Demon Wondering

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Vine never thought he would be banished to earth for his crimes but there was no changing that he had done. Now it was time to face is exile but will the nightmares of his past come back to haunt him in his year of exile? Or will he come to find something he didn't realise he was missing.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: First Day

Vine's was lead in chains to the postal, he had never thought he would become like this for the last two days the country was in celebration of the new King and Queen. As the time grew nearer his heart wouldn't stop pounding against his ribcage as he was met by his cousin next to the portal. "What a odd show of formalities" He commented as he stared at the black abyss of the portal in front of him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't have much of a choice in this" Alaster commented looking over at the nobles that where shooting daggers in his direction he knew if he didn't send Vine away they would plotting revolution before the sun went down.

"I know" He muttered completely lost and abandoned by the only he ever cared about as the chain where removed.

"Take this and be careful! I hope you can forgive me when you understand why" Alaster said handing him over a backpack and for the first time in his life Vine thought he saw a tear roll down his cousin cheek.

"It won't be forever" he muttered putting the backpack on his back and giving his cousin a hug goodbye before quickly stepping through the portal before the tears welled up in his eyes.

He felt the gust of air as his feet stumble one the new ground looking around in wonder. He had landed all around was green forsets but he could smell the faint smell of horse in the distance. Deciding to follow the smell it lead him to a small farmer community which looked like he had seen in his world all the time with horse and buggies. The only thing that confused him was the clothes that seemed completely out of date to what he had been given to wear.

Selina had given him a back t-shirt and ripped blue jeans to wear when he left and more of the same clothes in the backpack to help survive the year but none of these people where wearing that. They all wear simple clothes that look hand made and kind itchy to him. Vine standing there was starting to draw attention as most of the women stopped working and stared at him with hungry looks in their eyes. "Oh! Shit" he muttered coming to the realisation that his powers where stronger on human than demons as a woman that looked in her early twenties started to walk towards him then again to anyone else he looked that age too but in reality he was over 300 years old. Time in his world ran a lot slower than the humans did plus demons only age once they past there powers on to another person.

"Can i help you? Mister" the women finally asked when she was in hearing distance of him and he felt his heart sink he didn't want to stay there but it was getting dark and he didn't want to go blindly working into the woods again.

"Im a little lost, I'm looking for the nearest town?" He told her making sure that staying here was a terrible idea judging from the look in the women's eyes.

"Nonesence come home with me for the night my husband will take you into town tomorrow" she told him before taking his arm and dragging him towards a distant farm house.

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