Demon Wondering

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Chapter Ten: Witch Hunt

Vine stalk closer to the circle that was pulsing with magical power as he got closer he noticed that the robed figure in the centre was alone. Looking beyond human eyesight he saw the blackened soul that was almost demonic in appearance. The demon they were trying to summon slowly crept through the portal out of pure fear of Vine's presence. "You must kill her this time" The figure finally spoke as Vine noticed for the first time it was a female.

"Who allowed you to step foot on my territory, Human" Vine voice came out more of a guttural growl as he walked out of shadows,

"Lord Vine!" The imp squeak starting to shake from the power of Vine's demonic aura as it stared on in horror.

"Answer me" Vine yelled moving closer to the women that looked like nothing but a frightened child in his eyes.

"I won't say" she screamed before taking off running, Vine couldn't help but smile as he felt his blood become lava in his veins as he chased the foolish child. Catching her almost to easy for this blood lust he threw her hard against the tree in disgust

"You thought you could run from me?" He chuckled moving closer to her before picking her up by the throat and pinning her to the tree that has splinter from the force of the throw seconds before."Answer me!"

"They'll kill me!" She wept trying to remove his hand from her throat almost in vain.

"And I won't" he yelled feeling his claw start to form as her once pale neck as starting to dip with crimson. "I could easily snap this pretty neck of yours! Now answer me"

"Mathius" She screamed at him with all the life the frightened child had left. Sudden Vine was thrown backwards smashing through the trees before he finally stop landing hard on his ribs. Looking back to where he was thrown from he saw a man standing next to the girl.

"How dare you take my pray" Vine growl getting up to his feet as he stared over at the man coldly as he felt his rage building more.

"We will be taking our leave now" The man said picking the girl up in this arms before starting to walk away.

"Don't follow them" Alder commanded coldly as he grabbed hold of Vine's arm tightly, he had appeared from the shadows.

"Who are you to order me around" Vine yelled pulling himself way from Alder in rage.

"Look you fool, He's set traps everwhere" Alder yelled at him making Vine snap out of his rage as he finally noticed the sickening stench of holy water that was covering the trees around him. Almost in realisation his side felt like it was burning, looking he down he saw his was bubbling on the surface. Alder acted quickly pouring water onto Vine's side till it started healing again. "Let's get out of here before the humans decide to investigate the noise" He told him which Vine could only nod too.

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