Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twelve: Revolve

"Vine De Valentine" Mathius muttered coldly as he threw her down onto the ground surrounded by his fellow council members. "He must be eliminate"

"And who do we do that?" Saige asked staring at Mathius coldly, she didn't want to be involved with that family at all they were to much of a threat to the plan.

"He's not alone either the Knights of Azrael are with him" Belladonna muttered looking over at the two them Mathius seemed unfazed but Saige looked terrified by the news.

"Let them come to us then" The voice in the darkness growled making Saige shiver in fear.

'Alder was right' Vine thought coldly as he lay in his bed but how was he going to be able to keep them all safe if he didn't do anything at all.

"Master a letter" Balor announced popping up out of the floor next to him, Vine sighed sitting up slowly as he took the letter from the hound.

"Who is it from?" He asked looking at the handwriting not sure who it was from as it seemed to have been as written as carefully as possible.

"Queen Selina" Balor told him simply before sitting at his feet waiting for more orders.

"Anything else to report?" He asked starting to open the letter to see it contained even more careful handwriting.

"No master" Balor told him which made Vine signal the dog that it okay to leave as he sat back to read the letter.

'Dear Vine,

I hope you are enjoying your time on earth even though it was forced into you. I know you have a difficult situation to deal with as well and I hope you can sort it out soon as we are missing you so much. I'm so sorry this had to happen I wish I could be with you to help but I know you are a strong enough person to deal with this yourself. The council are still as difficult as ever but we are slowly whipping them into shape so you can come back to a peaceful place. We wish you all the best and hope to see you as soon as possible. Selina'

Vine smile reading the letter over and over again finally he felt he could stop his father, people that believed in him and needed him where waiting for him to come home to them. He wasn't going to let down the people that cared about him so much.

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