Demon Wondering

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Chapter Eleven: Why her?

Vine found Salem in the park the next day drawing again. His mind had wonder on why they were chasing and cursing her for a while but couldn't seem to come up with an answer. Her soul wasn't completely pure and she didn't seem to bother anyone else in town. Deciding he needed answer the only thing he could think about was getting to know her more to try and get her to reveal the truth to him. Walking closer he noticed she was drawing more flowers again as if they were an answer to a great secret. "Good morning! Salem" He said walking up to her trying to be as friendly as possible, Alder and his group had disappeared before dawn to try and catch a lead on where the witches had disappeared too.

"Good morning Vine" She said almost shyly as she looked up from her sketch book at him her ice blue eyes taking him in slowly.

"Drawing again I see!" He said cheerfully trying to look deeper into her soul but it was like a fog was clouding him and pushing him out.

"Not much else to do around here and the flowers are beautiful" she said going back to her drawing as Vine spotted the purple crystal hanging around her neck as it shined radiating power.

"That's beautiful" He muttered looking down at the crystal, it definitely had magic to it which gave him an idea. "Can i see it?" He asked waiting for her to hand it to him.

"I guess" She muttered slowly slipping it off without much effort before handing it to him.

"It's a very beautiful colour" He muttered holding it in his hand carefully hoping she wouldn't notice the strange power surge as he infused some of his own power into it.

"It's my favourite crystal" she told him which he could only nod too, he knew crystal where important to witch so hopefully she didn't take this one off much.

"I should get back to the hotel I need to work tonight" He said thinking up an excuse to get away from her feeling Alder's presence near by for some reason he couldn't bring himself to mention her to them.

"I see! Maybe I'll come see you proform tonight" She said blushing slightly as he handed the necklace back to her before heading back to the hotel.

"You shouldn't get to close to the humans, Lord Vine" Alder said coldly as he met Vine in the hotel garden while he was cutting the grass out of boredom more than anything.

"That's going to be a little difficult considering I'm in excile here" he muttered trying to ignore the demon that had been annoying him with his advice lately.

"That is true but you should watch till we know what we are dealing with before making close friends" Alder commented watching Vine in amusement as he was trying to start the machine the humans called a lawnmower.

"What are you trying to say Alder!" Vine yelled finally having enough of the grass cutting machine as he held himself back from kicking the machine.

"Your to close to them you know your father won't even blink when he slaughters them to get to you" Alder told him coldly which made Vine sink into the cold reality that he was completely right.

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