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Rez is a preformer at Cirque De La Soir showing off knife tricks at night; Friday to Sunday. By day writing an online journal many think is fictional or the ramblings of a crazy person looking for attention. (Cirque de la Soir is a project created by Orusinfinate

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In the Beginning...

POST #1 July 1ST, XXXX

I would like to say that as technology has aged that I aged with it. That's not always been the case though. I understand what VPNs are and how to post things anonymously. Humanity grew so exponentially fast in the last 80 years or so. It has been hard to keep up with it all.

Which is probably why I've begun to write this. The human mind isn't meant to go on for ages well past the day it's supposed to have died. Little by little I feel the oldest memories of mine begin to slip away. Yet they say the internet is forever.

So, here it is. If you've found this little online journal of mine; nestled in the back of the internet. Here is written some memories of mine before they fade to oblivion. Take them as you will from a creative creature past his expiration date.

My earliest memory I've retained is standing outside. No more than 50 paces from the hutch that was my home shooting arrows at a tree with a bow my father had made for me 2 winters prior. He had passed away that spring after. I was 6 winters old then.

My mother was calling for me as the day turned to night. The night air was getting colder as I turned to go inside. It wasn't til I heard a scream that I realized what truly hunted at night. I remember running back to the hutch in time to a beast leaving through the open door. The door my mother had opened to call for me. It's piercing red eyes bore into mine as I stood there frozen place as if winter itself had taken hold of me.

It approached me standing taller than any man I had ever known. It said nothing as it stared down at me. It features matching the drawings the village wise woman had. It was bat like but it's eyes looked so sad as it offered a long fingered clawed hand to me.

As a child in those times, staying with the village as a now orphan would have meant eventual death. After my father's death my mother refused any sutiors. She was knowledgeable in herbs and other ways I would come to understand later on. The other villagers had begun to avoid us. The other children avoided playing with me. We were outcasts amongst a community who had adored my father.

I had a choice then in that moment be the starving orphaned outcast or go with this sorrowful creature. That night I took its hand leaving with the creature I would eventually call father. I began a life in which I started to learn what things existed beyond what he called The Veil. Father never hurt me, he never asked for my blood and most of all he taught me how to Hunt.

I think he knew, that deep down the true reason I went with him was revenge. I wanted revenge for the end of my life and the only way to do that was to learn how to kill him. I think he was fully aware of the seed that he had placed that would become a great tree of hate. I think he hoped that he would also be able to quell it.

How wrong he was.

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