dramatically, the teacher raising another elegant eyebrow, and a few snickers go around the class, from his friends, he grins. ‘I believe the answer is that they choose us on who we are, and the form they take reflects on who we are inside.’ he says, cheers, applause, and laughter goes around the classroom, then he stands and does a twirl then bows with a flourish of his hand.

Some of the girls giggle at this, and he flashes them his brightest smile, his well built muscular body, sky blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair making him a guy all girls fawn over. All girls are, other than me. Such a showoff, I thought.

‘Yes that is true, but you are missing something Mister Chase, and that is, they help you also control your magic, as Warlocks and Witches we all need to control and tame our magic, but we can’t always do that by ourselves, so we have familiars to help,’ the teacher explained.

‘Miss aren't their Warlocks, and Witches who don’t need familiars?’ Camila, a tall, tanned girl with brown shoulder-length hair asked.

‘Yes, there are, but they are not called Warlocks and Witches, they are known with a different title, Sorcerers. They are believed to be very powerful, most powerful beings, to roam this world, they are also believed to be immortals,’ she said. ‘They can choose to have a familiar, but they don’t necessarily need one, as they are powerful enough to tame and control their own magic. But some choose to take them for the company through their long life.’

‘And their magic doesn’t just flourish in spring, but all the time.’ she explained.

She paused and lets the new information sink in.

Wouldn’t they get lonely, I thought, even with their familiar, everyone they love does, while they live forever.

‘Alright everyone, enough talk about Sorcerers, let's get on to being chosen by our familiar. Now follow me, everyone.’ Miss Eve says, walking up to the old oak wooden door, at the back and opens it, and enters beyond into the darkroom.

Michael Chase didn't hesitate to follow the teacher into the darkroom before he walked into the room though, he spinned, flashed his brightest smile, turns and walked through the door, yelling whoop.

All the girls giggle, of course, except me.

Next Chase’s friends, all pushing to go next, all the boys go after them, and it’s just us girls. No one moves, all waiting for the first girl to go, I sighed, and walking forwards without hesitating, I walk through the doorway.

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