Lost Treasure: Into the City

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Jewel O'Tool is a 15-year-old alpha's daughter of one of the most ancient packs in the US territory. Her proud family bloodline can be traced directly from the first werewolves created. They are the church, one of the three pillars that governs all werewolf kind. The Goddess has blessed her with a special wolf. This knowledge given to the head priest and kept secret. Only secrets have a way of getting out. In one dark and devastating night everything she held dear taken, by an over whelming force of rogues. They kill everyone in their path with no warning at all. After witnessing her two younger siblings killed, she escapes into the mountains she had grown to love. With a survival pack, and the knowledge she was given, she must find a way to survive and find out who did this. Revenge as her drive, she pushes herself each day to get stronger, and be faster. She had failed her siblings, but she would not let their death, or the extinction of her pack go unpunished. The act alone is grounds to declare war. The leader of the rogue army wishes to capture her. Her wolf is part of a special team of werewolves he needs to over throw the human race. He sends his goons, but Jewel is resourceful, pushing her to seek refuge into the city.

Fantasy / Romance
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It happened again, Jewel's ability has made an appearance. It usually happened when she was in danger. One minute she was next to her mother snatching up candy with her brother that the wolves thrown off the float at the spring solstice parade, the next, she was in the middle of the street. She was after a lolly pop that had fallen off. Her back to the next float, Angelica only caught a glimpse before she could react. She raced to save her daughter, Jewel looked up just in time, her eyes lite up, and in a wink was crashing into her mother's arms.
Another time, she got too close to a sparring pair of males. This time, has Jewel's parent's concerned. Jewel and her older brother were fighting again, typical sibling scuffle. Punching, kicking, and biting each other over a broken toy or sheer boredom. It got out of hand quickly and Matt was overwhelming Jewel, then pinned her to the ground. A few second later, he let's out a yelp and falls to the ground. He had passed out. Jewel had shocked him like a police taser. Stan was there, so he was able to get a medic there quickly to check him out. Jewel was hysterical, crying she ran into the woods to hide.
Stan knew Jewel didn't do it on purpose. Even though she was only nine years old, her wolf was making her presence known. It wasn't unusual for a werewolf pup to start showing surges of their ability if their wolf has one before their first shift. However, it doesn't start showing for at least another year. Also, the ability of electricity is rare. Only powerful wolves have it. Stan and Angelica's bloodline as Alpha of the religious pillar of the werewolf government could contain such a powerful wolf. Jewel is definitely smart and strong-willed enough to tame it.
Stan has been having strange dreams for the past month. Dreams of war, death, and destruction. Sounded more like nightmares to Angelica, but they met with Shadow, the head priest. He warned that dreams like this should not be ignored. They could be warnings from the Goddess. The alpha pair told the old priest about Jewel. They asked him to speak with the Goddess on their behave. Shadow agreed.
After all, Jewel was training as his replacement. An apprentice. He could tell she was going to be a damn good one, too. Jewel was already devouring three books a day at their training session. She was quick to learn just about anything. Nothing seemed to challenge her for long. She always was ahead of the game, although starting at five, when it usually was eight. Everyone thought she was mature for her age. Shadow suspected it had a lot to do with the wolf the Goddess had given her. An older, powerful wolf blends it's wisdom into every cell, starting at birth.
A few day later, Shadow summoned the alpha pair with Jewel. They met at his office, in a small building behind the pack house. It was given only to the head priest. Shadow told them that Jewel's wolf was special, part of an elite team of warriors. Destiny hangs thick around Jewel. The Goddess recommends you prepare for hard times. Now is a time of plenty, use it wisely to be ready for the time of famine.
No time frame was given on when the famine would hit. Stan took the warn seriously. He started an bank account outside of the pack territory in a city not far. He had a safe house build and began running drills with the family. He also told his allies in something happened to him or Angelica. John and Laura Peterson were one of the few that has been inside the pack territory. Their pack was East of Gatlinburg, TN. George and Phillis, their neighbors to the West. Their pack butts up to Stan's. Their son Gideon came over all the time to play with Matt and Jewel. There were a few others he gave vague information on his daughter. Stan trusted his allies, if there was any a time he could not protect his pack or family, he knew they would lend a hand.
Shadow warned to keep Jewel's wolf's identity a secret. Keep their circles small, and prepare. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out.

A young man's voice is heard in Father's office. I can't sleep, as usual. I heard the angry tone bounce off the walls down the hallway. I had to check it out. So, here I am, my ear pressed against his door ease dropping. Is that Gideon? What is he doing here at eleven at night? His parents died recently. Making him alpha already. Maybe he needs my father's help.
"She's not your mate, Gideon, you know I can't permit that." Father says sternly.
"How do you that?! Her wolf hasn't waken yet." Gideon shot back aggravated. I can hear his steps, he is pacing.
"I just do, listen, I promised your parents I would help you with your pack. That is what allies are for. Their death was sudden and we are grieving along with you. Giving you my daughter as a mate is not part of the deal. She has a mate and a destiny bigger then your pack and even mine. She's a going to be our future's new priest. Here is where she belongs. You are too young to know what love is, lust and obsession can be easily confused with love. You're a unmated male and my daughter is mature for her age. She's only fourteen. She still plays with dolls from time to time. Get your head out of your backside, Gideon." Father's voice is calm and steady.
I know that tone, the lecture tone. I can almost see him sitting at his desk, because it's late he is probably in his blue striped pajamas, gray robe, suede slippers. His long dark hair is loose down is back and over his shoulder. His sapphire eyes staring icy cold, no sign of anger or disappointment on his face, just business. I can see him stroke his long beard as he speaks or how he steeples his fingers in front of him, resting his elbows on the top of his desk.
Gideon growls. "I didn't mean right now, I meant after her first shift. I need help, a helpmate. My mate is not in mine, yours, or any of my other allies. Jewel has strong bloodlines, so does mine. We're a good match, so what we are not mates?! Would it really be so bad? Wolves are not looking for their mates any more Stan. That is becoming a thing of the past, old school."
"I said no, other wolves may be breeding with whoever they want, but wolves in this pack follow the ways the Goddess guilds us. Our mates are part of her plan for our future. I don't expect you to understand, you were not raised in a holy pack like ours. Jewel will not have you knowing you are not her mate. She knows the importance of finding her mate." Father rebukes him.
"Raised in a holy pack, that's rich Stan. You think you are untouchable because the Goddess hides this pack? You have hardly any warriors, boarder patrol, your Delta force are fat and bored, and your Gamma is at my pack in the bars and clubs the he is here. You're an easy kill if you were ever found!" Gideon replies in disdain.
"We don't need them, no one dare attack this pack. We are part of the werewolf government! An attack would be the same as if they attack the King or the Council. We are the church. Everything we do is for our people and our Goddess. Nothing is done for ourselves. We raise and train new priest, travel to every pack in the US Territory solving any problems the arise from finding mates to freeing young vessels from their over powering wolf on their first shift. Our duty out weighs everything else! If you can't respect that, then get the hell out! Don't come back until you learn some respect." he voice filled with emotion and anger.
I hear a chair being thrown. My eyes grow wide. Gideon was leaving, I run down the hall, into my room, and dive into my bed. I quickly pull the covers over my head. I can't believe Gideon came here to ask for me. I squeal with excitement into my pillow.
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