Burning Soul

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High school friends Falcon, Rachel, Salvis, Hyun-ki, Kyra, and Alvin get punished to clean up an abandoned and forgotten classroom in school for Salvis fighting a bully by the name of Bethany. The friends don't really trust her since she treated them badly, especially Kyra who is a hybrid cat girl for being a foreigner and part animal and even sensitive. But sometimes, not everything can be judged by looking on the outside. Slowly, the students discover eachother's stories and even keep secrets to one another. Earning trust.

Fantasy / Humor
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"Stupid ass kids." Someone muttered as Rachel raised her eyebrow. Alvin started giving his older friend a lecture about how not to fight. "Fight or flight man, fight or flight." He said, crossing his arms.

"Wasn't my fault that I noticed Kyra being called a pussy." Said Salvis as Kyra sighed. "Welp, we're gonna get punished anyway." Said Rachel. Everyone then looked at her closely. "Why?" Asked Alvin. "I think it's because we saw the whole thing." Rachel explained as Kyra's cat ears went down as her blue eyes stared sadly at her other friends, her white plus sign pupils making her more and more innocent that made Hyun-ki slightly blush.

"Well, Salvis could've just ignored her." Said Hyun-ki as he shook the loving eyes of Kyra away as he turned to Alvin. "AND THINK THAT MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING HURT BY A GIRL?! LET ALONE THAT IDIOT, HELL NAH!" Salvis yelled back at his younger brother. Hyun-ki sighed as Rachel shook her head. "Listen all, it wasn't anyone's fault, ok for Sal it is, but c'mon maybe she didn't mean it." Said Alvin as he caught up with his friends. "Bulco, ateh a sugan metha kishu nune dai." Said Kyra. "What did she say???" Asked Rachel. Kyra then repeated what she said towards Alvin.

"Oh! She agreed with me." Alvin answered. "Basically, she's saying 'maybe she didn't mean to'." Alvin translated for everyone else to hear. "And what language was that in mr. Language master?" Asked Falcon. "Cat and kitsune dialect, I think it's called Melkai-" "Melkan." Rachel corrected. They were all then at the door as Kyra caught her lips in, her little pet Riko popping his head out from her long pastel purple hair. "Welp, let's just hop that she's not in there, let alone not there to hurt any of you." Said Falcon as Alvin nervously bit his lower lip.

3 . . . .

2 . . . .

1 . . . .


"Well I can tell you one thing, it absolutely smells like a rat just pissed in here!" Salvis. Kyra meowed out of spite before she heard Rachel sneeze and her twin brother Alvin cough as their caramel colored skin caught dust from the sheets that covered some furniture. "Dama deo, Kusco!" "Translate." Said Hyun-ki and Salvis. "She literally said that your right Sal." Said Alvin. Thanks to the others not learning the cat dialect, poor Alvin was the only one who could understand Kiki from his friends that couldn't. "Well, can she speak english?" Asked Rachel as she saw her younger female friend nod. "A little bit." Kyra answered with a slightly heavy accent.

She had a voice higher than any of her close friends in the group, but it was soft as well while Alvin had a playful and active tone along with his twin sister, but she was a bit more sleepy.

"Oh grand, I'm stuck with the dumbasses that got my ass kicked."

"We're dead meat."

"Uh oh."
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