One small incident in life

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We don’t know what next is going to happen in our life. Its all over god. God can do anything. Sometimes it depends upon our hard work also. Read on the story further to know if it’s true or not.

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One small incident in life can change everything

Once upon a time there was an old man who sweeped the roads along with his granddaughter at night. They used to sweep the road because they were so poor and during the time they used to sit outside the temple to get some money from the people who visited the temple. There per day earning was hardly Rs.10 and now a days a person cannot leave his life with Rs.10. There every day routine was that they would sit in the morning outside the temple and at night they would go to different areas and sweep the roads. They used to throw the all the garbage that they get while sweeping the roads in a landfill.

One day both of them sweeped the roads and then went to landfill area . The old maneyes just falled over a shiny thing and then he told his granddaughter “Look at the heap of rubbish .Is something shining there? ” Then his granddaughter told “Yes something is shining there.” Then both of them together said “Let’s go and see what it is .” They went there together and saw that it was a diamond pendant.They got shocked as if they have seen a ghost .Then suddenly his granddaughter told “ Grandpa wait here only. I even saw a paper there in which this pendant’s photo is given with something written on that.Let me bring that paper.”Then his grandfather told “ Okay but let’s go together and bring it.” They brought the paper and then they started reading it out with a low voice. In the paper it was written that whoever finds a diamond pendant please bring it to me in the given address ‘Bandra East,Hope Your Dream Becomes True tower ,Mumbai .’The person who would bring this to me would also get Rs.100000.Then they thought that they go to that place in the morning and give that pendant to the one who has printed that piece of information. They were so excited about it. Next morning they got up and went to that Tower.
they then they asked the security guard standing in front of the Tower about the person who has written that notice. That security guard told the old man and his granddaughter that “He lives in second floor in flat number 20.” Then both of them went there and knocked the door. Then a man came outside and opened the door. The man then asked humbly that old man “ What do you want uncle?” Then the old man showed that diamond pendant and the notice and asked “ Does this pendant belong to you and you have only printed this notice?” The man replied with happiness “ Yes, uncle” and then after taking a small break he said “Please come inside uncle and where did you get this pendant uncle? ”. The old man said the whole story to him and then asked the man It think that it is very special for you.” The man told “ Yes , because it is gifted by my mother and it is the last sign of her that I have with me.I am also happy to see such a person who is still there in the world helping others.” Then he said “No sir it’s nothing like that .” The man asked the old man and his granddaughter “What do you do and does not your granddaughter go to school ?” The old man replied “ No” and said about all his problems.Then the man said “ Now onwards you don’t need to do all this and would you like to work in my factory? Your granddaughter will study in school also from tomorrow onwards because child labour is banned in many countries included India and no need to get tensed because I will pay your granddaughters fees .The old man said “ Thankyou my son and I will be thankful to you in my life.”

It doesn’t matter if the name of God is on your lips or not because even that moment is a moment of worship when you help others.
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